Warcry – The Shattered Stormvault Terrain

So here are some more of the terrain that I have finished for Warcry. I have done these with an eye for using them in generic games as well, so it is not really Warcry specific terrain at this point. To be honest my focus and work on the Warcry stuff has died down with Covid-19 and a large uptake in the time I put in at work, but this terrain is still really nice to have. I do want to focus more on getting the model painted for Warcry games, but thats is a different discussion.

All this comes from one of the terrain boxes which GW released for Warcry. Those are not cheap, but at the same point they are very nice and look the part for games. These items are all from the Shattered STORMVAULT set.

I have kept the paint colours the same as the other terrain I have done for Warcry. That means the core pieces can be used with the other sets of terrain I have already done without issue. It also meant that I could use contrast paint to get them done quicker than would have been the case with normal techniques. I have to say I still really like how those paints come out for items like these.

You can see above that the set has some very specific pieces. They will work for an ancient ruins/temple style setting. I found that I had a little bit of ‘fun’ putting the plastic Sphinx type creatures together but in the end it all worked out. One of them had to have some green stuff to fill a gap I had left after all the gluing. Maybe it’s me but at times I find some of the plastic kits hard to get perfect in the build stage. Still that was the only issue I have had so far with any of these kits.

The core of the set though are 2 raised platforms. These are roughly the size of the box, so just under 12 by 6 inches in size. That makes them large and fun for skirmish gaming, but not too big as to completely dominate the board. They are also approx 3″ high, allowing for them to block lines of slight etc. This also means that figures can be pushed off them and the like, as the steps are really too steep to have models stand and do actions on. So these will be used for all sorts of generic games – pulp, super heros’ etc.

I decided that one of the bases should have something a little unique on it though. So as you can see the red center of the above came about. This may be nothing – just a different colour stone, but does allow for that to have a unique special effect if figures are touching it. It can easily be a portal or a some such item in games. I like how the green/blue stone effect came out as well as I still think those colours work well together for this type of terrain.

Lastly, as you can see I also have done the extra pieces which came with the kit to fit on the steps. This allows for them to be column bases for the items above or they can just be platforms to allow figures to stand on. There are 8 of them and so all kinds of interesting layout can be made. I have no glued any of these together which allows me to move them around and change the layout as needed. It also allows me to use the cards which came with the set for a random terrain layout if needed. You just have to be a little careful when moving figures without things all glued down.

So there we are. These do not match the colours of the default base board which came with the set, but it allows them to mix with all the other terrain items I have. I prefer that as the overall similar theme look works better for me with both Warcry and other games. So I am happy with the overall results with these items. Now all I need to do is get painting the actual Warcry figures themselves, especially before the next base game comes out and I get hooked to buy that as well!

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Nice looking terrain! 🙂

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