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Oak & Iron – Test 3rd rate ship

So this is a ‘mini post’ for me- well compare to some at least. Before starting a new project I tend to try painting one or two models before I really start. Of course I don’t do that with buying … Continue reading

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Flint and Feather – The Iroquois

Well it has taken till after lockdown, but I have now finished my second force for Flint and Feather. These are the Iroquois or officially the Haudenosaunee Five Nations. These are the other major tribal group in area which the … Continue reading

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Dark Age/Renaissance and beyound – Buildings

So after some posts of the 28mm stuff it is back to more 15mm and buildings again. These are for the dark age through to the renaissance periods. The first set below are from the ‘By Fire and Sword’ game … Continue reading

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Shadespire – Sepulchral Guard

So time for something a little different I think. I got a whole set of Shadespire sets a while back with all kinds of plans for them. However, I really have not got to do much with them so far … Continue reading

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