Dark Age/Renaissance and beyound – Buildings

So after some posts of the 28mm stuff it is back to more 15mm and buildings again. These are for the dark age through to the renaissance periods. The first set below are from the ‘By Fire and Sword’ game and so are focused really on Eastern Europe. But to my mind they work just as well for Dark Age Western Europe all the way up the the English Civil War period and beyond.

There are two building which can easily have troops in them, with their removable roofs, and interestingly there is a big chicken hut. This is likely a realistic building but not ones you see often on a wargames table. But heck why not.

Next from the same range is a pigeon coup. Yes really, again why not and I have eaten pigeon pie in the 20th century so I’m sure they were a good source of food for many of our ancestors. Vegetarians or those with weaker stomachs can of course just think they were for carrying messages…

Next, are a set of JM Miniature building which again will work perfectly for this period. These are from a various ranges, everything from WW2 Russian through to colonial Americias. The advantage with these types of buildings is although the locations change the general materials and styles have changes that much not in hundreds if not thousands of years.

The last few buildings are the most dubious of the buildings for the early period. This style of block house may be typical early colonial US and Eastern Europe as they were simple to make and great in the cold… That to me sounds like a design which would be common in places from Scotland, through the Nordic regions to Russia in somewhat earlier times. They will work well for my Muskets and Tomahawks 15mm games as well though. So that’ a good range for one set of buildings to cover.

The builders of these came from those area’s and so were accustomed to these type of buildings. That means I don’t see a reason why these would not be around in those area’s before they came over to North America. So they get added to my Dark Ages collection as well.

I have as tried to keep these buildings in the same theme colours as the other buildings I already have. That means all these should be able to work together to make a nice set of real villages etc for more skirmish level games in 15mm.

So there we are. More building for my 15mm games. Let’s be honest having a village to fight over makes many scenarios much more interesting and they will be seconded into all kinds of locations really.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to Dark Age/Renaissance and beyound – Buildings

  1. Sounds like a good approach there, and very flexible! 🙂

  2. Looking good, the ability to mix and match is a great idea.

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