Oak and Iron – First ships

So, after my test ship I have started working on the kickstarter ‘collection’ I got for Oak and Iron. I have to say the ships are a little more ‘chunky’ than the Warlord ships, which I have seen. I got some free from the WI magazine subscription which I have not touched yet other than to look at, but are using for comparison. That said, they are nicely formed for all that. Also, that solidness means they are much better as gaming pieces. Let’s be honest I at least have them and will be painting and using these for gaming not display and so I am very happy with the models.

I tried a few different styles of ship sails before settling on these. I liked the ‘real worn canvas’ look of my trial ship, but that seemed a little to dark and yellow/brown compared to much of the sailing ship art work out there. That is especially when looking at paintings from the period. So, after playing around a little bit I decided to go a little lighter with the sail colours and not wash them. I likely will continue to mess around with the sails though as they are such an obvious item in the models.

These three ships are from the base set I believe. I purposely did the small ship with a poorer looking sail than the bigger ones. I have to figure out which ship is which for the games. A nice thing is that for this period navies really did not have standard colours so I can get away with anything.

Below you can see the rear views of the ships. The larger ones have glass windows and some have really nice stern effects/artwork so you will see that more on the bigger ships that I have yet to paint.

Below you can see the overhead shot. You can see the models have a load of great detail on them from above. I just used the GW contrast colours for painting the decks and it seems to work great and saves a lot of effort. All I have to do then is paint up the guns.

I thought I would include a more detailed picture of the side view which you can see here. Hopefully you can see there a great amount of detail on the hulls as well so as I mentioned these are nice models over all.

So there we are – the Oak and Iron painting has started for real. I should have enough toys painted soon to get this game on the table and try it out for real.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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7 Responses to Oak and Iron – First ships

  1. viluir says:

    They are really nice! Very well done paint job! 🙂

    Did you share it on facebook group with Oak and Iron?

  2. They’ve come out very well, Mark! 🙂

  3. Marvin says:

    Looking really nice. Forgive me – how did you paint the decks and timbers. You mentioned contrast colours. it looks a little like there’s a dark wash that’s filled the plank spaces, is that right?

    • mellis1644 says:

      I’m happy to answer questions. The decks were done the GW contrast colours, over white spray undercoat. I made sure the undercoat was consistent but not think. I then used the contract paint straight out of the bottle and then left to dry before doing anything else. I think I used the skeletal horde colour (it’s a light brown/yellow) which looks quite like the yellow used for a lot of ship decking. One of the issues with these paints is knowing exactly what the end result will look like I find. The contrast paints work really well for this type of thing though. They are actually ok for the ship sides but, can leave some of the trim nearly white. That does allow for other traditional paint colours to be used on the trim lines though. I hope this helps.

      • Marvin says:

        That’s great, thanks. I’ve not used contrast paints before but I can see their effectiveness on your vessels. 🙂

      • mellis1644 says:

        Yeah they have their uses. They are not the miracle thing which GW claimed, but can be very effective for reasonable but not brilliant painters like myself. Areas with plenty of detail where you want a deep color wash they work great, so for the ship decks they are perfect.

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