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ACW – Union Yellow Zouave Unit

I have completed a lot of ACW models in the past, you can see them all in the archives of this blog. However, in a tidy up I found some more in one of my <cough> many boxes to to … Continue reading

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Oak & Iron – More trading ships

Yes really, I keep chugging away on this project so that I can get all my ships ready for the table. I have even now read the rules this last weekend, so I should be set on that side of … Continue reading

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Dark Age/Early Medieval – Spear wielding heavy foot 3

So another quick post to show off the continued growth of my Spearmen for my Dark Age projects… Oh and yes, I definitely think I may have a few too many. That being said, I will have to provide both … Continue reading

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Terrain – Some more random items

So, I thought I would start the year off (well the second post of the year) by showing the rest of the terrain I finished last year. These are sort of for Warcry games but not really. I have had … Continue reading

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Oak & Iron – More ships done

Well the title says it all. Another 3 ships ready for the table from my Oak and Iron collection. These are a selection of different ships – a galley and other smaller ships. Again the focus on the pirate/18th century … Continue reading

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