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Oak & Iron – 4 ships of the line

I have been steadily painting up ships and doing the smaller ships with the larger ones. However, as part of the kickstarter I did get some big ships. So here are the 4 biggest of them. These are two each … Continue reading

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Dark Age – More Heavy foot

So, back to one of my ‘continuing projects’ – the Dark Ages in 15mm. Yes I have done even more heavy foot for this period. This post contains another 16 DBx bases – so 40 x 15mm deep ones. I … Continue reading

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Blood Red Skies Ju-87 “Stuka” bomber

OK something different today. I finally have taken pictures of these models so it is time to show them off. I got some Ju-87’s for my Battle of Britain/France collection of Blood Red Skies planes a while ago. I then … Continue reading

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Oak & Iron – a 3rd rate and 2 sloops

OK so I continue to show more completed ships for the Oak and Iron game. As the title states here are 2 sloops with a larger 3rd rate. I have to say the sloops are the only fiddly miniature of … Continue reading

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