Oak & Iron – last ships!

Well a milestone achieved – a completed painting project. Well for now at least. This post has the last of my Oak and Iron ships all painted. That means I have painted 2 base sets and and at least 2 of each of the additional boxes, plus a couple of 3rd raters. I’ll have to get a ‘full fleet post’ photo shoot done at some point. That should be more than enough for any 2 or even 4 player game I want to run on an evening.

This post has a galleon and a couple of smaller ships. This now means I have no excuse for not getting these on the table. I have read the game rules, but different things in real life (and the world in general) has meant that I have not even had chance for even a solo game to see how the rules play. I guess that will have to wait till we open up more here in Canada.

I must admit I did find painting the burgundy & white on the rear of the galleon a challenge, but got it done. I have seen much better painters do that in a really clean way but I found it tough. Still it’s done now. I was tempted to try some crosses on the sails and decided against it in the end. I have glued all the sales to the ships so doing that would be hard for these. If I had not done that I may have had a go…

The ‘chunky’ nature of the ships compared to say the warlord ones is in my opinion really nice. These are good looking playing pieces and work for gaming. The Warlord ones look really pretty but are far more delicate for real use. I heard a rumour that Firelock games may be planing on more releases – Galleys and Xebecs etc which would be great if they did. They would certainly get some cash from me.

So a final ‘virtual drone shot’ showing off the decking of these ships. Overall I have really enjoyed painting these models and I hope to get some gaming done with them soon. They are good enough that at my skill level they look good and yet the expert painters can make them super impressive as well.

So there we are. It’s nice to finish a project once in a while. Would be nicer to see them on the table but we are still in lockdown so that will not happen for a little while yet.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to Oak & Iron – last ships!

  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    Looking forward to the game!

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