Chaos cultist – Hive Hounds Gang extra figs

OK so last week I showed the first 13 figures of this ‘gang’, and here are the remaining 8. I am kind of hoping that in theory these models may well work for Ospreys Zona Alpha game as well as Stargrave and Necromunda… I have yet to read that rules set but it looks to be another potential small gang style game. These models fit into the wasteland recovery crew style very well after all.

As with these bigger ’28mm figures’ I have a picture of the front and back of the different models to show off their all round effect. These guys are mostly in grays with just a small item of colour which differentiates them from my other gangs and I still like how that looks.

The large coats and masks also mean that these can be aliens or just from/in a polluted area of the world. So that is a bonus to me. The guns are typically big and bulky GW stuff but not so extreme that they can not be in near future games. You can see I gave most of them a red/green breather type unit as well if they need it.

The basing of this gang also fits well with the derelict style as well. I tried to go with an effect which looks like dirty concrete. I think that worked and gives the figures a base which does not clash but really extends the figure down to base as well without having to really do much. Nothing like some people do on the basing but these are for gaming not display.

The last set include a flamer – the same base fig as the machine gunner from the last week but with a different weapon and head. This is again a neat model to me – the face mask makes it look a little like some of those 90’s horror movies as well. I’m not sure how much use he really will be, but as these figs take my gang up to 21 models I can justify having some different ones to choose from.

So there we are. Another gang/group of figs ready for the gaming table. No excuse for not playing some skirmish games when we get back around tables.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Chaos cultist – Hive Hounds Gang extra figs

  1. anthony says:

    I never got to play Necromunda but I recall the terrain and small scale skirmish as something I wish I had gotten to enjoy, but I went the fantasy route with Warhammer rather than the Sci-Fi.

    Like your last group these look fantastic, and really seem to have a great gang colours/theme going on. The masks give them a cross between Jason and Arkham (Scarecrow crossed with Bane) look…they could make great gang members for either Arkham baddie in a Gotham Skirmish game.

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