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Daemons Of Khorne Bloodletters

So, as Monty Python popularized ‘and now for something completely different’… this time Chaos nasties. I have a small collection of second hand Chaos stuff and fancied something different to paint, so grabbed these from the to-do pile and well … Continue reading

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Dark Ages – Archers and crossbows

This week it is back to the dark ages/early medieval and some more archers that I have completed. These again can fit in with a variety of different armies of the period. First are 8 DBA/Triumph bases – so 4 … Continue reading

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ACW – Yellow Confederate Brigade

Back to some ACW 10mm figs this week. This time some yellow head geared confederate troops. Here are 11 bases of them in fact so these can be 2 regiments if I like. This is especially true as I have … Continue reading

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Dark Ages – smaller bases

Well I thought I would show some of the individual models I have done for my Dark Ages project. I want to use these figs for such games as the Too Fat Lardies Dux Brit or Peter Pig’s Vikings. For … Continue reading

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