Daemons Of Khorne Bloodletters

So, as Monty Python popularized ‘and now for something completely different’… this time Chaos nasties. I have a small collection of second hand Chaos stuff and fancied something different to paint, so grabbed these from the to-do pile and well the rest is history, as you can see. That means this week I have 10 Khorne Bloodletters which can be used as typical demons in various games as needed as well.

The first 3 are the ‘command’ of the unit if you like. These include the standard and musician figures. I tried to paint these fairly consistent and also to do them in a fairly sensible way for painting for speed. They are not screaming red or very bright but I think work for a more ‘realistic’ Alien approach to the models.

Next are another 3 of the figures. I do like the plastics GW makes in that they are precise but also that each of the models is a little different. I also went with a very basic basing for the figs – party as that will highlight the reds of them, but also that should allow these to be pretty generic and fit into both Sci-Fi and Fantasy games.

You can hopefully see that I used green for their eyes and tried to give them texture and some contrast with the yellows and blacks, as well as the horns. I made the swords look rusty so that they look old but still effective in combat. I also was of the opinion that a basic metal colour would be too jarring with the rest of the model.

Lastly, are remaining 4 figures to make up the total of 10. These do remind me a little of the Alien/Aliens creatures from the movies, and they have the very nasty style of monsters look to them. I hope to use these in Warcry as well as other games – as mentioned they can even be nasty space aliens in Stargrave I assume.

So, there we are. Nothing too unusual really but a change from the historical stuff I have been doing for a while. Still it’s good to get different stuff done once in a while.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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10 Responses to Daemons Of Khorne Bloodletters

  1. davekay says:

    nice work on these guys, and I would say that the contrast between the different parts of the model (and the base) work really well.

  2. Tarmor says:

    Very nice. I like the rusty look on the swords very much!

  3. Turned out well. Now you can see about some skulls for the skull throne!

  4. Argentbadger says:

    Great work, I love the way you’ve painted these chaps. Keeping the basing rather plain is a good shout as it emphasises the red skin. If anything, I might be tempted to break the base up a little with something like a patch of grass for more contrast.

  5. Marvin says:

    Nice work! Personally, I think the shading and colour on the red skin is perfectly judged. Anything bolder I don’t think would have looked as effective.

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