ACW – building 3rd post

Ok after a couple of game reports, time for a quick post on some painted stuff I think. Here we have the 3rd post on my 10mm American Civil War buildings. These are more terrain for that period and especially for larger skirmish style games.

So first as you can see a couple of farm/rural buildings – let’s be honest most ACW was in a rural setting so there should be no shock or worry about using these in games. These are the last of the buildings I got from Pendraken as well.

These rest of the building here I scratch built. They are actually mostly made from scraps from wooden clementine boxes! The aim is to provide some additional simple buildings for games. These are so basic that they definitely could work for 6mm and other periods in 10mm such as the French Indian wars or even Vietnam.

First as you see are three simple barn style buildings. Nothing clever or flash about them and I tried to model the faded grey wood look that many older buildings have here in North America. They do not have nice straight/clean lines but when I look at such buildings here they often do not have them I’m real life either.

Next we have a couple more of those type barns and a small walled enclosure. This was a test really and the walls are way too wide. But on a larger size version maybe for 15mm should work. But I thought I might as well finish this, so I did.

These home made buildings are far from perfect, but they were basically free. They are ok for all that and in combination with the Pendraken ones they should fill out a table nicely. They are poor really but for the few times I need extra 10mm buildings I will put up with them.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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5 Responses to ACW – building 3rd post

  1. anthony says:

    The will look perfect “at arms length” with a mass of troops swirling past.

  2. Nice set of buildings there, Mark! 🙂 Having fairly generic buildings is always useful!

  3. Argentbadger says:

    Nice, it’s always handy to have some terrain for our little soldiers to rush past in the battle. I reckon that these look more than good enough for gaming purposes, especially as they’ll really be the backdrop to your glorious armies.

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