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Clash of Spears – game report and review

We have played a couple of games of Clash of Spears recently, so I thought I would do one of my mini-reviews and game play blog posts on this rules set. In summary Clash! is a large skirmish style game. … Continue reading

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Warhammer World Visit

For those of you in the UK Warhammer World is somewhere which is accessible – maybe not with ease depending on where you are in the UK, but you can get there. For us colonials that’s is not the case. … Continue reading

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Flocking around – Kallistra non hex terrain

So a simple one this time… I have had the kallistra non hex terrain for some time (see here for them: I bought them just before lockdown and decided that I really needed to get them finished and use … Continue reading

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Dark Ages – Other Bases

I have shown a lot of Dark age models in the past year or so, but these are slightly different than the typical fighting units. There are two different types of odd models here. First I have four more 40mm … Continue reading

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