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ACW – Confederate or Cowboy/Settler foot

OK so I’m continuing the 10mm ACW stuff with this post. I should have done a photo with all the bases completed in this blog but I have not. So you will have to see them in sets. That is … Continue reading

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ADLG game report

So this week we played another ‘learning game’ of ADLG v4. So I though I would do a quick write up of the game, There were three of us and so I GM’ed and took pictures while the other two … Continue reading

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ACW – Confederate Cavalry

A couple of weeks ago I showed the generic cowboy/settler 10mm cavalry I had completed – just check back if you missed it. Here I have a different set of figures, which are very specifically Confederates. There are 23 bases … Continue reading

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Underworlds Shadespire – Skaven

So, here is something that I have been doing – a few rats! These are the Spitclaw gang from Underworlds. Yes these have been waiting for paint for some time, as they are now out of the meta/standard play cycle … Continue reading

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ACW – Mounted Confederate or Settler/Cowboys

I am late posting this week but here are another set of models that I completed a little while ago. In total there are a 31 bases of 10mm cavalry. These are a major increase in the number of mounted … Continue reading

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