ACW – Mounted Confederate or Settler/Cowboys

I am late posting this week but here are another set of models that I completed a little while ago. In total there are a 31 bases of 10mm cavalry. These are a major increase in the number of mounted figures I have available for the American Civil War period. These can be used for the confederate mounted forces/raiders who were involved in a lot of the smaller fights and battles of the ACW. These can also be used for more generic larger cowboy or the Wild West period games. So pony wars and other things.

These may also be valid to use for such as the the Boer war, although I have no specific plans for gaming that at this point. These troops are generally in fairly dull colours. I did that as the standard person of the period did not have access to nice bright threads/materials. That was especially true of the typical settler in the American west/ or the general confederate raider would not have been in the splashiest clothing colours. So it seemed to fit with what I will use them for.

Above are the close up shots of 9 bases of these troops and below are 10 bases. You can likely see I did do some with different coloured feathers/markers in their hats, but as a non uniform force and a bunch of raiders I wanted that homespun look to them. I even did that down to the hats which are a general mixture.

The rest – 12 more bases, are in shown in detail below. You should be able to click on any of these images to see a larger picture if you want to. I hope to use these for some smaller scale games. I have always wanted to some games based in the Kansas–Missouri border, which was I believe especially hot for guerrilla activity around the war. They could also work for the bleeding Kansas period games, which is slightly before the civil war. In either case the pro-slavery “bushwhackers” can fight the anti-slavery “Jayhawkers”. Those names alone allow for some fun force creation stories if nothing else. This is defiantly more of a small scale war style and this is also the time of the range wars as as well as the traditional civil war period these will find use for different periods.

You may notice I have done a few bases with just 1 figure vs the standard 2 on most bases. Those can be leaders of units as required because such forces would not really have had flags or other items to differentiate such people in the field. So there we are more toys ready for the table in ACW games. Even though these are 10mm they should allow for a variety of games.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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7 Responses to ACW – Mounted Confederate or Settler/Cowboys

  1. anthony says:

    Looking good. I really like the flexibility of basing and period that you have planned for in these troops, using elements from one period when you can in another is a great way to game more often and with greater variety…sort of stretches the painted mini’s further.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks and you are right. But my issue always seems to be getting everything on the table is the delay not having the variety. I’m too much of a magpie – with the new and shiny tempting me already…

      • anthony says:

        I totally understand the magpie, I’ve got at least 3 periods just sitting on the shelf making me feel guilty for ignoring them while focussing on another.

  2. Markus Sharaput says:

    Are there more “skirmishy” black powder era rules that could be adapted? M&T comes to mind, but might need some adaptation.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Western by Peter Pig are one set I have. Osprey’s Rebels and Patriots is another. Both rules sets which will work without issue and cover the period. Neither should need any adaption really. Sharpe Practice will work as well – just use a 10mm base of figs per 28mm fig. I may try Brother against Brother but that may require a some adaption. But it’s interesting many larger skirmish rules often say a fig represents 2 to 5 real people in their plans etc.

  3. Argentbadger says:

    They look excellent. I always love how you think about all the different games that your minis could work in.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks I have to in a way. My figs are nice wargame level toys which I create. They look ok but are are not the show pieces some create – but that’s not what I am going for either.

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