ACW – Confederate or Cowboy/Settler foot

OK so I’m continuing the 10mm ACW stuff with this post. I should have done a photo with all the bases completed in this blog but I have not. So you will have to see them in sets. That is because I have to total of 56 (yes really) bases in this single post. I have to say this reminds me of the x-wing joke below, and yes I may be guilty of this as well in that game…

This always makes me smile…

The first set of photo’s are of 20 bases. You can see all these I have done with just a few figures and plenty of terrain, maybe too much. But this ensures that bases like these are not confused with the ‘normal’ infantry bases of formed units.

The next is a second set, which are more of the same but this time there are just 16 bases. I put these here as much as to separate the 2 pictures of 20 bases as anything.All the figures these are mostly wearing blues dark reds and greens so do not show up that well in the photo’s. I guess I have seen too many Cowboy movies to have them in bright colours.

These will allow me to do pretty much all the large skirmish gaming that I want in the period. Now just to start to get some gaming done with them. That’s the challenge per say – getting them on the table these days.

Lastly, I have another 20 bases. I have done the ground cover as more green than in traditional dusty cowboy movies, but these do match up well with the other ACW bases I have and so they work. Also to be fair I think the dusty cowboy movies are more myth than reality. Yes it was dusty but you need grass etc for animals to live on so the west is greener than many movies show.

You can see I have a few bases with a single fig on them – they can be the leader of units if I have to differentiate those bases etc. For most games I will use these like the others as I do not think it matters but why not do this just in case. In total these bases mean I have enough dismounted figures for all the mounted ones I have shown in the previous few weeks though.

I ‘found’ the DVD set of HBO’s Deadwood series while tidying this weekend. I never did watch it all so maybe it is a good time to stick in the TV and watch it. The problem with this scale of models is although great for the overall effect they do not provide a great character set for individual figures/commanders.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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11 Responses to ACW – Confederate or Cowboy/Settler foot

  1. For 10mm figures these look excellent. 🙂

  2. Very nice, Mark! 🙂 Those really are nice bases!

  3. anthony says:

    If only you could find a Swearengen to be represented. He could definitely be a a great character model to lead troops…or rather stand behind while they did his bidding.

    • mellis1644 says:

      At this scale I can always say a model i him… it would be hard to tell visually but more in the actions. But yes that is the problem with the small scale, less easy to have the character models shine visually on the table.

  4. Markus Sharaput says:

    Definitely approve the Deadwood retrospective. At least once every couple of years.

    • mellis1644 says:

      I have only seen a couple… yet have the series. I tend to not watch that much TV and my Mrs is not that interested in the series so it will get watched eventually I guess.

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