Two Modern buildings – 15mm terrain

OK so something a little different this week. As a background task I have slowly been painting up the remaining buildings I have. Like many people I seem to collect projects and items and so I have a good collection of such things as these that I can dip-into and do as a pallet cleanser when I have had enough with one project – such as the Gauls/Germans I am also working on at present.

I plan on having a nice selection of 15mm (and other) terrain for my games and although I have not been playing many 15mm WW2 recently this is still something which I enjoy and want terrain for, So here are a couple of buildings I have finished.

The first stone building really could be used for any period from the 17th Cent through to modern time. This is a purposely drab building- without to much colour and style. I alsi avoided poster etc as those would lock the building to a period as well. Again my idea is that I want to make these more generic for games. I can see this building being in North America, Northern France or the eastern front in WW2 anytime in the last few centuries.

You can see on the above model there are some rough patches around the door and I nearly did those as ivy. I was not sure if this was a design or a miscast. I went with the later in the end as that makes it even more generic. Having a nice green ivy on a winter table just does not look great after all.

The next building follows the same style and look to an extent. Note that although it does not look that different in the pictures the roof is actually a different shade of grey than the wall. This building is pretty generic but it also strikes me as useful for an ACW/19th cent building – maybe even wild west games.

That look comes from the front door especially. It has the look of a small civic building or a small; southern house or some such. I also made sure that the windows were not a bright colour which would stand out.

So there we are. Something different this week but these should be useful for various games when things open up again here – as we are back in a COVID lockdown again.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to Two Modern buildings – 15mm terrain

  1. Those are really nice, Mark! 🙂 I also try and avoid adding specific period or location features onto buildings to give me maximum flexibility.

  2. Marvin says:

    A lovely house and as you say, could be suitable for many situations.

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