New Kingdom Egyptian Command bases

I have a whole set of old armies originally created for DBM which until recently did not get much use – other than a subset of them which are used for DBA. But with us now playing ADLG more it means that a larger proportion of the force gets used and thats great. The extra figs give me more options for list building as well. But, I was short command stands for this force.

One difference between DBA/DBM and ADLG is the separate general command stands. You can use square based ones in the game, but that gets confusing to me. Having some round ones makes it clear on the table what is a general and what is not. To resolve that issue I have now painted set command of bases just for that for my New Kingdom Egyptian (NKE) army. In fact I have 6 of them. That many means they should be good for Hail Caesar and other rules as well.

One of the challenges with showing these models comes about because I went for a fairly dark skin colour for my Egyptians. I think that is likely more realistic for them for the period vs. just using standard caucasian skin. But that makes taking photo’s which show the faces an issue without perfect lighting – and even then it can be hard. So you will have to make do with what phot’s I have here.

All the bases are 40mm round, so stand out on the table. Also, although many years have passed between painting the first figs for this army and these, I have tried hard to make them fit in well. I tried to match the basing as well but I do not have the original flock so they may stand out a little as different, but that’s ok.

These figures are from the same manufacturer s the army – Old Glory 15’s. I got the figs from a reseller for this project. This must have been an old pack as there were lots of models in the command pack. There were more than I needed really as you can see. There was even a chariot which I was tempted to use, but in the end decided to keep for another project, when I finally get around to that.

To allow you can see how these new models fit in with the existing army below are some old pictures of the NKE forces that I already have. These are a few photo’s from years ago – I painted this army before I was blogging. There are some more bases in this army but these will do to show what it looks like.

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6 Responses to New Kingdom Egyptian Command bases

  1. Those are really nice, Mark! 🙂 I have the same issue with bases and flock over the years and some of my armies have troops with four different base finishes!

  2. Markus Sharaput says:

    Look at you, with your secret treasures. Command looks great – all you need now are some Hittites!

  3. anthony says:

    DBMM/DBA armies being repurposed. Sounds like something that happens to all of us at some point.

    These are looking good. And I always like rules that make the command stands look a little different.

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