Gauls – Spear armed medium foot

Time to finish showing the ‘medium foot’ bases that I have done for this army. This post shows another 7 ADLG bases of spear armed fighters for my Gaulish army – or for use as basically any barbarian foot.

Most of these are on a single base. Rather than doing the DBx basing I just went for 40mm square. This makes the movement of them easier and allows the figs to be laid out in a little more scenic manner. I have a couple of half bases so I can use them as casualties if for example I use these in Clash of Spears/Infamy Infamy or some such. That allows the 40 x 20mm still to be a base and most of these to be 2 bases. But means these will not be much use in DBA.

You can see these they still look like a horde vs. a formed mass of troops, but these ones are spear armed vs. swords etc shown previously. This will allow me to use these as Javelinmen should I wish to from the lists or spears if they are allowed – often they are not. They can just get mixed up with the other bases as well as needed.

Note, I still have issues with ADLG Javelinmen. I understand them and their use but I still find them quite difficult to use well. They are very positional and tactical troops which if used incorrectly get killed quickly it seems. So they have their uses but I often will just take medium swordsmen/spearmen vs those if given the opion.

You can still see I tried to keep with the unique shield style and again have kept the standard basing od lots of bushes. After all these are really best not fighting in grassy planes if they can avoid that. Best to keep to the forests and bush if possible.

So there we are, another set of figs ready for the table. These do add more figs to the Barbarian armies which is the main thing.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Gauls – Spear armed medium foot

  1. Looking good, Mark! 🙂 I’m assuming you can never have too many barbarians!

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