Gauls – Bow armed skirmishers

Keeping on the Gaul/Celtic army theme for a while, here are some skirmishers for the army. These are all bow armed. There are more bases here than ever needed for ADLG or DBA etc. But when I use the figures for games like Clash of Spears the extra bases will be required and used at those times.

You can see there are 10 bases in total here. All the miniatures are from Old Glory 15mm. They have been done with very Celtic hair colours etc so fit in with the rest of the army well.

I made sure that these bases continue to use the bushy style of terrain. That works really well for these as they will not do have a great survival level if they are encountered in the open by mounted troops.

I did not really plan to have as many skirmishers as this…

I think these were from one of the 10+ year ago Old Glory 15mm large skirmisher packs. Those had 50+ skirmishing figures which is the reason for me having a large number of them. But I was not going to waste them so they are now ready for use in this army.

That said, I have found these to be quite an important part of the army or forces. The Gauls/Celtic tribal forces in various games need good skirmishing troops. The basic tribal warriors are a pretty blunt instrument in most games and so without a skirmish screen enemies like the Romans can overwhelm them with ease. They also allow for quick flank supports etc. because again most of the basic warriors are not that mobile.

The Celts of the time did not have formed bowmen though. So all these have to be skirmishers. The Romans (their classical enemy) did not have such troops in their formal legions either but they did pull in many auxiliary troops for such forces from the east as they conquered those area.

Well there we are another set of figs ready for the table.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Gauls – Bow armed skirmishers

  1. redcaer1690 says:

    Very impressed: you can never have to many skirmishers!!!!!

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