OPR Grimdark Gangfight – Cultists vs Aliens

Ok as a break from posts on my painted mini’s, here is a quick post writeup of a game of OPR Grimdark Gangfight I played this last weekend. This was a chaos cultists gang (me) vs aliens (Jahan) as an intro game for Jahan into the OPR world. We use Jahan’s terrain and rolled up a ‘basic’ game where my forces started in a position to be ambushed. I deployed 6″ from a line between two corners and the aliens were on the other 2 corners. The alines are actually from the daemon list but it works for this game. Their ambush rules meant they also could come in anywhere at the start of a new turn more than 9″ from any of my figures.

Cultists around one of the objective markers – an alien hatching egg. I have a bad feeling about this…

The scenario was to control the objectives in the center of the 4 quarters of the table. Due to the deployment zones I controlled 2 of those to start with, and the aliens were very close to controlling the other 2. We again used the token pull option for ordering activations – I think that adds a lot vs. the simple alternate turn system. If it added tension we would roll for extra turns as well.

The rest of my cultists with their rock hard leader down at the bottom of the page

The aliens started with 4 of their 9 models on the table at the start of the game. The rest would could be put anywhere on the table in at the start of any turn after turn 1, at least 9″ from any of my figures. The on table aliens moved forward in the first turn to control the objectives (the alien eggs) close to them and get into range to threaten my cultists in the second turn.

Starting aliens moving to claim the objectives in their area

The only real activity was late in the first turn, when my veteran flamer armed cultist managed to hit an alien and do 3 wounds to it! That did not kill it, but it did take it to shaken. That reduced the threat from that zone for the next turn.

At near maximum range the flamer armed cultist injures a threatening alien

At the start of the next turn the rest of the aliens were added to the board. I was concerned that they were all around my force. So you can envision shouts of ‘they are in the walls’ and ‘they are all around us’ coming from the cultists. After all cultists don’t even have motion detects and are just using their normal senses…

Aliens appear all around the cultists

At the same time I was happy they were not all concentrated in one area with their leader. The leader alien is a little more powerful but a concentration of aliens may have made an overwhelming force for my cultists in one sector.

Speaking of the alien leader, one of them near the leader alien charged the flamer carrying cultist from behind. I was lucky that he was just shaken at the end of that hand to hand combat. But that alien was now close to 3 of my cultists and the psychic leader of my gang who had yet to activate. The cultist are pretty weak on shooting and saves but do come in numbers for a skirmish game. I had 3 groups of 3 cultists (who activate like a single). But my cult leader was a psychic with spells and a dark power which gave him great stats as well.

The alien wounds the flamer guy (yes it looks like a machine gun but it’s a flamer honest)
but is then surrounded and taken down

As mentioned though the aliens were all around my cultists and raced up the them from all directions. The veteran on top of the building had a lucky escape and managed to fight off the Alien which h ad climbed the building to attack him. Of course, he failed to damage it in return as well… In this game my die were helping not hindering and my usual poor luck was actually on the aliens die – so far at least.

Aliens attack from another corner

Unfortunately the three cultists in the corridor close to that building were charged from behind by another alien. That alien leapt at them and quickly killed one of the three cultists. I was amazed though as the remaining two cultists in the group turned and in return quickly dispatched that alien!

Lowly cultist dispatch an alien warrior who took out one of their friends

Unfortunately for those same cultists though, two more aliens came at them from the other direction in the same turn. So those two cultists went down in a blood splattered mess after that. That also allowed those aliens to also claim the objective. so it was now 3 to 1 on the objectives a the end of turn 2. My only solace was that it took 3 alien activations to kill a group of 3 cultists and they took one out in return. Still in a n umbers game like that the cultists are going to lose over time.

2 more aliens jump those cultists taking them down in the end

At the other side of the table the somewhat scattered alien attack gave my cultists time to focus on one of the threats at a time and gang up on them. The psychic cultist leader also showed his powers. He moved forward to dispatch one alien and with a lucky shot with his powers – blowing the head clean off one alien which was lining up a charge, while doing a coup de grace on the alien which had wounded the cultist flamer and was now wounded after a barrage of shots from the rest of the cultist had wounded it!

In next turn that triggered the alien leader to charge the cultists leader – which turned out to be a vain attempt to take out the cult leader. Although the alien succeeded in doing 2 wounds to the cultist he was ok – it needed another wound to really possibly incapacitate him. In return the cult leader did do enough damage to dispatch the alien – with an unlucky damage roll from the alien!

Leaders go hand to hand and the cultist leader with the dark powers at his call come out on top

To help get back in control of the objectives in turn 3 I moved some cultists around to claim the ones now free of aliens. The flamer armed cultist had recovered and targeted the alien he had already wounded previously. This was enough to kill one which opened up the space for my cultists on this side to run and claim this objective. So now it was 2 vs 2 at the end of turn 3.

Cultists claim an objective and flamer aliens… although there are still some lurking around the corner

All through these moves a veteran cultist with a plasma rifle had been dueling an alien on top of one of the buildings. It was not until turn 4 that the alien finally managed to do damage (which I did not save) to take him down. He had done an amazing job of keeping an alien busy for 3 rounds of combat! Still my great saves and the poor alien attack rolls was never going to last forever, but he did enough to keep that alien occupied all game. He managed to make his saves but never hit the alien in return though.

Cultist finally falls to the alien on the building after dueling each other most of the game.

The cultists activated first in the 4th turn and moved around the corner to where a stalking alien was. They did not kill the alien moving up on them but they did enough to stop it getting to the objective to contest that. This had been the main aim of their movement.

Cultists block the alien from getting to a objective.

On the other side of the board my cultist leader charged the last remaining alien coming from a different quarter. With his psychic skills as well as hand to hand, he stunned that alien with 3 wounds. This opened the space for my other group of 3 cultists to run past and claim the 3rd objective.

So with the score 3 to 1 objectives for the cultist and most of the aliens taken off the board we called the game at the end of turn 4. I will be honest and say that I was lucky on some of the die rolls in this one. Thats not something I say that much but it was true this time. That plus, the aliens coming at my guys from all sides did not allow them to concentrate their force on one set of cultists. But at the same that time it kept most of my guys split up as well. The cultists are a hard force for the aliens in some ways, as their lack of skills etc mean there are a lot of them to take out in a skirmish game and they do throw out a lot of dice shooting. The cultist leader is the real power house as well.

This was the first time I used the psychic rules and I will say those for the cultists those are powerful and ended up being the decider in many ways. The cultist leader did the most damage on the aliens with his mind and close combat skills. But thats a very risky style and it can easily go wrong with that style of force – I was lucky in this game. Still we both had fun and laughs.

The Cultist leader takes out another alien while ‘his flock’ run to claim the objective and the win

With time left, so decided to play another game – this time Havoc (Chaos) marines vs my uber-orcs (really well armoured orcs). Unfortunately, my Orcs were not up to the task in this one though and I lost the game. I will say the highlight for the Orcs was their leader killing the Chaos Marine boss in hand to hand combat. The uber-orcs were powerful but in the end were out maneuvered by Chaos Marine.

The Chaos Marine flamer was a beast in this game doing loads of damage, even though the orcs saved a lot of them.We were short on time so I did not take a lot of pictures of this game, so below is a single shot of the game in progress. You can see we used the exact same terrain but different figs.

Second game with Orcs vs Chaos Marines

So overall another couple of fun games of gang fight. I keep enjoying this game and it’s simple but effective rules allows for an easy game without too much hassle. The token pulling for activation really helps add to that as well.

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6 Responses to OPR Grimdark Gangfight – Cultists vs Aliens

  1. Sound like good games, Mark! 🙂 Nice looking scenery and minis!

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks, it was a fun game. The scenery is Jahan’s – from Battle Systems. Although card/paper it looks really good and is more solid than I had expected.

  2. Ernie Reimer says:

    looks like fun , i’ll have to try it sometime , i have some orks 🙂

  3. Argentbadger says:

    Nice game and great pictures. There has been some chat about using One Page Rules in my gaming group so maybe we need to get on and try them.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks. I do recommend giving them a go. I like the option using tokens to decide order of initiative vs just taking turns. But overall it’s a fun system and not too complex or finicky

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