B-Sieged – Kickstarter Special Orcs

Well I have been concentrating on 15mm projects for quite a while so thought I would take a break and go back to finish an old project I had started on. This is the B-sieged game. I have painted all the base game and the kickstarter extra baddies (check back in the history if you have not seen those and care to look at them) but have not done the orcs or extra hero figures. So here is a quick post for the special kickstarter orcs. These are a bonus to the kickstarter but I decided to do these first as there are not too many of them compared to the masses of the main baddies.

First are two orcs with 2 swords.The models are quite nice for this but their faces are not that clear in the photo’s. To be fair the faces are drowned out by the bulk of the model – I guess they went for the small head to emphasis the bulk of the orcs.

Next are 2 orcs with great axes. Again the faces are ok but especially do not come out well on this shot. You can see I have tried to go with a very basic colour scheme for all these figures. They are nasties but minions which will come out and get defeated by the players – so keeping to the theme for the looks was important IMO.

Lastly for this post are 2 axe wielding orcs, but this time with an axe in either hand. I have varnished these up well as they will get ‘abuse’ in the game. I was tempted to do something more with the basing but in the end went for simple and plain. These are mainly going to be used on the board game so flocking etc would not be right in my view.

So there we are back to this project for a while to try to finish off the B-Sieged toys. Maybe I’ll get another game or two of this in at some point.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to B-Sieged – Kickstarter Special Orcs

  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    Those look fun. Very “Hulk-ish” posing.

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