War of the Roses – Lancastrian DBA part 2

In the last post I showed some of the elements of my latest DBA army and here I will show the rest of them. At the bottom of this I’ll have a picture of the whole army. These are the rest of the Essex army pack that I bought for the opponents to the Yorkist force I already have.

First the list in V3 requires an Art element (which is different than in V2.2 I believe). So I have to have one of those. It also has an optional item of a PS element – which is is a handgunner in this case. The black powder items in armies were starting to rise in this period and thus I have them both as options.

I believe both of these elements would be mercenaries or at least skilled professionals vs. in the retinue of the lords of the time. So I painted these guys in more standard outfits – or unique ones for the army.

Next are another 2 optional elements. The first are Irish (Ax3) and the second is a levy horde (7Hd). Given the options in the list I doubt I will often take either of these options but they are fun to paint and it is a complete army with them. They may also be of use as I expand the force to be an ADLG and larger in size.

Now we have another couple of optional elements – the light horse and 3 Pike. The Pike especially is an odd element in DBA to just have a single element of as they work much better in 2’s. But I guess this reflects the small number that there were in the period armies.

The light horse spears are classic Essex soft metal and I may in the end replace them with needles. But I thought I would give these a go and see how they stand up the gaming and movement. The models themselves definitely have some character though as boarder horse.

The last elements of this DBA army are the true mounted arm. Below you can see the two elements of Knights and one of Cavalry allowed in various combinations of the DBA Lancastrian list. Obviously the center element is the general with the guy with a crown and the flag of the green and white livery colours.

I differentiated the knights from the cavalry with the fact that the cavalry do not have any armoured horses and have yellow bands on their lances vs. the red ones on the knights. If you look closely he cavalry guys also have slightly poorer armour but that is a detail not easy to pick out on the table when playing.

I was not super impressed on the banner but tried ti paint it up as best as I could under the circumstances. I know why it was cast around the pole but it does not make it easy to stand out on the table.

I decided to try to do a very green, but mixed basing style for these – they should fit in with the other army I have and work for the period as well as most of Western Europe to be honest.

So below is a picture of the full army. Although not the biggest army in DBA it is up there with the options. This comes in at 19 elements in the army for a 12 element game.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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