Wars of the Roses – Henry Tudor DBA army part 1

I mentioned previously that I had a few DBA armies for the Wars of the Roses which I was using as a starting point for my Later Medieval 15mm collection. So here is the start of a second DBA army. This is the army of the rebel Henry Tudor – so the ‘winner’ of the Wars of the Roses if you want to think of it that way. This is the army for the Bosworth campaign. I’ll split this army over 2 posts as it’s a little much to put it in a single one.

So the first set of figures for this are the 4 bases of Pikeman. These are listed as French or at least mercenaries paid for by the French court/supporters from the continent. Rather than do anything too radical for them I decided I would have then in a plain green. They will in many ways stand out more this way and will be obvious on the table. Not that Pikes are not obvious but hey…

If they are mercenaries then they may well have been Swiss at this time period. Those would have been quite brightly and randomly clothed. The bright and very colorful clothing of the Swiss and other mercenaries was starting to take hold at this time I believe. Now, as an alternative they also could been hired as part of the troops from Earl Gray or the Woodvilles (Earl Rivers) and thus given livery outfits. Both of those early did have all green as their livery colour and were supporters of Henry at the battle. So the all green is not completely wrong – but it is more than likely these would not have been a consistent livery style of outfits like I painted them here.

The Pike are based on 15mm wide bases so 2 or 3 deep will work for ADLG at a push as well. Although I would sort of like more figs on dedicated 40 x 40 based for a pike element at some point . Still they are a good start if I do want a couple of elements in an army list for that game.

Next we have the first alternate troop type for that force. Which would 4 bill/polearm men and are the option if pikemen are not used. These are described as French Voulgiers – which I had to look up. Basically, they are French polearm guys, as a Voulge is a specific type of weapon which generally could be described as a bill/polearm. The collective name for their users is Voulgiers. You learn something everyday as they say. I kept with the standard livery style on a base with these figs and went mostly for reds and blues for different bases. But they all have different ones. These likely were the core of Henry’s army at Bosworth with a few pikes as reserve from what I understand.

All these have the same style basing as the pervious armies I have done. That should allow me to mix and match as needed. That means even though I am showing these as part of the DBA army they will be put into the mix and so they will not be used exclusively with this explicit DBA force.

Lastly for this post, are two bases of foot knights/blades. These are the commanders or hard men of the army. These are the lords etc in the army and the one with the flag can even be the General. I decided to use a generic flag vs. Henry Tudors or the early of Oxford (who was his field general at Bosworth) specifically. So this would be an army commanded by one of his other generals. At some point I likely should try to do some man-at-arms base with specific flags of the significant commanders of forces/leaders.

So there we are 10 bases for the next DBA army for the period.

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4 Responses to Wars of the Roses – Henry Tudor DBA army part 1

  1. Nice looking troops, Mark! 🙂

  2. Markus Sharaput says:

    Turned out well.

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