Gauls or Ancient British Command and Chariots

When I finished my Gauls, a while back, I said that while I had done everything I wanted for them. I knew at that the time I was not completely finished with that project. That was a much because I still had stuff in the lead pile for that period. So, this is the first of several posts which will show the Chariots I have completed to extend this force. These are to allow a morph/convert my army of Gauls into Ancient Britains as well as provide the Gauls with their chariot options.

First, though are the 4 extra command stands. I have done these for an Ancient British ADLG army. I believe most of these figs/chariots are from Forged in battle – although there may be an Old Glory 15mm one mixed in there as well. You can also tell I tried to do these a little brighter than typical troops. They are leaders after all. I heavily used contrast paints on these. Those work great on cloaks and stuff which these figs have in spades. I find they are quite useful for horses as well. I’m not the greatest at painting horses but the contrast give them more shading than doing a standard paint and wash effect. I likely should try to do the lower legs a darker colour on the horses as I have seen that works well, but for me these are ok for the table top in 15mm.

There is a proliferation of the horned helmet in these, as three of these bases have figures with them on. I believe these are modeled after the waterloo helmet found in Thames river. Still I like the look of these models and the do give a different feel than the Gaulish command. I did the horns a different colour but not sure if that would really have been the case – but it makes them stand out more.

I did one of the chariots with a pink cloak. That will do nicely for my Boadicea general if needed. I did not do any real research on hair/colthing colours etc but the model is wearing a long dress and my version has blonde hair.

Of course I will be able to use these for command of Gauls as well. That is especially if they have chariots in the force. I must admit I tend to shy away from Chariots and Elephants as command stands – they look great but they are big models for the bases. They also ‘waste’ an expensive model on a command stand which is just a general.

In this case though I realized I had quite a few chariots. I feel the buying over time before painting this army may be at fault for that. So I had enough that I could use a couple on the command stands.

Next are 4 old glory 15mm chariots ready for the table. The model has the chariot driver stood. I think that modern research has shown that like the forged in battle chariots, the driver likely actually sat down in the chariot. However, it seemed like a lot of hard work and risk to remodeling the make that change though so these all have stood up drivers. It is a minor detail anyway really and a conversation point if any ‘ancient historical rivet counters’ come around and comment on my toys.

You also can see that I have continued to use the same ‘bushy basing’ for these as I did with the Gauls. That will allow me to integrate models as I need to into the Gaul lot as well as use them for the Ancient British. I actually quite like the look of the bases done this way as well. I am not sure how nice it would have been riding a chariot in an overgrown field but these are gaming models, not museum pieces so what the heck. Also no one had perfect lawns at the time so I suspect long grass and bushes were somewhat the norm where these functioned on the battlefield anyway.

One of the chariots has white/light coloured horses which I use to indicate an included general if needed. I do have to say most of the warriors are in chainmail though and that figure does not really look much different than any of the others Still it’s easy to make out on the table. I have the above commanders if I really want them to look the part.

These are enough for making a DBA army from the toys I have for either the Gauls or Ancient British – but don’t worry just like a bus more of these may be along soon.

So there we are – more hairy barbarians, but this time on chariots. This reminds me, I really do need to read Infamy Infamy to see how the Gauls/Ancient Brits can be used in that rule set.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Gauls or Ancient British Command and Chariots

  1. Nicely done, Mark, a good selection there! 🙂 Takes me back to when I got my first box of Airfix Ancient Britons (probably not long after they came out)!

    • mellis1644 says:

      Ah the airfix models. I had plenty of Nap and WW2 versions kits but no Ancient British. Having Ancient British Chariots seems a core item though for many gamers – and now me as well. 🙂

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