Gauls and Ancient British – More Chariots

Ok this is the third post of Gaulish/Ancient British chariots and the last one. This finishes my chariots for the project. You can see them all below, all 20 of them. These are mainly for ADLG games. ADLG allows for a very chariot heavy style Ancient British force, so this means I can now field that. I think such forces allowed in other games as well – such as MeG as well as Infamy Infamy. This collection should be more than enough for either games, I hope.

Below are the closer up shots of the last 8 chariots. The others in the photo above have been shown in close up in previous posts. You can see that I again have varied the chariot fame colours of these again. These first ones match chariot colours I have seen a sample chariot on the TV in documentaries- so might be a realistic shade. I might have done more like this but I got carried away with other colours.

I have done one of these bases with all white horses. That is so it can be an included general should I want it to be. Included generals in Chariots is a typical thing I do in ADLG army building – it is an efficient use of points. I’m not sure if it would work as well with these but trial and error will prove that out.

From the back you can see the bright colours I used for the riders as well. They are the leaders and hardest fighters in the army after all. It seemed sensible to have these guys especially bright and colorful.

Talking of that, the last set of 4 below are the most basic of the the painted clothing schemes. They still have somewhat bright colours but are not as extreme as some. The chariots have a whitewash style vs. the lighter shades of the previous set. The reason for doing these generally in 4’s of the same style is purely the batch size I was using when painting them. But it will give them a mixed up look on the table.

The basing makes these look cool though and really highlights these are not in the mediterranean area. Yes they may invade too take on the Romans as early Gauls did, but that mixture of green bushes gives them the right impression of Northern Europe.

Before anyone asks, yes these are all still Old Glory 15mm figs. I had built up a big collection of them over years before starting to paint so that made it simple. I do like those and they pint up nicely. They are not the ‘best’ figs around some would say, but at the same time work out economical and effective for my painting style.

So there we are, the Ancient British or Gaulish battle chariots are ready to face the Romans and any other force heading their way.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Gauls and Ancient British – More Chariots

  1. Gosh, you have been busy Mark! 🙂 These look great and it’s certainly a sizeable chariot force! Will be good to hear how they get on when the action starts!

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks and yes they have been collected and painted in a batch so I have them all done. We will see how they fair as especially for the British they are definitely old school vs Romans etc

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