Two games in a week – Game 1 Blood Bowl

Yes that is right. It is not often I managed to get 2 games in a single week, but I have achieved that this last week. So I thought I would do a post or two about them.

The first was a game of blood bowl. I am likely to enter the local fall league this year and so I am trying to get back into the Blood Bowl mentality. It is a great game and I have played occasionally since it was released. It was the first miniatures game I played in university back in the late 80’s. I played Norse and got absolutely destroyed… I am not sure I have got any better at the game since then to be honest…

I have to say I really like Blood Bowl though. It is likely the best balanced and least of need for house rules of GW’s many games in my opinion. It requires a good amount of skill and tactics as well as luck to play well. It’s a simple in concept but deep game, in many ways, with lots of decisions and planning is required to play well. It can also be a very frustrating game, with bad luck being a potential huge factor in the game. The theme of football also appeals to me, as I do like ball sports (watching more than playing these days)., That is all versions of ‘North American Football’ (i.e. NFL, College and CFL) as well as real Rugby (7’s especially) and also Aussie rules (AFL).

This was the first outing of my elves which I painted previously and showed on this blog. You can see them here Rivendell Roughriders team and here Rivendell Roughriders off field support crew. Yes, if you look at the dates it really is over 10 years since I painted the figures. Thats a while to get them on the table even for me.

Anyway, the game was fun and in the first half I defended well. I was keeping away from the the Norse who were on the offense. I made some risky but needed defensive moves and finally managed to get the ball free from them with a couple of turns left. I tried a risky throw the ball to the other end of the field. Then I chased it with my catcher trying to evade the Norse and score in the dying turns of the half. But the Norse were able to take down my catcher and so the first half ended scoreless. Unfortunately, I had 3 players KO’s in that half and only 1 came back. I had injured a Norse player but that meant I was down one player to the Norse to start the second half.

Spread out defense of the elves

The second half started badly for me. I tried to do a simple pass to generate some skill points in the back field and fumbled the throw. I did not want to waste a reroll so let that go. But it was an inauspicious start to the half. The Norse were too far away to get the ball so I gathered it again in my next turn and caged up to hold them off the ball. But the Norse defense was strong and they did not give me a chance to open up the field as elves want too. My lack of players did not help that either.

After a couple of turns and a good set of dodge rolls I got a player with the ball running down the sideline. The elf even survived last minute blocks from the Norse, but I had used up all my rerolls at this point… So all that was needed was a single die roll and not to roll a 1 for me to score. Of course I rolled a 1 and not only proceeded to lose the ball but that elf was injured and taken out of the game…

I said this was frustrating game didn’t I…

Lose ball at the start of the second half

The ball went out of the field of play and the fans (Norsican fans obviously) threw the ball back into the elf half. I had so few players left standing, plus continued to roll 1’s on skill rolls so it was a fairly easy thing for the Norse to score in the last turn of the game. That meant they won by a single touchdown.

So, overall I lost the game but it was a fun to play. I remember just how Blood Bowl is a hard and challenging game to play well though. The elves seem to make it even harder as they can not take a lot of hits. I historically have played more ‘ bashy’ teams and not elves. Still, I can’t take any game that seriously or it would be annoying the amount times luck can mess with you in games. It was a fun evening and so that is the main thing in the end.

I am still not sure I will use elves in the league but it was good to get them out on the table.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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