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War of the Roses – More heavy foot Polearms

Following up on the previous post here are another set of heavy foot for this period. This time there are 11 ADLG bases – so 22 DBA bases. Below is a shot of all of them I focus on in … Continue reading

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Wars of the Roses – Heavy Foot Polearms

So this week I’ll go back to a project which I have been slowly working on – my War of the Roses/Late Medieval (mainly for ADLG) forces. I have already shown some figs in some battle reports, so this time … Continue reading

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BB League Game 1 Washingroom Ratskins vs Eleventh Local

Yesterday I got to play the season opening game of the new league season of the Hogtown Blood bowl league for my team. I actually think it may have been the official first game of the season 15 in the … Continue reading

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Ancient British Sacred Camps

One of the fun things with the ALDG list for the Ancient British is that they can have a scared camp. There is no definition really of what one of these looks like, of course. These act like normal undefended … Continue reading

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Rat vs Rat Blood Bowl Action

I had a game of Blood bowl yesterday and so thought I would write it up here. I started on the Facebook group out little community uses, but that crashed and lost my draft twice so I moved to here. … Continue reading

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B-Sieged – Trolls with club

Hot on the heals of the Trolls throwing stuff for the game (post is here: B-Sieged – Troll with Mulfin), are Trolls with big clubs. These are the last of the enemies in the Orcs and Troll expansion for B-Sieged. Again … Continue reading

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