Rat vs Rat Blood Bowl Action

I had a game of Blood bowl yesterday and so thought I would write it up here. I started on the Facebook group out little community uses, but that crashed and lost my draft twice so I moved to here. I always forget to take loads of pics in Bloodbowl game but I include a couple here that I took.

The game was Garrett’s Rasknet’s (Black and Bluebonic) Plague vs my Washingroom Ratskins. This is an open season game before we start the next league – the first I will be a part of. I’m just getting used to playing and working to build a decent team to play in the league. It was also old GW Skaven team models (mine) vs the new plastic sculpts. So this was a ‘open season’ between 2 skaven teams who have just started out. Both teams are quite similar so this was an interesting game with lots of movement possible. There was a decent crowd of 9k fans in attendance and the weather was perfect for a blood bowl game.

The Ratskins decided to receive the ball at the start. However, even though this was billed as a ‘friendly’ both team started arguing with the ref’s even before the kickoff. There were no ejections pre-game but both teams started a player from each team stunned on the field. Still the Ratkins opened up the field and it was before midway in the half that their emerging star gutter runner Lesster Red had scored, after a nice pass and then run it in play.

So the Plague got the ball with loads of time for them to do something in the first half. They caged up in the center of the field and that became a bit of a ‘mosh pit’ of players. During this the Plague actually came of slightly worse, having more players in the KO’s box than the Ratskins. Casualties were few and far between though on both sides. Still just before the end of the half the Plague made a run for the endzone. The Ratskins defense held though (some risky dice rolls were needed) and they could not make it. So, the half ended with Ratskins on a narrow 1 to 0 lead.

The second half had the Plague receive the ball again and they tried the same tactics which nearly worked for them in the first half. They caged up by the center line of the pitch and started to slowly move the cage down the field. This time they were a more effective in moving the cage and getting the Ratskins off the field. It was midway through the second half when they got their TD after some heroic defense from the Ratskins. The Ratskins had actually got the ball into their hands at one point but just could not keep it. This allowed a Plague gutter running to scoop up the ball and run in.

So this set up the Ratskins with 3 turns and a chance to win the game. A real nail bitter of a finish was possible. Nuffle (the god of Blood Bowl) decided to lend a hand in proceedings though and to favour passing at this point. This gave an extra star player points (development points used to increase player skills) for each successful pass. So I had a choice – try to score and/or pass a lot to get more skill points. I tried to do both, with some players running up the field to get in a position to score while the Ratskins thrower and Blitzer passed the ball between them. Initially this worked well, but it nearly came unstuck in the end. The Blitizer threw the ball back to the Thrower but it was inaccurate. Luckily the throw scattered onto one of the Ratskin linerats who caught it and handed it off to the thrower. That, gave the extra star player points and still in theory allowed for a turn 8 chance to score. But the defense of the Plague team had not been sitting idle during this time. They had done their work on the potential Ratskin targets. So there was no chance for the Ratskin score, and so their thrower (Payton Ratlin) just ended the game with an easy throw to gain more Star points.

Overall, both teams Rat Ogre caused a casualty, but neither were long term injuries. The only other casualty was cause by a Ratskins line rat, who caused a niggling injury on a Plague line rat. That injured line rat likely would be released after the game. Such is the game for Skaven line rats.

It was a fun game, both teams got some skill points and a decent amount of cash for the game. So the team building continues.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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6 Responses to Rat vs Rat Blood Bowl Action

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Nice. I do loveBlood Bowl, though now that I think about it I reckon my last game might have been more than five years ago.

  2. Looks and sounds good, Mark! 🙂 I don’t often read a write up of a Blood Bowl game, so I enjoyed it!

  3. Faust says:

    Sounds like a blast! I don’t know recall playing rats against rats. That would be pretty fast and furious. How come the Plague started with the ball in both halves?

    • mellis1644 says:

      Yeah no challenge with slow movement in this game. I started with the ball in the first half – and scored in 3 turns. So the plague had the ball for the majority of the game – 5 turns in the first half and another 5 in the second. Cage breaking is rough I’m finding with the rats..

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