Ancient British Sacred Camps

One of the fun things with the ALDG list for the Ancient British is that they can have a scared camp. There is no definition really of what one of these looks like, of course. These act like normal undefended camp in the game but do provide extra backbone to the army (it counts as an extra unit), but if lost it also has a bigger impact as well. So they need defending – maybe even more so than normal camps. It is sacred after all.

So when doing an Ancient British force, I really had to do some interesting camp wise. So below is based on some of the models from Forged in Battle – including their standing stones. I added some Old Glory 15mm standard bearers and horn blowers. You can see the flags, again I have just taken ideas from Celtic images for the flags. My idea is that Druidic rights likely were significant and why not have banners and music to emphasize the event, especially when related to war.

Even though I believe we know that human sacrifice was a rare item for the Druidic religion, having the models for a prisoner and then a druid doing something nasty to a captive, it seemed too good an item to not have in the center of this little diorama. Lets be honest there are plenty of books which have such scenes in them – even the Cato books have some of that. War brings out the bad side of humans so maybe this was not so much religious as just being nasty as well.

This base is much bigger than the minimum needed for a an ADLG base but still within limits allowed. The ground cover is the same bushy mixed terrain I used for the army. I really doubt that there were good mowers around for many of these religious stone areas. It gives it more of a wilderness theme as well – with the ceremonial aspects of the horns and flags. Druids and wilderness go hand in hand these days, even though maybe not so much in reality of the period.

Added to this I decided I would do a DBA sized camp – which can also be used as an ADLG ambush point. This one uses Donnington models I believe (at least the ladies are for sure). This one is a lot more gruesome as well. The Druid is in front of a set of prisoners. I am not 100% sure what he is supposed to be holding in his right hand, but I painted it up to look like a long dead head to a simple level. It looks pretty nasty anyway.

This base can also be used for games such as Infamy! Infamy! or Lion Rampant as an objective. Let’s be honest it is a pretty obvious base. I used brown flock around the bases of the ladies to highlight them as well – not sure that was really needed but heck why not.

I thought about doing the Druid in dark red but in the end went with blues so he really stood out on the base. As well as for the British this base can also be used for all kinds of the Barbarian armies. After all a ‘mad’ German or Dancian with Roman ladies tied up is just as likely in those areas as in Britain. They had their own versions of Druids as well.

So there we are. A couple of camps/extra bases for my ADLG force.


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  1. Some different additions for your armies there, Mark! 🙂

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