Wars of the Roses – Heavy Foot Polearms

So this week I’ll go back to a project which I have been slowly working on – my War of the Roses/Late Medieval (mainly for ADLG) forces. I have already shown some figs in some battle reports, so this time I’ll focus on showing some figs up close. Here are 7 bases of halberd troops, although they are based for DBX so really are 14 bases.

I used a couple of the Peter Pig generic flags on these so have some standards. The figures are I believe mostly Essex/Peter Pig miniatures. They are all generic halberdier/pole-armed troops foot troops and heavy infantry.

I have done these to fit the standard look of the quilted jacketed troops in the period. So, they do not have a lot of markings on them. That I hope will allow them to fight in various forces/armies for the period. In some games this way make them the lowest skilled troops – as they are not in retinue colours etc.’ troops in the period.

I must admit i do like how these have come out in the end. They have an earthy realistic look to them which appeals to me. They do work well with the figs I have already painted with retinue colours, as that allows me to differentiate these on the table top for different skill levels etc if required.

The basing matches my DBA armies allowing these to mix and match with those as well. I plan on using that for all my figs in the period, giving me the most morphing options in these European style troops.

I do plan on putting magnets on the bottom of these to allow me to group them for ADLG without always having to move 2 bases. That likely will be a fall/winter project though. That is something I can do while half watching a football game etc…

The advantage of doing these on smaller bases is 2 fold. First it makes painting them easier, as I like to base and then paint figs. I find I end up going over so much after I base them otherwise. Secondly, it allows the bases to be used with rules like DBA and MeG as well as ADLG. It also allows me to use the figs with the Peter Pig war of the roses rule set – where you need half bases. So, each ADLG base will be a base and the half depth will be a half!

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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