Ancient German – Red Shield heavy foot

A quick one this time. Today I’m showing some more German heavy foot. Here we have 6 ADLG bases of red and while shielded heavy swordsmen. There do have a few red and black shields in there as well as a little mix. These can be a specific command or elite (or just more bases) as needed. All these are based on a single 30mm deep base so are useful for ADLG but not really for DBA etc.

I am not sure if these are forged in battle or old glory figures. I think there may be a mixture of them on each base. Either way the bulk up my German foot nicely. They have a decent combination of poses which makes them really look random. Note, you can see some of them in action on the table in a previous post.

As normal here are a couple of front/back closer up shots. Like all the force the basing is pretty simple brush undergrowth. Maybe not the best for heavy troops but it’s not that thick and not that bad looking base wise. It also gives the army a theme/consistency of basing which is good. As mentioned previously as well I am always wary of the trimmed lawn or sandy plane with minimal growth when doing troops who were based in a more Northern areas of Europe. They can look good but don’t feel right to me. Open area would be heath and long grass unless it was grazing land.

These can of course again morph into Gauls or Dacians for different forces as well. The ‘hairy barbarian’ tribe from the North is a common force for the centuries around the start of the common era. 15mm scale figs are hard to be so specific not to be able to morph between those for most barbarians. The shield design/shape does limit them to be before the 5th century though. So these will likely not be used for Franks etc but likely could be used for Goths/Visigoths etc. The oval and hexagon shields were gradually replaced by round ones it seems – according to the books I have read.

So there we are more forces to add to the ready pile for Germans/Gauls/Barbarians.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Very nice, Mark! 🙂 I quite like the variation in colour with these!

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