Gauls – Command

So my last post for the base Gaul/Celtic force for a little while I think as I have shown most of the figs done so far. But, any army needs commanders and I have done 4 bases of them for this force. I believe these are all from an Old Glory command pack. These will be enough command bases for a 300 point ADLG army or a decent Hail Caesar game. Sorry the pic’s are not that great this time but hopefully you can see these well enough.

The interesting thing is other than the carnyx (the large trumpets) which I added to the command bases, is that this pack had various flag pole/standards as well. I haven not seen anything about the celts having flags but at the same time I would assume they would have. A pole with an animal on it is quite Roman but I wanted these to stand out a b it as well. After all the Romano-British are shown with flags so why not their predecessors. So, I added some flags to the standards poles. I did not do huge ones as those metal pole sion the models would likely not be that strong but these seem to work to me.

You can also see I did not shy alway from bright colours for these guys. If anyone was going to be able to have expensive fabrics and nice things it would be the commanders, So why not add them to these bases. After all as a warrior close to the commander you likely would have put your best cloths on for the battle field – why not.

So this is is for my ancient Gauls – BUT don’t worry, I have more uses/plans for these. The Ancient British are coming soon to a blog near you, but I need a change from 15mm armies for a while I feel as well. But the Ancient British will use some of these troops but add the missing force element to these as well – Chariots !

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Gauls – Mostly sling armed skirmishers

OK so following on from the Bow armed skirmishers, here we have another common weapon of the poorer Gauls/Celts – the sling. Although I see in the photo’s a couple of bowmen got put into this group instead of the pervious shots. Ah well… and yes and here are another load of them…

This time there are 16 bases. There are actually 13 bases of sling armed skirmishers and 3 of bowmen… Seems like I was not great at sorting out the figs when taking pictures as I thought and a few bowmen got into this group… No harm really though.

These are useful for games like Clash of Spears but really massive overkill for most ancients rules that I may play. Although Hail Caesar may use this amount of skirmishers when I run a big game. It has been a while since I put on a large game – the biggest I have played recently have been 300 point ADLG games. So a really big ancient game may be in order t some point. The problem is even games like ‘Too the Strongest’ do not use that many skirmishers generally – although I may be able to come up with lists which use all these figs.

These follow the standard basing and colour schemes for this force. That means they all will fit into the Gaul/Celtic army I have done and give me loads of options in on the table. For the record these are the other half of the large Skirmisher pack I had from Old Glory 15mm.

So there we are a horde of skirmishes for my Celtic force.

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OPR Grimdark Gangfight – Cultists vs Aliens

Ok as a break from posts on my painted mini’s, here is a quick post writeup of a game of OPR Grimdark Gangfight I played this last weekend. This was a chaos cultists gang (me) vs aliens (Jahan) as an intro game for Jahan into the OPR world. We use Jahan’s terrain and rolled up a ‘basic’ game where my forces started in a position to be ambushed. I deployed 6″ from a line between two corners and the aliens were on the other 2 corners. The alines are actually from the daemon list but it works for this game. Their ambush rules meant they also could come in anywhere at the start of a new turn more than 9″ from any of my figures.

Cultists around one of the objective markers – an alien hatching egg. I have a bad feeling about this…

The scenario was to control the objectives in the center of the 4 quarters of the table. Due to the deployment zones I controlled 2 of those to start with, and the aliens were very close to controlling the other 2. We again used the token pull option for ordering activations – I think that adds a lot vs. the simple alternate turn system. If it added tension we would roll for extra turns as well.

The rest of my cultists with their rock hard leader down at the bottom of the page

The aliens started with 4 of their 9 models on the table at the start of the game. The rest would could be put anywhere on the table in at the start of any turn after turn 1, at least 9″ from any of my figures. The on table aliens moved forward in the first turn to control the objectives (the alien eggs) close to them and get into range to threaten my cultists in the second turn.

Starting aliens moving to claim the objectives in their area

The only real activity was late in the first turn, when my veteran flamer armed cultist managed to hit an alien and do 3 wounds to it! That did not kill it, but it did take it to shaken. That reduced the threat from that zone for the next turn.

At near maximum range the flamer armed cultist injures a threatening alien

At the start of the next turn the rest of the aliens were added to the board. I was concerned that they were all around my force. So you can envision shouts of ‘they are in the walls’ and ‘they are all around us’ coming from the cultists. After all cultists don’t even have motion detects and are just using their normal senses…

Aliens appear all around the cultists

At the same time I was happy they were not all concentrated in one area with their leader. The leader alien is a little more powerful but a concentration of aliens may have made an overwhelming force for my cultists in one sector.

Speaking of the alien leader, one of them near the leader alien charged the flamer carrying cultist from behind. I was lucky that he was just shaken at the end of that hand to hand combat. But that alien was now close to 3 of my cultists and the psychic leader of my gang who had yet to activate. The cultist are pretty weak on shooting and saves but do come in numbers for a skirmish game. I had 3 groups of 3 cultists (who activate like a single). But my cult leader was a psychic with spells and a dark power which gave him great stats as well.

The alien wounds the flamer guy (yes it looks like a machine gun but it’s a flamer honest)
but is then surrounded and taken down

As mentioned though the aliens were all around my cultists and raced up the them from all directions. The veteran on top of the building had a lucky escape and managed to fight off the Alien which h ad climbed the building to attack him. Of course, he failed to damage it in return as well… In this game my die were helping not hindering and my usual poor luck was actually on the aliens die – so far at least.

Aliens attack from another corner

Unfortunately the three cultists in the corridor close to that building were charged from behind by another alien. That alien leapt at them and quickly killed one of the three cultists. I was amazed though as the remaining two cultists in the group turned and in return quickly dispatched that alien!

Lowly cultist dispatch an alien warrior who took out one of their friends

Unfortunately for those same cultists though, two more aliens came at them from the other direction in the same turn. So those two cultists went down in a blood splattered mess after that. That also allowed those aliens to also claim the objective. so it was now 3 to 1 on the objectives a the end of turn 2. My only solace was that it took 3 alien activations to kill a group of 3 cultists and they took one out in return. Still in a n umbers game like that the cultists are going to lose over time.

2 more aliens jump those cultists taking them down in the end

At the other side of the table the somewhat scattered alien attack gave my cultists time to focus on one of the threats at a time and gang up on them. The psychic cultist leader also showed his powers. He moved forward to dispatch one alien and with a lucky shot with his powers – blowing the head clean off one alien which was lining up a charge, while doing a coup de grace on the alien which had wounded the cultist flamer and was now wounded after a barrage of shots from the rest of the cultist had wounded it!

In next turn that triggered the alien leader to charge the cultists leader – which turned out to be a vain attempt to take out the cult leader. Although the alien succeeded in doing 2 wounds to the cultist he was ok – it needed another wound to really possibly incapacitate him. In return the cult leader did do enough damage to dispatch the alien – with an unlucky damage roll from the alien!

Leaders go hand to hand and the cultist leader with the dark powers at his call come out on top

To help get back in control of the objectives in turn 3 I moved some cultists around to claim the ones now free of aliens. The flamer armed cultist had recovered and targeted the alien he had already wounded previously. This was enough to kill one which opened up the space for my cultists on this side to run and claim this objective. So now it was 2 vs 2 at the end of turn 3.

Cultists claim an objective and flamer aliens… although there are still some lurking around the corner

All through these moves a veteran cultist with a plasma rifle had been dueling an alien on top of one of the buildings. It was not until turn 4 that the alien finally managed to do damage (which I did not save) to take him down. He had done an amazing job of keeping an alien busy for 3 rounds of combat! Still my great saves and the poor alien attack rolls was never going to last forever, but he did enough to keep that alien occupied all game. He managed to make his saves but never hit the alien in return though.

Cultist finally falls to the alien on the building after dueling each other most of the game.

The cultists activated first in the 4th turn and moved around the corner to where a stalking alien was. They did not kill the alien moving up on them but they did enough to stop it getting to the objective to contest that. This had been the main aim of their movement.

Cultists block the alien from getting to a objective.

On the other side of the board my cultist leader charged the last remaining alien coming from a different quarter. With his psychic skills as well as hand to hand, he stunned that alien with 3 wounds. This opened the space for my other group of 3 cultists to run past and claim the 3rd objective.

So with the score 3 to 1 objectives for the cultist and most of the aliens taken off the board we called the game at the end of turn 4. I will be honest and say that I was lucky on some of the die rolls in this one. Thats not something I say that much but it was true this time. That plus, the aliens coming at my guys from all sides did not allow them to concentrate their force on one set of cultists. But at the same that time it kept most of my guys split up as well. The cultists are a hard force for the aliens in some ways, as their lack of skills etc mean there are a lot of them to take out in a skirmish game and they do throw out a lot of dice shooting. The cultist leader is the real power house as well.

This was the first time I used the psychic rules and I will say those for the cultists those are powerful and ended up being the decider in many ways. The cultist leader did the most damage on the aliens with his mind and close combat skills. But thats a very risky style and it can easily go wrong with that style of force – I was lucky in this game. Still we both had fun and laughs.

The Cultist leader takes out another alien while ‘his flock’ run to claim the objective and the win

With time left, so decided to play another game – this time Havoc (Chaos) marines vs my uber-orcs (really well armoured orcs). Unfortunately, my Orcs were not up to the task in this one though and I lost the game. I will say the highlight for the Orcs was their leader killing the Chaos Marine boss in hand to hand combat. The uber-orcs were powerful but in the end were out maneuvered by Chaos Marine.

The Chaos Marine flamer was a beast in this game doing loads of damage, even though the orcs saved a lot of them.We were short on time so I did not take a lot of pictures of this game, so below is a single shot of the game in progress. You can see we used the exact same terrain but different figs.

Second game with Orcs vs Chaos Marines

So overall another couple of fun games of gang fight. I keep enjoying this game and it’s simple but effective rules allows for an easy game without too much hassle. The token pulling for activation really helps add to that as well.

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Gauls – Bow armed skirmishers

Keeping on the Gaul/Celtic army theme for a while, here are some skirmishers for the army. These are all bow armed. There are more bases here than ever needed for ADLG or DBA etc. But when I use the figures for games like Clash of Spears the extra bases will be required and used at those times.

You can see there are 10 bases in total here. All the miniatures are from Old Glory 15mm. They have been done with very Celtic hair colours etc so fit in with the rest of the army well.

I made sure that these bases continue to use the bushy style of terrain. That works really well for these as they will not do have a great survival level if they are encountered in the open by mounted troops.

I did not really plan to have as many skirmishers as this…

I think these were from one of the 10+ year ago Old Glory 15mm large skirmisher packs. Those had 50+ skirmishing figures which is the reason for me having a large number of them. But I was not going to waste them so they are now ready for use in this army.

That said, I have found these to be quite an important part of the army or forces. The Gauls/Celtic tribal forces in various games need good skirmishing troops. The basic tribal warriors are a pretty blunt instrument in most games and so without a skirmish screen enemies like the Romans can overwhelm them with ease. They also allow for quick flank supports etc. because again most of the basic warriors are not that mobile.

The Celts of the time did not have formed bowmen though. So all these have to be skirmishers. The Romans (their classical enemy) did not have such troops in their formal legions either but they did pull in many auxiliary troops for such forces from the east as they conquered those area.

Well there we are another set of figs ready for the table.

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Gauls – Spear armed medium foot

Time to finish showing the ‘medium foot’ bases that I have done for this army. This post shows another 7 ADLG bases of spear armed fighters for my Gaulish army – or for use as basically any barbarian foot.

Most of these are on a single base. Rather than doing the DBx basing I just went for 40mm square. This makes the movement of them easier and allows the figs to be laid out in a little more scenic manner. I have a couple of half bases so I can use them as casualties if for example I use these in Clash of Spears/Infamy Infamy or some such. That allows the 40 x 20mm still to be a base and most of these to be 2 bases. But means these will not be much use in DBA.

You can see these they still look like a horde vs. a formed mass of troops, but these ones are spear armed vs. swords etc shown previously. This will allow me to use these as Javelinmen should I wish to from the lists or spears if they are allowed – often they are not. They can just get mixed up with the other bases as well as needed.

Note, I still have issues with ADLG Javelinmen. I understand them and their use but I still find them quite difficult to use well. They are very positional and tactical troops which if used incorrectly get killed quickly it seems. So they have their uses but I often will just take medium swordsmen/spearmen vs those if given the opion.

You can still see I tried to keep with the unique shield style and again have kept the standard basing od lots of bushes. After all these are really best not fighting in grassy planes if they can avoid that. Best to keep to the forests and bush if possible.

So there we are, another set of figs ready for the table. These do add more figs to the Barbarian armies which is the main thing.

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Gauls – medium foot dbx bases

After showing the double based medium swordsman a few weeks ago, this week I’ll show off the single DBx based figs. These are half of an ADLG base but are of the same troops (and figures). So, here are 14 of these bases, which makes another 7 ADLG bases. Having these does mean that I have enough figs for a DBA army though which is important. Yes, as mentioned I do tend to go overboard on these things.

These also allow me to use the figs for games such as Infamy! Infamy! and Clash of Spears as well. Each base can be a single 28mm fig equivalent. They would not be square but I think it would work. That advantage is that forces will look a lot more like reasonable war bands vs just a few guys which does not look as good for small scale gaming.

Below is a shot from behind of all the elements. You can see that again these are a mixture of bare chested and fully clothed figs. None of them have armour though so these are definitely the poorer class of warriors. I believe all these models are again from Old Glory 15mm.

These models really should be able to be morphed into Dacians as well as Germans, Gauls and Ancient British/unpainted Pictish. These are the most basic troops for many of those forces. Of course nothing stops me doing some figures for those as well so we will see… The advantage is their shield style and basic clothing does give them a general Roman enemy feel allowing for the general use.

Below you can see close up’s of the troops. I really like the chaotic combination of poses and colours. Thats what I think of when I think of these ‘Northern enemies’ of Rome. I tried to do all the shields again with every combination unique. They could have more patterns on them, but that would be a lot more painting and their overall aim is not to show them as too prepared troops.

So a final shot of some of them from the rear. You can see I have done all the backs of the shields as a dark brown, which I think works better than black. So another set of figs ready for the table.

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OPR – Grimdark Future Gangfight games

A bit of background for this post. Although I like the 40k background and have a load of novels (and figs) for that as an example, I have not played 40K as a game since the first edition (Rogue Trader). I was an avid player at that point. I have a collection of models and toys for the background though. I’m also a fan of Necromunda and although have not painted any of the new models I have a most of them in the to do lead/plastic mountain.

That said Games Workshop rules rarely really do it for me these days – although I am not really against them. For example I am a fan of Warcry. I tried the new Necromunda rules but they were quite fiddly and complex. A friend described the 40k rules as full of rules bloat and as poor on balance as ever they were, which I think explains my avoidance of those rules well. Each model having it’s own custom rules etc and a high learning curve appeals to some but just turns me off. The latest published rules also having to be the best and forces mean things are poorly balanced as well.

But liking the figs and the background I keep a look out for different skirmish rules especially ones which may better suit my aims and needs. I came across across One Page Rules (OPR) Grimdark Future Gangfight a while back. They are created to allow people like me to use the GW toys and play games without having to use their rules. This last week was the first time I have tried them on the table. The games are my Chaos Marines vs. Davids Necrons. So I thought I would do a quick review writeup and a couple of quick game reports. I have separated out those into the different headings below.

Quick review

Grimdark Future Gangfight is one of the games from One Page Rules (OPR). This is a skirmish game and I believe follows a similar style as many of their rules. Generally, there is a free version of the rules (with free army lists) and there is a paid verion – which we used, which adds more options. Overall, the rules are in my opinion written for people very much like me. They are not intro level rules but are for people who have played GW games but are looking for more balanced and less fussy games.

The actions a model can do when activated are too: recover from being stunned; move 6″ and then shoot; rush 12″; or charge 12″ and then fight in melee. Fast models move further and slow ones move less. The rules cover the basics and as per many games the combat mechanic is one or more D6 vs. the acting models quality to succeed/hit. Then the defender rolls to save using their stat again a single D6 per hit. Modifiers effect both the to hit (like cover) and saves (usually the power of the weapon). As this is skirmish gaming a hit figure is just wounded and the player rolls to see the effect. A single die roll with the number of wounds added indicates whether they are either stunned or taken out of action. Stunned figs are at high risk if they are attacked again and get to remove the stun effect in their next activation i.e. to stand back up and get back into the game. All the rules are summarized on a single sheet of paper – so the name.

Overall this is a simple no fills type thing. Generally I’m for that and its a simple mechanic which works. That said the main rules have a lot of options to add which really make a difference in the final game experience. For example in our game rather than alternating actions (I go u go etc.) we used a bag and pulled tokens (die in our case) to decide which side moved a model. Just like Bolt Action etc. That simple change adds more tension to the game. We also used a random turn ending. So after 4 turns we rolled to see if there was an additional turn – vs. just having a 4 turn game. There are loads of these types of things and it allows players to ‘customize’ if you like the game to what hey want to do. An another example, there are a few more advanced actions if you want to include them in the game, Experienced players can do this with any rules, but it’s nice to have examples and things which work included as options in the rules set.

Added to this, the community/authors have done force lists (without infringing upon IP’s) for all the GW and Mantic model lines. These add character and special abilities for models but without changing the core rules. They add flavour without adding a huge amount of complexity. For example, the Necrons in our game had a second regeneration save of 5+ on a D6. This reflects their repair nature in the background and saved several of their figs in our games.

The authors also have published (on the patreon paid level) the points calculator so you can make any model that you want with any stats etc – at a price. This allows people to start playing and using the all the models we have but also if you really want to have a specific model you can build it and pay the cost for it. To me that’s a huge plus and works if someone really wants say all Chaos Marines to have multiple wounds they can do it. Another example is that there is a force for Warmachine models produced – allowing people owning those figs to play this game vs. the again complex and ever changing published rules for them by Privateer Press.

So in summary these rules ‘do what it says on the tin’. The rules are clear and not that fussy. It is easy to add the optional rules you want to tweak the game to be a better match for the complexity you want. There are a lot of examples/options for you to do that in the rules – for example there is an option for command points which we did not use in the our games. That said unless you add lots of these optional rules (because you like them), they do not get bogged down in too many details. But with the various options and abilities in the pre-created force lists – such as fast units moving further or extra saves factions can have lots of character and play differently than each other.

If anything the only negative I would have is that as not professionally proofread. That means that some of the rules are a little open to interpretation. Again that is easy to deal with if you are reasonable and experienced gamer, but a rules lawyer ultra completive gamer would likely find that annoying/a problem. But those players are no really likely to want to play these games I suspect anyway.

So for the price – either a month plus on the patreon, or just downloading from an online location the main rules I think are great. For those looking for casual gaming there is loads of free content to use as well. They are complex enough to give a god tactical game with loads of decision points without getting bogged down in details. The wide variety of forces and not being locked into a single figure range are added bonuses. I will be playing the game again for sure.

1st Game write up – aka Chaos Marines Can’t jump

So a quick write up of the games. I played Chaos Marines and David used Necrons. With a standard 250 point force I had 7 Chaos Marines one with a flamer and another was a hero commander (who could take multiple wounds before being taken out of action). David had 9 Necrons, 2 being hand to hand specialists and 1 being a bunch of machine bugs – scarabs I think they are called!

The first game we rolled was a ‘king of the hill’ type scenario. The target was placed in the top of a platform – the black square in the top right big platform in picture below. We both had secondary objectives of having a fig in each quarter of the board as well as keeping the opponent out of our deployment zones. we deployed our figs and we started the game. The Necrons were in a better position to get the objective as they could start on the same level as it, but that was ok I had a plan…

I moved up my Marines in the first turn and of course in the first exchange of fire one of the Necrons hit a Chaos Marine in one of the central crane towers and I failed to saved the hit. Still he was just stunned – and luckily no other Necrons could get a bead on him while he was down. So, the next turn I was lucky and got the first activation which allowed him to recover. A close call so early in the game and my idea for using this crane tower as fire support was not working out well so far.

On the other side of the table my Chaos Marines rushed towards the objective. There were few Necron targets in sight anyway. Two of my figs climbed a tower to get up to the objective. Meanwhile the slow and steady mechanical nature of the Necrons meant that they moved towards the objective and kept firing at my running Chaos Marines. In the game many Necron troops have a shorter move than others reflecting their mechanical and slow nature.

Back in the center around the crane tower the same Chaos Marine got hit again – without scoring a shot in reply. He was stunned again… <sigh> I guess the Chaos powers wanted him to suffer pain but at least he was again just stunned vs. been taken out of action. However, with 2 wounds now the risk of him staying in the game if hit again was getting low.

In the photo below you can see one of my Marines trying to from the crane around the some pipes to outflank the Necron’s. Unfortunately, the Sarabs – the only non slow thing in the Necron army came racing out of the building in the opposite direction.

Those Scarabs turned out to be nasty in close combat as they charged that Chaos Marine. The swarm of robot bugs engulfed the Chaos Marine and he was stunned without him getting to hit back. Not a good day to be that Chaos Marine as his armour did not save him… Unfortunately, for that Chaos Marine there were Necrons in the surrounding buildings that got to move first and shot him while he was stunned – taking him out of the game for good before he could recover. So first blood to the Necrons.

Back on the other side after looking up things in the rules I realsied my grand plan had a major problem. The tower my Chaos Marines had climbed was more than 1″ away from the platform where the object was. So they needed to jump to it and roll to see if they made it.

Well lets just say the results of the 2 actions and jumps was that my ‘strike force’ had struck the floor 5″ below the platform and neither had made the actual target platform… This stunned one and put a wound on the Chaos hero. So much for that move and now my strike force was now on the ground and out of position. Things were not looking good.

To add insult to injury the Necrons took the opportunity given and shot the fallen stunned Chaos Marine so that was a second casualty -things were not going well.

Meanwhile the Scarabs continued their success and charged another of the Chaos Marines. This one at the foot of the Crane tower, Again they were successful and stunned that one as well. Luckily it was nearly the end of the turn and there were only shot to try to take this sunned guy out of the game missed. But on the top of the platform 3 Necrons secured the objective, making it look very secure for my now out of place strike force.

The next turn started with Necon’s moving first and the screams of the Chaos Marine was heard around the board as the Scarab’s ate into him as he had not been abled to recover from the stun. So now 3 Chaos marines down to no Necrons… Note, I had been hitting them but they had this nasty habit of recovering the wound from their regeneration ability.

The Chaos Marine hero did not like this though and used his power claws to charge the Necron hand to hand robot close by wounding and stunning it. Later that turn one of the other Marines gave the robot the coup de grace. So at least one robot was down as they moved under the platform to get to a ladder close to the objective.

At the start of turn 4 though the 4 Chaos Marines (out of starting 7) still on the table were no where near the objective. They ran to get close and the flamer drenched a Necron in flames which it walked through -saving most of the hits and then regenerating the rest! However, the Chaos Marines were too far away from the objective even then to get close.

At the end of turn 4 we decided to call it and not even roll for an extra turn. The Necrons had scoredf the major objective and one of the secondary ones – having a unit in each quarter of the table. I had lost 3 of 7 Chaos Marines and even if there was a 5th turn I would only have got 1 fig close to the objective – which was still secured by 3 Necrons. However, this whole game had taken about an hour of play.

2nd Game write up – aka the Grab and Run game

We used the same forces and terrain layout, but this time we rolled a 3 objective game where they could be picked up and carried. This time we deployed in the corners of the 4 x 4 foot table vs. the side edge and the open secondary objectives were again to have a figure in each quarter and kill more than 50% of the opposition.

However the first rolls of the game – things felt familiar. A Chaos Marine down was shot and failed his save and luckily was only stunned by a first Necron shot in the game… Further shots rang out but the second Necron missed him. This was some luck as a hit while stunned would have sent him out of action straight away. I got the next initiative move out of the bag after this and so as he had not gone he could recover straight away. But that wasted his move for the turn and he started the game with a wound. Not an auspicious start from the Chaos gods…

The first turn again had a lot of movement from my Chaos Marines. A quick race up the platform on this side of the board had one Chaos Marine closing in on the objective. He was supported by two other Chaos Marines securing the underneath, as there were a couple of Necrons moving under and around that platform on the other side. I planned to use my extra speed in the Necrons to grab the two objectives within easy reach and then defend then figs carrying them off.

On the other side of the board 2 Chaos Marines – including the ‘hero’ ran forward and grabbed another objective just before the swarm of Necron’s could close in on them. However, they knew the Necrons were coming and on this side, including their Sacab robot swarm.

The 3td objective was on top of the platform where the objective in the first game was. I knew that it would be slog to get to that so really did not try to contest it at this point. That allowed the Necrons up there to move for that… As it was far away for my chaos Marines to do much about that I hoped to shoot the figure who got the objective if I could.

Back around the red objective the Scarab attacked my Chaos Marine with the objective – who fought it off and damaged it in return. That figure then moved back and shot (at a much lower skill level as he had already fought in hand to hand), but that kept him out of charge range of most of the Necrons for now. The other two Chaos Marine figs also helped face off the incoming Necrons. Like anything being outnumbered did not look great and so I concentrated fire on the Robot Scarab as that was nasty in hand to hand in the pervious game, and fast as well.

The Scarab kept coming though and the next turn it again charged the Chaos Marine with the objective. Luckily again it fought off the Robot swarm. However, there were now multiple wounds on the Scarab and so the Chaos Marines hero charged in to took it out in hand to hand combat. So the Scarab was dealt with. In response the Necrons kept moving up and shooting but their shots were wild. Obviously, the destruction of the Scarab swarm had affected their aim…

Keeping the focus on this side, the death of the robot swarm gave me hope that I could fight off the larger numbers of Necrons. So when I got the first action of the next turn, the Chaos Marine hero with power claws went on the offense. He charged the hand to hand robot of the Necrons which was getting close and stunned it, (taking it out of action would have been better). But that was good enough As I got the initiative again from the dice bag (the random order really makes a difference in these cases), which allowed another Marine to come up and dispatch that Necron as well before it could recover from the stun. So two Newton close combat nasties taken down on this side of the board in quick succession.

Across the board a game of dodge and weave was happening on the other side under the low platform. My Chaos Marines were fighting and shoot it out with the Necrons. There were casualties on both sides and the Chaos Karine with the objective was making sure he was in as much cover as possible. Still the Chaos Marine who took the wound at the start of the game got hit again but managed to avoid getting killed (rolling low helps some times). Still a close combat robot was getting close to my objective holder. So this was looking tight at the end of turn 4.

On the other flank things looked ok for the Chaos Marines. The Necrons were now outnumbered and my Hero was still unwounded. The objective holder was also keeping to cover as much as possible.

The last thing to mention is that while those fights were going on I either side in the center I had my flamer Armed Chaos Marine keep moving up. He had already killed one Necron trying to help the fight around the platform.

As the Necron with the objective was now retreating away he followed on the floor. Unfortunately, that Necron shot him and stunned him. Arg I had hoped if we got a turn 5 to use the flamer to kill this Necron and deny them this objective. Even if not his presence here would have given me the secondary objective of the figure in each quarter of the with the flamer – and getting shot for the effort.

No turn 5 occurred though as the roll for the game to continue failed. So that meant a Chaos Marine win. 2 objectives to 1 no secondaries – as neither sides managed those,

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Gauls – medium foot double bases

I have been writing up army reports and even a show report recently so time to change tack and show some heavy metal – of the painted type. That means that this time I’m showing more figs for my Gaul army project. These are all the ADLG sized bases of medium foot, These are DBA double base size in (so 40mm square). This allows more scenic basing and figure placement. They also make it easier to move them on the table as well, which is an added bonus.

There are 15 bases of these here – so that’s 30 DBA bases equivalents! I said this would be heavy metal.

This is more than enough for a single ADLG army on it’s own… yes scope creep again on my projects. But this gives a good amount of these troops and they do tend to die a lot when facing stronger foes. It also give me loads of these to use for games such as Clash of Spears.

In ADLG and other rules these warbands are ok but not great. They are not the ‘best’ troops around but at the right time and location they are deadly – just ask the romans and Caesar in particular. They get beaten by the Romans head on but the numbers they have can make the difference – and I do have the numbers.

So after the mass shots above, I’ll show a little more detail on photo’s below. I have the front and back of each group of models. Each one is is 5 bases wide so you’ll have to click on the photo’s to see details if you are interested.

Following the Celtic/Gaul stereotypes many, but not all, of the models have light hair and facial hair. I hope that you can see these all have unique colours and shields. The idea being that these for sure would not be the ordered set of troops. This is a group of guys getting together to defend their village or raid someone else’s.

These models are all from Old Glory 15mm. They are a mixture of their bear chested and tunic waring figures. The lack of armour does give them a wilder more barbarian appearance. At a push these will even be used for Dacians and other Barbarian medium swordsmen in the Roman period, as lets be honest at this scale it would be hard to tell them apart.

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Seleucid command

After a few week of game reports and convention details, it is back to showing some figures. This time we have the Seleucid command bases that I have completed. These allow me to use that army for ADLG – without having all included generals. I originally painted my Seleucid army 12+ years or so ago and have used them for DBA and a few bigger games. But they did not have separate command stands as the common ruleset at that time DBM did not use them. So using them would be a challenge as an ADLG army. No more though is that an issue, because with these bases I can now use them without problems.

There are 5 command stands in all. My Seleucid’s are themed in red so I had to do 3 bases with that theme. I likely should have done more, but the other two bases were me playing around with colours. These will not be by only greeks – I have a nice pile of lead to paint for enemy armies so I can cover that when I do them. I painted one of the command stands with a Spartan shield (the Aspi) with a red lambda on it (an inverted V). There were a lot of mercenary Spartans around during this period so that was a fun change.

The other two bases of command stands are below. Again, one guy in red as a mounted commander to give me the three red commands. I suspect this army’s standard lists in ADLG will use at least one included general and I have some of those shown below in the pictures of the army. These should give me loads of commands for using these for gaming. In this second set you can see the club and monster head I painted on the shield of the general in purple. They are not up to professional standards and I may get some transfers for greek shields in the future but this is me pushing myself with my brush skills.

As mentioned these are all for the Seleucid army that I painted before I started this blog. As there are no shots of this army here, I thought I would include a few in this post. This will give you an idea of the whole force, so you can see how the new command stands fit into that lot.

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Hotlead 2022 – ADLG games

So in the previous post I put some info on the Hotlead convention and a load of photo’s of different tables etc. The reason I did not participate in too many games was that I played in the ADLG tournament. First I want to thanks Tod who organized it and all the players who participated and especially my opponents. I had a great time at the event and everyone was very friendly. I played 3 games in the day and I thought I would give a brief write up and summary of each of them. Sorry for the lack of photo’s but I was not good at taking them regularly in these games… too busy trying not to lose the games I guess.

This was my second ALDG tournament and the first in North America. I still class myself as a beginner in the game, but I like it and it is a good system in my opinion for ancients. I was unsure which army to take and in the end took a Hittite force. This was a mixed group of some chariots (heavy and light) and some swordsman and spearmen. I thought hard about taking a Sea People army but they were a little too much of a one trick pony – and so might limit me more than I wanted too. Looking at the forces I played I think this was a good decision in the end.

One of the interesting things in tournaments is having to guess your opponents specific force before/during the deployment. In my test games of course I have been able to see and talk about my opponents lists in a friendly manner. Often I made made their lists, as they have used my models. That does make these games a little difference especially in the feel of the game setup.

Game 1 vs. Scythians

After deployment I had my first success of the day. I had an ambush in a plantation which some Scythian javelin-men and light foot came close too. I triggered the ambush and my three impetuous foot units who were in ambush chased down and killed the javelin-men! They managed to run long while the Javelin boys evaded short. That was great and then two of those foot units then spent the rest of the game chasing off the Scythian light foot with impetuous moves. When I had pip’s I tried to bring back the third into the main fight – but they never made it.

The problem for me though was the Scythians light horse. They ran around those impetuous foot and headed straight for my rear area and camp. I tried to direct my medium medium swordsmen to head them off while I moved aggressively forward towards the rest of the Scythian army. I did a reasonable job of matching most of the Scythian army – which was all mounted and did start to get the swordsmen closer to my camp. The photo below shows the table as I moved towards the main Scythian force.

The problem though was that I have not really faced an ‘end run’ like that with the light horse in ADLG and it caught me off guard. My move of 3 swordsmen was ok but not great though – outnumbered and able to be outmaneuvered. Without impacting the battle line I had against the Scythian horses I did not have enough troops to deal with the flanking light horse. That was not helped by some poor luck. Although I was at evens or often slightly with odds in my favor, both my chariots and the swordsmen starting to take hits without giving any in return. That meant a bad position/tactics were not saved by good luck.

I decided to chase down the now evading Scythians and hope my few swordsmen could at least keep things somewhat in control in the rear. i.e. win in the battle line before things fell apart in the rear.

That did not happen and my camp fell to the Scythians light horse. Adding to the problems on that flank, the swordsmen and chariots they kept taking hits from bow fire. This quickly lead to a collapse on my right while I was still a turn or two away from getting to grips with the slowly evading and returning Scythian battle line. So before I could really get to engage with the main battle line my force had hit it’s break point. This then was a comprehensive victory to my opponent.

Overall, poor deployment by me (especially my camp placement and lack of thinking about light horse) as well as poor dice rolls did not help me here. In summary I was outplayed with much better tactics, It was good game but I was scrambling after the first turn to react to a better plan. So a comprehensive defeat in game 1.

Game 2 vs. Assyrian

I expected a lot of chariots from my opponent here and was not disappointed. The terrain fell to reduce the width of the table in the center, with plantations on either side, just in my opponents half of the table. There was no point doing an ambush even though I again was defending in plains. In fact, I defended in plains in all three games. This terrain layout did funnel the Assyrian force into the middle of the table though where a scary looking group of Assyrian heavy chariots sat right in the middle of their line.

Taking the initiative as much as I could as the defender I moved aggressively on both flanks in the early turns. My elite light chariots faced off vs. their ordinary on the left side of the table. On the other side my armored chariots ran up to delay and hit the Assyrian elite medium foot with bow fire and my impetuous foot tried to out flank those enemy foot at the same time. That had caused Assyrian foot and their light foot to move to try to stop their flanking move. 1 of the In the center I held back as much as I could without exposing flanks.

This time my dice rolling was better – or maybe my opponents was worse. We both joked about being unlucky with dice – not a great aspect when playing these games. Either way, my bow fire was more effective and started to cause a few hits, especially on the enemy chariots. Melee combat soon ensured though on both flanks and I was still holding back from those heavy chariots for as long as possible. That said, my spearmen got ready for the charge of the Assyrian heavy chariots. My heavy chariots were coming up but just a little out of position due to a field being in the way in the deployment zone. They were impetuous so I had deployed them back from main line of troops to hold them as a reserve.

The good news was the chariot fight on the left went my way and after a couple of turns of melee my elite chariots had won on that flank. In the center the my small spearmen group held vs. the heavy chariot charge. Although their position looked a bit grim they were in a slightly better state than I thought they would be. They had held up to the furious charge of the heavy chariots and they were then going to give as good as they got in the subsequent fight.

The second wave of my own Hittite chariots did not do well and quickly became casualties though. So much for that idea. The center was looking a lot less secure at this point…

On the other flank my chariots had engaged the mediums swordsmen there and were slowly grinding out some wins as well. My foot had also got involved on that side – they had not managed to outflank the Assyrians but were doing their bit in the fight.

It did not take long from then though, as I had done damage on both flanks. So although the Assyrian heavy chariots were by the end winning in the center their army had broken so it was a victory for my Hittites – my light chariots doing a fine job in this game.

Game 3 vs. Spring and Autumn Chinese

This was facing an army that I have models painted for but have never really looked at in the ADLG lists. I was told it was a lot of medium swordsman many with pole-arms and heavy chariots by my opponent. When deployed it certainly was! In fact with a costal region being put down on one flank to reduce the width of the table there was nearly a wall of pole-arms/heavy chariots across the table! The terrain fell so that the two plantations were on the left and middle section near the table center – one on each side of the table and there was field on the other flank.

This time I put my foot heavy command on the left, my chariots in the center and the impetuous foot on the far right hand flank. As luck would have it I had my medium swordsmen facing the Chinese impetuous medium swordsman. In the first turns the Chinese foot on the left of the table raced towards me. I held back here and maneuvered to to to ensure my impetuous heavy chariots would be able to impact the fight once it started without getting into the plantations.

In the center I moved up my light chariots to shoot at the Chinese heavy’s and their supporting foot. While my impetuous foot on the right also moved up. The big issue for me here was that the Chinese had a couple of bow units who could shoot better than the chariots and who were moving steadily towards the central plantation/using that as protection.

As may be expected on the right hand side I soon had no choice and so the Hittite impetuous heavy chariots charged into the line of Chinese foot in front of them. I held my swordsman back as they faced impetuous Chinese swordsman – getting them to charge me would reduce their effectiveness a little. I also had my medium spears come in to help that fight.

All these combats were close but I was lucky and started to win a few of them over the next turns. In the end I would destroy this foot command in these melee’s. That would also trigger a monumental struggle the in the central plantation which would destroy most units from each side that entered it over the rest of the game. Flank charges from both sides would occur in that central plantation as a vicious fight occurred between my spearmen and the Chinese swordsmen.

Back with the chariots, I started to get in a bit of a muddle. My aim was to move up shoot and then to give myself room to evade charges. That was impacted by the terrain and the fact that the Chinese came at me at an angle. I basically had too many units in the way to ensure clean evade routes. Still I did what I could and was helped by the extra speed of my light chariots vs. the Chinese heavies. So, although my evades were not great I never got hit by the Chinese charges which was the main thing. Meanwhile those Chinese bowmen continued to be a pain – killing one of my chariots as my chariot line retired.

Eventually a chariot fight developed as I could not evade any further – I had run out of table. At the same time my impetuous swordsmen were in a fight on the far left flank with some more Chinese foot. This was about an even fight. The advantage for me was it pulled a some of the Chinese out of the fields on that side, That meant I could use my ‘spare’ chariots which were now too far away from the Chinese heavy’s to aid in that fight (because of the evades). All these fights were about even and so were the results, with destruction on either side.

We were checking the force morale and found that both of us had our armies broken at the same time. Interestingly, it seemed throughout this game we both thought we had the upper hand and were close to that major win in an area. But that did not really happen for either of us and we just battled it out to the bloody draw.


I had 3 really interesting and very different games all challenging in their own way. Although luck is a major factor in all games, I fell the first and second were decided by deployment (and the players plans) as much as anything else. In the first I was out thought with the light horse moves and reacted poorly to that. My deployment opened me up to that move as well. The second games I had an advantage on both flanks while I delayed fighting my opponents main strength in the center. That plan seemed to work well. The last game I feel I played ok but I had little I could do about the bowmen in the center. I got myself in a mess limiting my evade routes but at the same time I had some luck in the infantry combat. Having some heavy chariots to use in that certainly helped and chariot bow fire did make a difference in this ga,e.

So in summary these were 3 great games against challenging, yet friendly opponents who I would normally never play against. To me that is what tournaments are about – not the winning but the taking part and playing different opponent’s/armies. I was very happy to come in the middle of the pack of players in the results and had a very enjoyable days gaming.

Well thanks for reading this one – I know it was longer and less pictures than normal.

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