ADLG-R More Pike and Shotte regiments rebased

A couple of weeks ago I showed the first of my rebased English Civil War (ECW) units. Those were the red/orange coated ones. Here are the rest of the pike and shot figures which needed rebasing urgently. Yes, as you can see from the picture below I have another 12 regimental bases here.

With the ones shown in the previous post, I will have more than enough figures for both sides of a ADLG-R battle. In fact, I believe I will have enough for 3 armies armies of the period and I have yet to get to my Scottish forces. Do you see the possibility of a plan here.. 4 armies on a table… hmmm… a. big game may be in the offing here…

As with the previous post on these, there has no ‘new’ painting here. Just rebasing and touching up where I messed up on the basing etc. I would have liked a few more flags in these units but there are just 2 of them in this lot. When I get to painting some more (I believe I do have a few pack of these in the lead mountain) I will need to ensure that I paint some more flags done. Still 2 with flags means those units can be differentiated. That means an easy way to indicate a unit with an included general if nothing else.

Back when they were painted, I purposely did these with somewhat clearly defined regimental jacket colours. I was a re-enactor of the ECW many years ago, and so got that from there as much as anything else. However, just like in real life you will see a mix of shades in the same regiment with some of these figs. Maybe not as much as in real life but a little at least.

The biggest ‘regimental group’ in this set is 3 regiments of blue coated troops. These are roughly based on the blue uniforms of the Oxford army – especially Lunsford’s Regiment of Foot, which became Prince Rupert’s Regiment of Foot. The Prince having a large number of troops seemed fitting, but blue was a pretty common colour for regimental coats, especially on the Royalist side. To be honest blue is really a little under represented in the number of units here, if I am being honest. I likely should have 4 or 5 in the 12 being blue. So when I find the ones still to paint maybe some blue regiments are needed.

After that I have 6 bases of typical coats – two each in yellow, burgundy and green. All three colours were used by both sides, although more by the Royalists. The yellow coats on the figures is quite a ‘bright yellow’ but in reality any colours like that would likely have faded. So, they may well have been described as white after a time in the field as well. The burgundy likely again may have been a red to the descriptions of the period as well. Hey, men even now describe colours pretty basically after all. Just ask me the paint colour of walls and you’ll get my wife rolling her eye’s in no time… It reminded me of this, which I always found funny and oh so true:

Anyway back to the models…

These units can, and will be, split up. But it does make it easier for a side to have specific coloured coats which the other does not have. Then the players do not get confused, even if that could and was a problem at the time. That was one reason for all the flags as it made identification of units easier.

The two flags look very basic but are actually realistic. A typical colonels flag was a single colour and white was common. It was also common for the flags and coat colours not to match, if you wondered. The ordered structure of such things in the later centuries is a long way off at this point.

Lastly, are three units one each with white, black and grey regimental coats. These are all lesser used colours, but at least one regiment is known to have used them. I have to say though that white was more/as popular as yellow. So maybe if I do more I should do some another white regiment as well as some blue ones. All these colours do pop nicely on the table top. All the basing is done a simple manner which should allow for ease of use and it not being too messy.

So there we are. A lot of units ready to try out the rules, which I plan to do very soon!

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Three Ruined Mediterranean Buildings

So a different topics for the post this week. Here are three 15mm buildings that I have completed. These are really all focused on the 20th century – although the later two would work for the 16th cent onwards. They could I guess be used at a push for late Roman or Wild West… All of them are destroyed – which could happen in any conflict but again the use of gunpowder makes it much more likely.

The first one is a simple building. The Terracotta tiles and the white walls make all these work for Italy or even Africa and maybe souther USA/Mexico. Although the green grass may limit that a little but I did not want to use sand as that would not stand out as well. This one also has a jerry on the base which limits it the WW2 and beyond if I care about that.

The next building is a more of a destroyed compound. This also has no green grass, so is even better for Africa. I have to say the scale on this although supposed to be 15mm the building is pretty small. Still it will work for ADLG village and in a lot of area’s farms etc did have high protective walls.

Lastly, for this post is the ruin of a small building. Again the lack of anything other than the ruin allows this to be used in desert or Italy. It’s a small building but houses were much smaller than we have today – at least for the poor. So this should be ok and again works for a little area terrain.

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Medieval Japanese Spear Armed Ashigaru

Following up on the Samurai, here are some more followers – some spear Ashigaru for my red Sengoku period army. These again are from museum miniatures. These are the more typical spear armed guys. Although very similar there which I typically dislike ion this case I can get over it as they all are charging towards the enemy.

As normal for me the basing fits with the other models in the force. They are a good but not great part of the ALDG army and work for padding out the force, as well as rough terrain troops. Three of these are on 40 x 40 bases and a single one is on two 40×20 bases – just in case I want that.

Although armed with a spear I can use these asa swordsmen if I really want. Most of the Ashigaru fought with such weapons and in ALDG it’s more about how the troop used them than how they were armed as far as I understand it.

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ECW – New Modeled Army rebasing for ADLG-R

Many years ago – before I started this blog, I painted a big English Civil War (ECW) force and used it for DBR and then FOG-R. I have over the years used it for various games and especially big events – such as MIGscon and hotlead games, as well as various club games of Pike and Shoote. However, when I started that project I made my own bases of plasti-card. I later moved to metal pre-cut bases. Those early bases though have not seen the passing of years well. Many have started to curl at the edges or in the middle etc. So they needed to be redone and I decided I would rebase all the early figures. I may in the end rebase them all.

The next decision came as to how to rebase them i.e. in what style… I have not played DBR in 10+ years and I do find the separate base fiddly. But that does work for some rules-sets.

So with me playing and really enjoying ADLG I was pleased to find a good but unofficial version to support this period. You can find it here: Art de la Guerre Renaissance. I decided I would rebase with that in mind, especially as the basing still works for all my other figs in the army. I still have enough toys to do a small DBR game if needed though. I have not tried the ADLG-R rules yet though, that is next after I finish doing some more troops.

So in this post you can see the first of this effort. Here are 7 new big regimental bases. Each a full Pike and Shot unit. I can still use these for Pike and Shoote and even for other rules as well. I may just need to use a few dice markers for things like the Peter Pig regiment of foot. Each base is 80mm wide and 40mm deep and has the same number of figs as 4 DBR bases. So each of these is in effect the same as 4 DBR bases. This however lets them move as one and also allowed for a little more characterful poses/set up of figures.

All these troops are in the dull reds of the New Modeled Army uniforms. Some of the previous (Parliamentary especially) regiments, also used this colour of clothing. That means these can also be used for earlier period forces as well, from the Bishops war really. Red was the cheapest dye of the time – a tradition of military contacts going to the lowest bidder started here which continues to today in most cases.

As a side note the New modeled army was the first army in the UK to have proper provided uniforms (before that at best regimental commanders did that), and is really the foundation of the Professional British Army. Oh and yes the proper name is the new modelled army not new model army. The later is a modern version not the name that they called it at the time.

I have not repainted any figs – although I have done a few touch ups as the rebasing I never find that easy. Trying to do this with all the figs on a base was very fiddley for me, but I like the way it has come out in the end. I still don’t understand people who base after painting though. I find I end up having to do touch ups due to my poor basing skills.

All the figures as from Essex and that includes the bendy pikes. I dislike those but it’s just too much effort for me replace them all vs just living with them and painting different toys instead. One of the advantages of this basing is that it gives more protection to the pikes at 45 degrees. It also allows for more interesting basing of the pike closer together and the shoot spread out more.

You can see that two of these bases have a command group and a flag at the front of the Pike block. In theory all regiments would have flags but I’m going with what I had painted. Those two do give me enough bases though to identify included generals in units though, by using those bases if I need too.

These 7 should give me more than enough for an ADLG-R force. I can now move onto the Royalist and/or early Parliamentarian forces. Once I have about the same number of those done I will be able to get these on the table to try out that rule set for the English Civil War!

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Medieval Japanese Bow Armed Ashigaru

OK time to show some more Japanese 15mm figures. This time the bowmen for the army. In the period ashigaru were growing in use in the Japanese armies as they got larger in size. These are still peasant armed troops but using bows though at heart.

Bows I believe were used a lot in hunting etc. That meant they were more typical for the commoners to have available and also more skilled in their use. That is compared to swords etc. I believe that many of the troops would have been at least somewhat trained for war though. To that end I have them all wearing the same colours. This is likely not a reflection of reality, but it looks good on the table top. That said, at this time there was still good mobility between the different classes of people – some generals started as commoners etc. It was only in the later years where things got very locked in in Japanese society.

These are all still following the red theme of the Samurai I showed previously, That makes theme easy to spot on the the battle field, as mentioned. The basing also follows the simple style of the previous units. That is one way I try to keep an army theme, so it looks all the same on the table.

The option in the ADLG troop lists are to have these as bowmen as above or light bow, as below. There is a maximum of 6 allowed and the figs I had just made 3 of each.

All these figures are from Museum Miniatures. They are on the big side of 15 – really they are 18mm figs. Still they are nice and well put together. They make a fun and easy force to paint. They only have a few poses in the packs which is a little limiting but it is enough to give some variation on a base.

After playing a few games the light foot definitely have been used more. Having more of them mav be helpful in better list building. But that said, if the bowmen can get to the right targets – mounted etc then they can be useful and cause hits on them.

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Medieval Japanese Samurai

Samurai and especially the Senguko (1467 – 1615) period has always held an appeal for me. I have a load of 28mm and 15mm miniatures in the lead pile to do. Those are for games from Test of Honour all the way through to Legend of the 5 rings and ADLG/DBA. This is also another of those periods for wargames and history buffs in general like – let’s be honest it gets lots of attention. It draws a lot of people in, because of the basic history we all know these days. However, my few attempts to paint Samurai have often not come out as well as I had hoped. Their armour is quite tough to get right I find.

But a friend painted up a great Peter Pig 15mm army first for DBA and then expanded it to ADLG. Because of that I just had to dig into one of those piles of lead I have and create a force to oppose it. His army looks great – I have some Peter Pig models for this period in the lead pile somewhere to do as well. That is I have again been slowly collecting 15mm lead for an army for a while now. I look at sales and when I have some spare cash and pick things but etc but I have not had a reason too focused and get this done. Now I have.

So here is the first post of a new project – an ADLG army for the 280:Later Japanese list. These are all based on the ‘red devils’ of Ii Naomasa. He famously wore blood red armour and had troops dressed in the same, So that made painting them easy and a gave good theme for the army in general. All this will all be a dark red focused army. It works well to look the part on the table.

Ii Naomasa was one of Tokugawa’s generals, yes the guy that won all the civil wars in the end. Really he is too late (a 100 years or so to be precise) for the ADLG period. Thus these will be ok for the fan made renaissance extension ADG-R version. Using that theme to build this force allowed me to solve the armour issue though and make a very obvious themed force. So, let’s assume that maybe one of his ancestors liked red as well. How knows it may be true – but I doubt it. 🙂

All these figures are from Museum miniatures, in fact the whole army will be. But for this post I am just showing the heavy swordsman samurai, of which I have 10 bases. The list allows for 12 but that seems a little extreme. I only had enough figs for 10 bases, so thats how many I have. I could in theory say they are medium foot as well – as they only have 6 figs on each base. But they are on the 40 x 30 bases which heavy infantry use so I will keep them as heavies.

The reason for 6 figures per base is simple. These figs are big 15’s. They are more 18mm than 15mm really and it would have been very tight to get 8 on a base. So after some tests I did went with 6 figs per base. I think they look ok and it’s easy to tell what they are – for me and my opponent. So all is good on that side of things.

There we are the first close ups of another project. I’ll show off more soon, but it’s good to get these on the blog as they are starting to get used on the table already.

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War of Roses – 3 fig bowmen

Last week I showed the 4 figure per DBx base longbow men. This week it’s the other ones, i.e. the 3 fig per base units. Here are another 13 ADLG bases, which is 26 bases of DBx style based figures. These are in plainer grab but for ADLG it really does not made a difference to them whether they are 3 or 4 figs per base. If I use them for DBA etc. it does. For the record, I base in DBx style as it make them more flexible for use – although a winter project for this year will be to put magnetic bases on all these so they can then be saboted together via small metal sheets for ease of use. It also makes it easier to do the basing/flocking of the figures, which is a factor as well.

As mentioned though this allows me to use these on the table to highlight different qualities of troops – these may be mediocre levy troops or they may be actual longbow men vs the medium swordsmen with longbows which ADLG supports in some lists – like War of the Roses ones.

This also allows me to highlight that quality difference on the table when rules focused more specifically on the War of the Roses period, such as Bloody Barrons. Many of these models are from Peter pig – I have mentioned how I like those in previous posts. I think the first couple of sets are from them and/or Essex for sure.

I tried to paint these more with more typical leather/fabric jerkin coats, but they still have some colour with their shirts and trousers. I went with a non uniform style with those as I don’t expect that these guys would be issued anything. So they would have worn what they had or could find/buy/steal themselves.

This last group includes some second hand figs, so I am not sure where they come from. But they all have the same basing. That is the jumbled green flock which I like to think represents the ground cover better than some of the more open soil with occasional tufts. That can look really nice, but I think works more for the warmer climates of Southern Europe.

So there we are, lots of longbow for the period. These have seen the table a decent amount already so it’s good to show these here close up now.

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Halloween Special – Blood Bowl Beach Boos

It’s Halloween so something special today – the first shots of sone of my latest Blood Bowl team – the Beach Boos. In this post you have a quite summary of their games so far and then a few close up pictures of the models. These are a GW Shambling Dead team – styled from the Beach Boys. I live in an area of the city called the Beach so it was an obvious, fun choice for a team name. All the players will be named after beach boy songs – for example one of the Mummy’s has to be called ‘Awake’.

So far they have played 2 games with them and won both – although to be fair the first win only occurred because my opponent got greedy on hits. In the last turn of the game they could have run the ball in for a draw as there had been no way of me stopping them. But they failed a hit, so ended their turn without doing that. I’ll still take the win.

In the Boos game this weekend, the weather was rain in the Surfside graveyard – which made the ball slippery, meaning all ball handling tests were harder. Interestingly, although there was not that many fans in attendance, they were very vocal – every single kick off event was cheering fans in the game! I guess the rain kept the undead away from the waves, so they came to watch Blood Bowl.

My opponent played a Khorne team and they started hitting very well. They injured and caused casualties to my players all across the field. Luckily one of them regenerated and the other was just out for the game, but I had a lot of players on the floor. That calmed down somewhat but the first few turns were brutal. That was balanced out though by the fact that they could not pick up the ball. I had kicked to them in the first half so the ball was in their half. This allowed me to get 4 players behind the main scrum on the center line to contest the ball, This also started to cause even more problems for them picking up the ball,

Several turns were spent with both teams hitting each other around the ball, as the negatives to the pick up were so high. Eventually, after a few failed pick ups and bounces, one of my ghouls finally got it and ran in for a score. It was a great start for the game for me. It left 3 turns in the half for the Khorne team to try to score to even things. But but the rain still cause them continuing issues. All through the half they could not pick up the ball. That being said they soon prioritized just hitting the Boos instead. So, half time came with the Beach Boos in the lead. The score and half time allowed the KO’s to return to the field as well. So even though a lot of hits had been thrown the there was still a roughly equal number of players on the field.

The Boos received the ball at the start of the second half. They also failed to pick up the wet ball, but as luck would have it, it bounced around their players till one finally did grab it. The Beach Boos at least started to even things up on the casualties score as well – even managing to injure the big nasty Khorne monster.

This allowed them to cage up and move steadily up the field. That lead to them scoring to give them a 2 to 0 lead. This left a couple of turns for the Khnorne team to get a score if they were lucky. This time they managed to handle the ball at least (I had started joking that they may play the game and not manage to pick up the ball at all). But, it was to not help and they could not score. They tried but a decent defense held them up enough that time ran out for them. So it was a win in a wet game for the Beach Boos.

So here are some close up of some of the figures. They are done and varnished but I have yet to decide on the rim colour of players. I quite like the undercoat but in some figs I got some paint on that. So I may try to do a similar redish hue on them. This is only half the team so I’ll do another post with the rest.

The biggest players in the team are the Mummy’s. There are 2 of them and they are slow – but reliable big guys, which is unusual for Blood Bowl.

Next we have two Ghouls. The team can have 4 of these and so I plan on using the GW Necromantic Horror team figs for those. I will paint that team in the same colours (but call it something different) so I can reuse those figs.

Next we have some Zombies – one the linemen of the shambling undead and slightly faster than the Zombies, but not quite as tough. I have painted these up so at a push I can use them as Skeletons if needed. I know anyone will complain that much, as long as it is clear.

Lastly for this post is a skeleton. These are slightly faster than the zombies but easier to kill. They are a fun set of models though and fairly easy to paint so I like that. I’ll talk more about that though in another post with the rest of the models.

Well have a good Halloween…from the Beach Boos, and me in general.

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Wars of the Roses – 4 fig bowmen

Previously I have shown the set of billmen for my War of the Roses project. The other key part of the armies for that period and the one which everyone knows about are the longbow men. So here I’m showing 10 ADLG bases (20 DBA bases) of them that I have finished. That is more than enough of these for any sensible ADLG army. Really I have enough here for 2 armies. I am using 4 figs on each DBA base on these as these will be household troops. That generally means those of better quality in the games.

I have quite a lot of them because yes I bought a lot in planning this army. That will not go to waste though as I hope to use these for games of Peter Pig’s Bloody Barrons rules. That game needs more figs than for ADLG. You may also rightly guess that as these are named 4 figs per base, there will be a follow up post with the 3 fig variety which I will use for poorer/different quality troops.

You can see above that there are various styles of longbow men here and the figs are from various manufacturers. I do try to keep all the figs on a base from the same source if I can, but have various manufacturers in the whole collection. As I mentioned I have been planning this period and army for a while. That means these figs have been slowly growing in number over the years. I will show each set off with more detailed pictures below. Oh and yes I still have more in the lead pile to do – so it never ends really…

This first set of 3 includes at least one pack of Essex bowmen – the guys in brown linen tunics. I’m not sure the manufacturer of the other 3 ADLG bases worth (they were from a 2nd hand bring and buy purchase). They will work well for armoured household troops as their tunic colour and style make them look the part anyway. There is a mix of figure poses on each base though so they look chaotic and full of energy.

I suspect their clothing may actually mean they are really from say 50 years earlier than the War of the Roses. So they may likely are from a Hundred Years War range, or just a generic medieval one at best. However, I’m not going to get worried about that, they look the part. I am sure that all kinds of weapons and the cut of clothing were worn in the day. Let’s be honest they did not have social media or the money to keep up with the latest trends back then.

These next set of 3 ADLG bases are, I am sure, from Essex. They all have nice blue and other colours livery shirts for their households and so do stand out on the table as different on the table. They are easy to identify which is good.

There is still enough variation in the figure poses to be pleasing to me. I do not believe that regimentation of troops would have existed at this time, so having them all in the same pose just feels odd. It’s funny that you can get more variety in 15mm poses than 28mm ones still these days.

All these bases follow my standard basing for the period. That allows for a generic use of the figures. I know that can make it ‘more interesting’ if I provide all the figs for a game, but at the same time it just makes things more generic. I have yet to have a major issue with players getting units confused so it should be ok.

Talking of the poses though, it interesting that most of the figures are looking back to pick up an arrow. That works but is a little odd. I also don’t know if the tunic look is realistic for the period (again it may be earlier) but it makes painting the livery easy and clear. That practicality may well mean they had a top coat like this in real life. I have seen this on various gaming artwork anyway so what they heck.

Speaking of looking backwards, that is not an issue for the Peter Pigs models which close out this post. All of those are facing forward. These are nice models and are really on point for the time period. You can see here the problem that having the tunic with a realistic dirty white/brown worn over the livery shirt – it is hard to see it.

I love the detail on these models though – the swords and bucklers etc are really nice. So of all the makes of models in the post the from Peter Pig’s my favourite and recomendation for others. They have great detail but are nicely posed and paint up really well.

Lastly, I should highlight that both the Peter Pig and Essex figs have arrows stuck in the ground. I am told that was a typical thing for the period. What is interesting, is that Martin the owner/sculptor of Peter Pig figs has used that to help in the strength and stability of the figure poses. It’s a great move and makes the lovely figs even better.

Well there we are – a good amount of longbow men for this project. They can and will be used for other in period forces as well.

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Blood Bowl Match report – Ratskins vs. the Dirty Dozen

Ok so I thought I would do another quick match report for my blog on a Blood Bowl game. This time I played my developing Ratskins vs. a team called the Dirty Dozen (Chaos Renegades) ru by Tim. The Dirty Dozen have 3 big guys – a Troll, an Ogre and a Minotaur plus a collection of players from various races, including a Dark elf, a Skaven an Orc and a Goblin. Most of these players don’t get on which makes a Renegades a tough team to get working for advanced/complex plays. At the same time they have good armour and so are quite a ‘bashy’ physical team.

For this game we decided to play in a local gaming cafe/bar – the first time I had been to that called Storm Crow Manor. That was an ok location and the food was alright but more on that later.

1st half kickoff

The game started with a large crowd and the Renegades decided to kick the ball to me. They also then had a blitz on the first kick off. This meant I started my turn with the ball close to the centerline and the renegades very close. The ratskins though we’re not phased and even stunned the Minotaur in a blitz by the Rat Ogre in return. However, in these opening moves 2 rat linemen ended up as casualties- one by the troll, the other by failing to dodge out of a tackle zone! The Ratskins took the ball to the side of the field though and moved it up to score in 3 turns.

So the dirty dozen got the ball kicked to them. The skaven were down to 10 players for the rest of the game but that did not seem to put them off at all. They had linemen cage up around the ball which had ended up close to the middle of the field in the wide area. Then the dark elf moved to pick up the ball. This is where Nuffle decided to play a part (Nuffle is the god of blood bowl and loves a good laugh at the player’s expense). So with a 2+ chance of picking up the ball the dark elf with rerolls tried 4 times over and failed. This allowed a pair of gutter runners to run around the back of the renegades in one turn and the second turn had one of them jump in, grab the ball (with 2 opposing players trying to stop him) and then dodged out to hand the ball off to the second – which scored. So 3 turns left to play in the first half and the Skaven are 2 touchdowns up.

The second kick to the Renegades was again in mid field and finally (after having to use another reroll) the dark elf picked up the ball. So all the team rerolls used just to pick up a ball. The Renegades made a quick pass and cages up to move the ball down the field. But they were out of luck and did not have enough movement to get into the endzone. The first half ended with the Skaven playing zone defense and the Renegades trying to block and foul some players off the field and failing.

At this time we found out that where we were playing would kick us out – it was a gaming bar but tables are only reserved for 2 hours and we would not have enough time to play the second half there. I found that disappointing with Storm Crow Manor and as we talked about there are not many games which can be completed in under 2 hours. Still we moved to a local cafe and had desert and coffee there for the second half. I will say the lighting was much better in this location as well.

2nd half kick off

The second half started with the Skaven for a 3rd time in a row kicking to the Renegades. This time the ball handling was better and in fact it seemed like Nuffle decided to even the scores when the Skaven rat Ogre failed in a block (which was rerolled and still failed in the same manner). Not only that but he ended up stunned for his troubles, The skaven tried to recover but the Renegades successfully moved their cage to the endzone – protecting the ball carrying lineman well in 3 turns.

Renegades linemen runs into the end zone

This left the Skaven knowing that as long as they scored again they would win the game. The ball was kicked very close to the center line but a Skaven gutter runner collected it and passed it safely to the Skaven thrower Payton Ratling, Two turns later, in a smooth move the Skaven passed the moved the ball nearly the length of the field to score. This left the score as 3 to 1 in the Skavens favour with just 2 turns left to play.

The renegades decided on a risky move to try to get another touch down. This was by throwing their goblin with the ball down field to try to get into scoring range (or even score). Unfortunately, by this point they were out of rerolls and a terrible throw meant the goblin ended up in the crowd instead of towards the Skaven end zone. There must have been rat fans in the crowd – this was a popular game after all, as the ball was thrown back by them into the middle of the Renegades end. This was perfect for the start gutter of the Ratskin’s to run up collect and then next turn run into the end zone for a cheeky extra touch down. To add to this, the last block of the game saw the Ratskin’s Rat Ogre casualty the Minotaur and injury it so it misses the next game!

So I have 1 player missing the next game, but got a good result, a bunch of start player points – especially on another gutter runner, and a decent take for the gate. Added to that the rats finally get an extra set of dedicated fans with their first win in the league. Overall it was a fun game but the 5 1’s in a row to pick up the ball is more typical of my luck than my opponents. Still Tim as I do laughed about it, as that all you can do in the end, It was a fun evening playing and Blood Bowl continues to provide fun yet challenging gaming.

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