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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming

First German WW2 infantry

So time to show off the first of my German infantry. You can see the basing and paint colours that I have decided upon for them. That makes this post the first to highlight this. I tried various colours but … Continue reading

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The WW2 German project starts moving

As you may tell from this blog I usually do one ‘big’ project a year – thus trying to get a large army or force done. Then I do other painting projects to keep my from better ‘fed up’ with … Continue reading

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To the strongest – demo game

First, a Happy Canada Day from all of us here in Canada. Canada is officially 150 years old today (1st of July 2017) and that’s something to celebrate. As gamers and fans of history everywhere it’s interesting to look at … Continue reading

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Battlegroup Kursk – thoughts and first game

Well last week I tried a new game to me – battlegroup Kursk, and so I thought I’d do a quick write up of it plus add my thoughts about the game. In a high level summary I liked it … Continue reading

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Club hill touch ups

Just a quick post to show the work that I did over the last week on these. I have been storing the groups terrain while our regular store is taken over by new owners. One of the things which has … Continue reading

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SDX kobolds the rest of the troops

Well it’s time to show the rest of my Super Dunegon Explore (SDX) painted minis. These are the remainder of the Kobold force. First we have 4 slingers – all wrapped in bandages. These Kobold figs do feel very shaven … Continue reading

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Sandy hills for gaming

Ok so back to a terrain project. As I have mentioned in the past I want to continue to build out my own terrain collection. Earlier this year I did some small height hills – perfect for 15mm games but thought … Continue reading

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