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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming

Black Plague -Yet more Heroes

So while here I might as well stick to the theme and show the remaining Black Plague heroes that I have done. This wraps up all the Kickstarter heroes (and adds another necromancer) to the figures I have painted for … Continue reading

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Black Plague – Extra Heroes

So following on the Halloween from a couple of weeks ago, it seems appropriate to continue showing my painted figs for the Zombicide: Black Plague game. So here are some more Hero models for players to use. Again these are … Continue reading

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Sons of Mars – Review and first games

This week we tried out a new game – Sons of Mars, which is a gladiator game. So although this is Halloween and I have been focusing painting Zombie stuff for that, I thought I would post this as something … Continue reading

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Black Plague – Kickstarter Heroes

So with Halloween coming up fast it’s appropriate to show some Black Plague Zombicide heroes figures. Here we have another 9 that I have completed and that are ready for the table. All these are from the Kickstarter bonus heroes … Continue reading

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Black Plague – Abominations and Necromancers

Well as it’s halloween season – or so the stores keep trying to tell me, it’s time to show off the rest of the Zombicide black plague base set and Wulfsburg expansion. These are mostly models which come with the … Continue reading

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Extra Chinese to make an ADLG army

So, to finish my series of posts on the waring states forces I have a different collection of a few extra troops. These can be used to create various forces including the Yueh army option which is DBA 2/4b. These … Continue reading

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The quest for perfection – or lack of it

I don’t normally do ‘think pieces’ or link to external ones but I read the following from a link on Facebook and thought it very good. It kind of epitomizes a lot of my views and so though I would … Continue reading

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