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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming

Guardians Chronicles – Evil Androids

I managed to finish a project over the Christmas break and so it’s time to show it off before it gets on the table.  That is painting the board game Guardians chronicles. The figures are not that great (and made … Continue reading

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Ancient Spanish – Iberian DBA II/39a army

Well as something different I have been working on a 15mm army for a while. So here is the first blog post on them, this is a DBA forces for the Ancient Spanish Iberian. This is army No. II/39a . … Continue reading

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Another set of Wild set figs

Well back for some more cowboys. This is another set of models which have been used in a few games already. Again I’m not sure sure exactly who the manufacturer is for these as they have been collected over a … Continue reading

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Rum and Bones – undead pirates sword up

Ok after a couple of weeks of Wild West cowboys it’s time to show something different. It’s also a busy time at work so it’s an excuse to show something I did a little while ago but have not used … Continue reading

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More Wild West Figures

Well time to show off some more cowboys or really Wild West figures. These again are all based on pennies. In fact I believe they all have also been used in one of the recent games. That’s unusual for me … Continue reading

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More Cryx stuff

Ok so after doing loads of different things (as you can see on the blog) it’s time to turn back to a few Warmachine models. I have a whole collection of these and I occasionally pull one out to paint … Continue reading

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Cowboys in 28mm

A few years ago I did a whole set of 15mm cowboys and we played a couple of games with them, but they never got too much use. Although economical for storage and cost 15mm individual skirmish games are tough … Continue reading

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