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War of the Roses – Welsh Spearmen

OK so back to some good old 15mm models this week. Many of the Late Medieval forces including the Wars of the Roses armies can have poorly armed spearmen to bulk up their forces, So to be able to field … Continue reading

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Khorne Chaos Marines

Ok time for a change of pace and something different. Here I have 9 Khorne chaos marines. These are GW models that have been on my painting desk for quite a while. So, I decided to finish them off. They … Continue reading

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War of the Roses – Men-at-arms

I have done game reports for the last few posts, so definitely is time to get back to some figures. Here are another 6 ADLG (so 12 DBX bases) of dismounted men-at-arms for the 15th century. All but one of … Continue reading

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Sideline Report – Peon Pornstarz vs. Ratskins

So another game report. I would say a quick report but this was one heck of a game and so it is quite a long write up. This one vs. an Orcs team run by one of the leagues good, … Continue reading

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Sideline Report – Ratskins vs. Black Crag Buccaneerz

Yes another Blood Bowl game report – this one from a couple of weeks ago (it got bumped for the SAGA report last week). The Black Crag are a Black Orc team run by our league commissioner. They were getting … Continue reading

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SAGA Age of Magic – Wild vs Wild clash

A group of local players have started a campaign for SAGA Age of Magic (basically a fantasy setting). My league season of Blood Bowl is winding down (with only1 more game to play) so decided I would join them. I … Continue reading

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Late Medieval – Mounted Shooters

You have seen a lot of match reports from by Blood Bowl games recently on my blog but I continue to slowly show my painted mounted arm for the Wars of the Roses/Late medieval period as well. So here is … Continue reading

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Slideline Report – Ratskins vs Six Pack Slaughterers

So another Blood Bowl game report. This one with my league Skaven team vs a Khorne team. In Blood Bowl Khorne are a bit of a glass cannon. They hit very hard and have decent strength but do not have … Continue reading

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Sideline Report – Ratskins vs Rasknet’s Plague

Yes another game report – this one a Skaven vs. Skaven game in the league. This is a speed vs. speed matchup. Both teams are about equally developed with 13 players on the roster, but the Plague has a couple … Continue reading

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Late Medieval – Light and cavalry spear

After all those knights it’s time to show some of the other mounted troops which can be in a late medieval army. So in this post I have 2 bases of medium and 4 bases of light cavalry. Various armies … Continue reading

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