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Cardinals Guards for En Garde!

With the planned release of the ‘En Garde’ rules created the author or the fun Ronin rules, again published by Osprey, I knew that I wanted to paint up some miniatures to play the game. I am massively influenced in … Continue reading

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Terrain – gullies and trees

I have slowly been working on some terrain items  – mainly for my 15mm games but they are usable with for any scale really. Last year I wanted to do more terrain but really did not get on with it … Continue reading

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More cowboys ready for a fight

I have completed some more 15mm Cowboys and items for my wild west 15mm adventure games. First are some African-America’s but in 15mm. With my phone camera and kitchen lighting the photo’s did not come out that well. The contrast … Continue reading

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The end of my December painting challenge

Well for the first post of the year I’ll start with the final status of my personal painting challenge from December of 2015. The list below shows where I got too. To my mind this was a very successful personal … Continue reading

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This is game which I bought in 2013 or so but had never played but wanted too. DBN is based on the DBA rules, which I do like but is it’s own game which has been modified to cover the … Continue reading

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Painting challenge status

I set myself a personal challenge of finishing enough of my French figs/units completed in December to have a decent force, as it’s taken way too long already to do this. So I thought I’d just post on how that’s … Continue reading

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My personal December challenge

I mentioned earlier in the year that in the background to my normal painting I have slowly been working on a medium sized 15mm French Napoleonic force, roughly based on the Lasalle army builder. It’s a core infantry force with … Continue reading

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