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B-Sieged Heroes and Messenger

As I mentioned last week I have now started a new major painting project – my house! Some real 1 to 1 scale painting and that took up just about all of the weekend. This should save some money compared … Continue reading

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Deadzone – Mercenary sci-fi figs

This is a post showing models which I have have completed and had photo’s of for quite a while. So it’s definitely time to get them up here on the blog. The Deadzone game is one that I got a … Continue reading

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40k – Possessed Khorne Chaos Marines

As I have shown in the past, I started doing some 40k chaos figures. The reason, well ‘just because’ as much as any thing. I have some have have liked the background since it’s launch (yes I really did queue … Continue reading

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B-Sieged – Mölen and Avatar of the Abyss

So back to B-Sieged for this post. This is the post contains the last of the standard enemies in the base game. These are the Mölen – yes another odd name and there no chance I will ever in real … Continue reading

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Flint and Feather – Huron/Wendat

Some of the guys in my gaming group decided that we would try the Flint and Feather. This is a game which is based on the tribes which lived in this local area way before the European settlers/colonists/interlopers got here. … Continue reading

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B-Sieged – Krohns

Time for my next post on B-Sieged, and this time it is to introduce the Krohns. Yes another weird name for nasty monsters. But this time I actually like the models so that helps. You may remember the previous B-Sieged … Continue reading

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Even more Cowboys

Well like my last post on Cowboys, this one has models which have been done for a while and needed to get shown off. It’s time to show them off the the world now. That means I can then clear … Continue reading

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