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Chaos Marines – Terminators and a Hero

Hmm… after a Cthulhu Pandemic post last week there was the official declaration of a real Pandemic this week <sigh>. So, let’s get back to toys and games. This week I’m going to show some more GW Chaos Marines that … Continue reading

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40k – Chaos Marines

I remember MANY years ago when I queued up to get a new game by Games Workshop – called Warhammer 40k Rouge Trooper. That was in the distant past and I guess I am aging myself to say that was … Continue reading

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Necromunda – original Delaque gang

Well with the release of the new Necomunda from GW imminent I decided that I should use this as a trigger to get some of my old gangs finished. I played a lot of Necomunda when originally released, but it … Continue reading

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