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En Garde first game and quick review

I painted up a whole set of to Old Glory/Blue Moon 15mm ‘three musketeers’ figures last year – you can see the blog posts for close ups of the figures if you look for them. But I had jet to … Continue reading

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Another Pikeman’s Lament AAR

Well this week Ernie and I got together for a game.  He expressed a desire to play a big game based around the English Civil War. I was going to give him the option of Warlords Pike and Shotte or … Continue reading

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Hotlead Pikeman’s Lament game

So at the Hothead convention last month I ran an 8 player participation game of Pikeman’s Lament. I was planning to take a load more pictures than I did, but running an 8 player game meant that in reality I … Continue reading

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Hotlead show report 2017

So another Hothead show has been and gone. This is the biggest show in Ontario and definitely one which I would recommend anyone who is into miniature gaming in the area visit. It has a decent number of vendors, a very … Continue reading

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The Pikemans Lament review

OK it’s been a little while since I posted a review of a game I’m playing and so I decided it was time to do another. This time it’s ‘The Pikeman’s Lament’ – which is another game by Dan Mersey, … Continue reading

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Franks and Lightnings – a CY6 game

So, this week is the usual one of year that I run a CY6! game for our little group. This year continued the tradition so i thought I’d o a quick write up of the game. This time we had a poor … Continue reading

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Honours of War first game 

This week we tried a new set of Seven Years Wars rules – well fairly new, they are another of the Osprey rules collection. They are called Honors of War and written by Keith Flint. I had bough the kindle version … Continue reading

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