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Command and Colors Ancients- a quick review

For the last little while I have actually been playing as many board games as miniature games. For me that’s a little unusual bit still nothing too untoward really. I do like both and don’t get hung up on the different … Continue reading

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Saga Vikings vs. Norse Gaels Battle report

It’s been a while since I have done a battle report on here so I thought it was time. I don’t think I have ever done one for SAGA as well so even more timely. This is a game from … Continue reading

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DBA flat terrain

Now f0r something a little different than my usual posts showing off miniatures or reviewing things. I’m a fairly regular DBA player in 15mm – it’s quick and fairly simple, but gives a great tactical figure game for an hour … Continue reading

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Found Gladiators

Last month I was looking at the lead pile of shame (i.e. all the stuff I have to do) and found that I had a pack of Gladiators which I had missed earlier in the year. So I had to … Continue reading

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DBA Sea Peoples army

So as I have started playing a bit of DBA again I dug out an old half done project from a long time ago an finished it. Many years ago I had some left over figures from various armies and … Continue reading

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Completion of the DBA War of the Roses Yorkist army

This is the second post of my Yorkish DBA army – you can see the first part of the army here. Unlike many of the ‘projects’ I do a DBA/Lion Rampant army is quite small –  between 12 and 18 … Continue reading

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Start of a DBA War of the Roses Yorkist army

As I have mentioned before on this blog I do enjoy DBA as a game. I find it a fun and challenging miniatures game, with large replay capability. It’s highly stylized and the writing is a challenge at times to … Continue reading

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