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To the strongest – demo game

First, a Happy Canada Day from all of us here in Canada. Canada is officially 150 years old today (1st of July 2017) and that’s something to celebrate. As gamers and fans of history everywhere it’s interesting to look at … Continue reading

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6mm Celtic/Dark Age camps

I had hoped to write up some thoughts on my games of Pikeman’s Lament and post those but work and personal life have not made that possible yet. That post will happen but it’s not done yet. So here is a … Continue reading

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Command and Colors Ancients- a quick review

For the last little while I have actually been playing as many board games as miniature games. For me that’s a little unusual bit still nothing too untoward really. I do like both and don’t get hung up on the different … Continue reading

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Saga Vikings vs. Norse Gaels Battle report

It’s been a while since I have done a battle report on here so I thought it was time. I don’t think I have ever done one for SAGA as well so even more timely. This is a game from … Continue reading

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DBA flat terrain

Now f0r something a little different than my usual posts showing off miniatures or reviewing things. I’m a fairly regular DBA player in 15mm – it’s quick and fairly simple, but gives a great tactical figure game for an hour … Continue reading

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Found Gladiators

Last month I was looking at the lead pile of shame (i.e. all the stuff I have to do) and found that I had a pack of Gladiators which I had missed earlier in the year. So I had to … Continue reading

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DBA Sea Peoples army

So as I have started playing a bit of DBA again I dug out an old half done project from a long time ago an finished it. Many years ago I had some left over figures from various armies and … Continue reading

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