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Sons of Mars – Review and first games

This week we tried out a new game – Sons of Mars, which is a gladiator game. So although this is Halloween and I have been focusing painting Zombie stuff for that, I thought I would post this as something … Continue reading

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Extra Chinese to make an ADLG army

So, to finish my series of posts on the waring states forces I have a different collection of a few extra troops. These can be used to create various forces including the Yueh army option which is DBA 2/4b. These … Continue reading

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Other Chinese – Warring States BDA army

OK with one DBA army for a single period there are limits of what I can do. After all although DBA allows any forces to face each other it is best if they are historical opponents. Also, those people who … Continue reading

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Ch’in Chinese – Warring States DBA army

A couple of years ago at the local convention bring and buy (hothead) I picked up a pack labeled ‘Warring states DBA army’. I don’t believe it listed the manufacturers of the mini’s. Well it’s been a long time but … Continue reading

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First game of Saga v2

So this week I played my first game of the Saga v2 rules. I have yet to read the rules but do own them. So this was a bit of a learning game for me. I had managed to scan … Continue reading

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Hail Caesar – Biblical 15mm game

I have been showing a lot of models recently so as a change of pace here is a write up of a the game Hail Caesar and a mini review of it as well. The Hail Caesar (HC from now … Continue reading

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Finishing up of a few projects

So for the first post in 2018 I’ll show some of the little projects which I finished up to close out the last year. All these would really not justify a post on their own (well they could but it … Continue reading

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