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Another set of Confederate troops

Yesterday, Saturday the 10th, I ran this years Orion cup again – a Bloodbowl event which is always a fun tournament. This year it was 10 players (including me) and registered 2 no shows (ah well at least they had … Continue reading

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Cirque de gobbo completed

Well just in time for the weekend competition I have finish the last lot of the Goblin Circus figures and most importantly the trolls of the team. You can see the final batch below. The last 2 player pieces which … Continue reading

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More of the Goblin circus models

In the quest to get these models done for the comp in a week or so I have finished another batch of the Goblin models. You can see them all below. I managed a couple of games with these over … Continue reading

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Goblin circus – first players ready

Now for something completely different and if there are any Coulrophobia suffers out there then this is not the post for you, nor are the next couple I plan to do. Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns by the way, … Continue reading

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Orion cup 2013

Well it’s the end of another fun day of running the Orion Cup in Toronto. It seems I have become the default organizer of this local competition. I’m not complaining though as its good to ensure the event happens. This … Continue reading

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Nurgle expansion figures

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my just finished BloodBowl Chaos team. Well the second part of that project was to add the extra players for me to also field a Nurgle team. This team will use four … Continue reading

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BloodBowl Chaos team

I have had these on my painting table for quite some time and so after finished the 6mm army I thought it time to finish them. So below is a shot of the fully team Although a chaos team, each … Continue reading

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