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Another set of Confederate troops

Yesterday, Saturday the 10th, I ran this years Orion cup again – a Bloodbowl event which is always a fun tournament. This year it was 10 players (including me) and registered 2 no shows (ah well at least they had … Continue reading

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Cirque de gobbo completed

Well just in time for the weekend competition I have finish the last lot of the Goblin Circus figures and most importantly the trolls of the team. You can see the final batch below. The last 2 player pieces which … Continue reading

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More of the Goblin circus models

In the quest to get these models done for the comp in a week or so I have finished another batch of the Goblin models. You can see them all below. I managed a couple of games with these over … Continue reading

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Goblin circus – first players ready

Now for something completely different and if there are any Coulrophobia suffers out there then this is not the post for you, nor are the next couple I plan to do. Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns by the way, … Continue reading

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Orion cup 2013

Well it’s the end of another fun day of running the Orion Cup in Toronto. It seems I have become the default organizer of this local competition. I’m not complaining though as its good to ensure the event happens. This … Continue reading

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Nurgle expansion figures

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my just finished BloodBowl Chaos team. Well the second part of that project was to add the extra players for me to also field a Nurgle team. This team will use four … Continue reading

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BloodBowl Chaos team

I have had these on my painting table for quite some time and so after finished the 6mm army I thought it time to finish them. So below is a shot of the fully team Although a chaos team, each … Continue reading

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One day Bloodbowl Troll

After playing with my Orcland Raiders team a couple of times I found they needed a bit more bashing power. I need to roll and play a lot better as well, but that’s a different issue! So with an upcoming … Continue reading

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Bloodbowl wizard

Well a quick one today. I finished a Wizard for Bloodbowl, which will be used as a reminder I have one when playing the game, as it’s easy to forget them in the middle of the action! Bloodbowl fans are … Continue reading

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Orcland Raiders team ready to play ball

Being an Oakland Raiders fan there was only one team and set of colours which my Orc team had to be painted as. The black and silver of the Raiders. There was no choice really. So the team from the … Continue reading

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