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OPR – Grimdark Future Gangfight games

A bit of background for this post. Although I like the 40k background and have a load of novels (and figs) for that as an example, I have not played 40K as a game since the first edition (Rogue Trader). … Continue reading

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Warhammer World Visit

For those of you in the UK Warhammer World is somewhere which is accessible – maybe not with ease depending on where you are in the UK, but you can get there. For us colonials that’s is not the case. … Continue reading

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Chaos cultist – Hive Hounds Gang extra figs

OK so last week I showed the first 13 figures of this ‘gang’, and here are the remaining 8. I am kind of hoping that in theory these models may well work for Ospreys Zona Alpha game as well as … Continue reading

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Chaos cultist – Hive Hounds Gang

OK with the release of Stargrave I thought it time to show off some more of my 28mm figures. I’m a sucker for the GW cultist models and so I have done a whole lot more of them for another … Continue reading

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Chaos Cultists – The Changed

I have a a soft spot of chaos cultists. Not sure why – they are definitely not the best at anything in the 40k game or background, but they hit that ‘dark spot’ for me somehow. Maybe it’s something about … Continue reading

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Deadzone – Rest of the Merc’s

So time to finish showing the rest of the Deadzone miniatures which I had actually painted quite a while back. These are from the mercenary faction and are an eclectic mix of models. The paint jobs are not competition level … Continue reading

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Necromunda Cawdor gang

Ok I have been showing my 15mm desert war stuff for a while but now is time to have a bigger post of figs and of a different scale. I feel some of those posts have been a little ‘eye … Continue reading

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