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Shadespire – Steelheart’s Champions

Over a year ago I started work on the Stormcast Eternals from the Shadespire base set of models. As background the game is a fun little game from Games Workshop. I’m not into the full deck building aspect of it … Continue reading

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Guardians Chronicles – Evil Androids

I managed to finish a project over the Christmas break and so it’s time to show it off before it gets on the table.  That is painting the board game Guardians chronicles. The figures are not that great (and made … Continue reading

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Another set of Wild set figs

Well back for some more cowboys. This is another set of models which have been used in a few games already. Again I’m not sure sure exactly who the manufacturer is for these as they have been collected over a … Continue reading

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Cowboys in 28mm

A few years ago I did a whole set of 15mm cowboys and we played a couple of games with them, but they never got too much use. Although economical for storage and cost 15mm individual skirmish games are tough … Continue reading

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Dracula’s America – First play and review

Well a couple of weeks ago now we tried out this game. It’s a fairly simple Weird Wild West game, but with loads of character for the weirdness of a fun background. That background is that Dracula moved from Europe … Continue reading

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Necromunda Van Saar Gang

Now it’s time to show the full original Necromunda Van Saar gang. All the models are shown below in the one group picture. This includes the Juve’s shown in the previous blog. Oh and yes just as with those Juve’s … Continue reading

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Plans for 2018 and some gangster figs

Well it’s New Years, but rather than do a post on what I did this year I thought I’d show off some more models, and talk a little of my plans for the coming year. I will add that I … Continue reading

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