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WILDLANDS – A review

One of the games which has been added to the standard rotation for us is WildLands by Osprey Publishing. So I thought I would write a quick review. This game came out about a year ago and to be honest … Continue reading

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Iron Cross intro game

With Great Escape Games releasing ‘Seven days to the Rhine’, there has been added interest in the first version (Iron Cross) of those rules in our group. Well mostly from me to be honest as I do quite like those … Continue reading

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Hotlead 2019

Well it’s become a bit of a personal tradition, but I always work hard to ensure I go up to Ontario’s biggest wargame show –Hotlead. I have been going for quite a few years now (I’m thinking close to 10 … Continue reading

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Sons of Mars – Review and first games

This week we tried out a new game – Sons of Mars, which is a gladiator game. So although this is Halloween and I have been focusing painting Zombie stuff for that, I thought I would post this as something … Continue reading

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The quest for perfection – or lack of it

I don’t normally do ‘think pieces’ or link to external ones but I read the following from a link on Facebook and thought it very good. It kind of epitomizes a lot of my views and so though I would … Continue reading

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Dracula’s America – First play and review

Well a couple of weeks ago now we tried out this game. It’s a fairly simple Weird Wild West game, but with loads of character for the weirdness of a fun background. That background is that Dracula moved from Europe … Continue reading

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Chain of Command – Initial thoughts

Last week I ran a couple of games of Chain of Command for the local group. This was the first game for many of them, but one other had played a time or two before (like myself). Most had the … Continue reading

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