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The view outside

A few of the blogs I follow have taken up the idea that in these odd times we share a photo’s or two of what is outside our window. It was originally I believe an idea from Bogenwald and a … Continue reading

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Cthulhu Pandemic

Ok I notice I see to have had quite a few GW focused posts recently so time to change it up. This post shows off a true board game and one I have painted up for play. I have to … Continue reading

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Well this last weekend I happened to be in the UK (for personal reasons) and managed to get along to VAPNARTAK. This is a one day gaming show in York and was full with traders – much more than are … Continue reading

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Warcry – a quick review and game

Wow how time flies… it’s nearly a month since I had a gaming Saturday with Ernie and we played Warcry. I took some pictures and said I would put them up here, so I thought I better get on that. … Continue reading

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Blood Red Skies – Multi-player game and Defiant’s

It’s a personal tradition that around US Thanksgiving (when I know I will not be traveling for business), I run a big air game for our group. This year was no exception, but this year I decided to use the … Continue reading

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Age of Hannibal rules – mini-review and game

Age of Hannibal is a set of rules from the Little Wars Tv crew. I have been trying out various multi-player rules sets for ancients games every so often (with the same Dark Age figures) as an experiment. This was … Continue reading

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WILDLANDS – A review

One of the games which has been added to the standard rotation for us is WildLands by Osprey Publishing. So I thought I would write a quick review. This game came out about a year ago and to be honest … Continue reading

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