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Blitzkrieg Commander 4 – Game report & quick review

Well I have not been playing face to face games or doing much of anything socially for the last month or so due to some real world ‘interruptions/issues’ which I won’t go into here. I have kept posting though as … Continue reading

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OPR – Grimdark Future Gangfight games

A bit of background for this post. Although I like the 40k background and have a load of novels (and figs) for that as an example, I have not played 40K as a game since the first edition (Rogue Trader). … Continue reading

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Hotlead 2022

This last weekend it was Hotlead in Stratford Ontario. This is I think Ontario’s primary miniature gaming conference – it is for the Toronto area anyway. I know there is an event in Ottawa but that is too far for … Continue reading

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Clash of Spears – game report and review

We have played a couple of games of Clash of Spears recently, so I thought I would do one of my mini-reviews and game play blog posts on this rules set. In summary Clash! is a large skirmish style game. … Continue reading

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Warhammer World Visit

For those of you in the UK Warhammer World is somewhere which is accessible – maybe not with ease depending on where you are in the UK, but you can get there. For us colonials that’s is not the case. … Continue reading

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Flocking around – Kallistra non hex terrain

So a simple one this time… I have had the kallistra non hex terrain for some time (see here for them: I bought them just before lockdown and decided that I really needed to get them finished and use … Continue reading

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Test of Honor game report

So for two weeks running I’m doing a post on a game report. This one is Test of Honour – a Samurai skirmish gaming. This week Ernie and I played while Jahan put the game on (using his terrain and … Continue reading

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My New Miniature…

Well as you all know I tend to stick to my painted miniatures and game reports here. But I thought I would show the new member of our family. She is a miniature, so it still counts for the blog … Continue reading

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The view outside

A few of the blogs I follow have taken up the idea that in these odd times we share a photo’s or two of what is outside our window. It was originally I believe an idea from Bogenwald and a … Continue reading

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Cthulhu Pandemic

Ok I notice I see to have had quite a few GW focused posts recently so time to change it up. This post shows off a true board game and one I have painted up for play. I have to … Continue reading

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