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Hotlead 2019

Well it’s become a bit of a personal tradition, but I always work hard to ensure I go up to Ontario’s biggest wargame show –Hotlead. I have been going for quite a few years now (I’m thinking close to 10 … Continue reading

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Sons of Mars – Review and first games

This week we tried out a new game – Sons of Mars, which is a gladiator game. So although this is Halloween and I have been focusing painting Zombie stuff for that, I thought I would post this as something … Continue reading

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The quest for perfection – or lack of it

I don’t normally do ‘think pieces’ or link to external ones but I read the following from a link on Facebook and thought it very good. It kind of epitomizes a lot of my views and so though I would … Continue reading

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Dracula’s America – First play and review

Well a couple of weeks ago now we tried out this game. It’s a fairly simple Weird Wild West game, but with loads of character for the weirdness of a fun background. That background is that Dracula moved from Europe … Continue reading

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Chain of Command – Initial thoughts

Last week I ran a couple of games of Chain of Command for the local group. This was the first game for many of them, but one other had played a time or two before (like myself). Most had the … Continue reading

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Black Plague – A quick review

So after last weeks post, I thought I would write a little review of Black Plague and show a few pictures of the painted models in action. Basically, like all Zombicide games (there are a few out there now and … Continue reading

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Hail Caesar – Biblical 15mm game

I have been showing a lot of models recently so as a change of pace here is a write up of a the game Hail Caesar and a mini review of it as well. The Hail Caesar (HC from now … Continue reading

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