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Hotlead Pikeman’s Lament game

So at the Hothead convention last month I ran an 8 player participation game of Pikeman’s Lament. I was planning to take a load more pictures than I did, but running an 8 player game meant that in reality I … Continue reading

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Terrain focused weekend results

This last weekend I decided I would spend a little time working on some terrain projects. I have been very slowly building up my own terrain collection but end up using the clubs a lot.  I really do need to spend … Continue reading

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DBA flat terrain

Now f0r something a little different than my usual posts showing off miniatures or reviewing things. I’m a fairly regular DBA player in 15mm – it’s quick and fairly simple, but gives a great tactical figure game for an hour … Continue reading

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Updated Necomunda Goliath gang

Many years ago, and after college for me, where I was able to always borrow other peoples collections of figures for games, I first start daubing paint on figures. At the time there was a newish game from GW called … Continue reading

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D&D miniatures touch up trial

A long time ago now, I bought quite a few of the D&D miniatures thinking I’d get into that game (the miniature version not the rpg). Well of course time moves on and that never happened, but I have kept … Continue reading

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HTL hedges, walls and a ditch

Well I have been traveling for business a lot still but have managed to finish these now – just in time. These are all for the Hold the Line convention game of ‘Pike and Shotte’ I’m running (which is tomorrow), … Continue reading

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Mordheim Cult of the Possessed – varnishing disaster recovery

Over the Christmas break the other figures I worked on was an old one that has been around ‘on my painting table’ for a long time. This was a group of figures most of which I’ve had for approx 14 … Continue reading

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