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A Church, a House, a Pond and a body 

The above is like one of the titles in an old tv detective show. It’s not though- it’s a description of this post’s content. In planning my game to hothead (more on that in a later blog) I decided I … Continue reading

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Hills and a building for smaller scale games

Continuing my work on terrain, I have finished some hills for games of 15mm or smaller scale games. These are not tall enough for 28mm games but are perfect for small scale games. All of the are roughly 10 or … Continue reading

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Terrain focused weekend results

This last weekend I decided I would spend a little time working on some terrain projects. I have been very slowly building up my own terrain collection but end up using the clubs a lot.  I really do need to spend … Continue reading

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More 15mm Renaissance figuires

I still have not got to play En Garde yet but I’m slowly continuing to paint the 15mm blue moon figures I have do the game. This time it’s some supporting character to get the limelight. First some ladies to … Continue reading

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DBA flat terrain

Now f0r something a little different than my usual posts showing off miniatures or reviewing things. I’m a fairly regular DBA player in 15mm – it’s quick and fairly simple, but gives a great tactical figure game for an hour … Continue reading

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Terrain – gullies and trees

I have slowly been working on some terrain items  – mainly for my 15mm games but they are usable with for any scale really. Last year I wanted to do more terrain but really did not get on with it … Continue reading

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Updated Necomunda Goliath gang

Many years ago, and after college for me, where I was able to always borrow other peoples collections of figures for games, I first start daubing paint on figures. At the time there was a newish game from GW called … Continue reading

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