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ACW – Mounted Confederate or Settler/Cowboys

I am late posting this week but here are another set of models that I completed a little while ago. In total there are a 31 bases of 10mm cavalry. These are a major increase in the number of mounted … Continue reading

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ACW – Yellow Confederate Brigade

Back to some ACW 10mm figs this week. This time some yellow head geared confederate troops. Here are 11 bases of them in fact so these can be 2 regiments if I like. This is especially true as I have … Continue reading

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Oak & Iron – More ships

Back to the naval side of things this week, with more ships being ready for the table. I do like how these come out even with my wargames table level of painting. I am sure (and in fact have seen) … Continue reading

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Oak & Iron – Test 3rd rate ship

So this is a ‘mini post’ for me- well compare to some at least. Before starting a new project I tend to try painting one or two models before I really start. Of course I don’t do that with buying … Continue reading

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Well this is just a work in progress but I added some picture – more will be comming when I have time to take pictures of my other armies. I’m not that great at taking pictures or painting but heck … Continue reading

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