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Shadespire – Steelheart’s Champions

Over a year ago I started work on the Stormcast Eternals from the Shadespire base set of models. As background the game is a fun little game from Games Workshop. I’m not into the full deck building aspect of it … Continue reading

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Kings of War first game

Last weekend I visited North Bay games while my wife was at a show (she has her own hobbies which are just as expensive and craft oriented as mine…) and watched the end of a game of Kings of War. … Continue reading

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Mordheim Cult of the Possessed – varnishing disaster recovery

Over the Christmas break the other figures I worked on was an old one that has been around ‘on my painting table’ for a long time. This was a group of figures most of which I’ve had for approx 14 … Continue reading

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Bones Bugbear trial

I recently participated in the Bones kickstarter and while that was going on managed to pick up a Bones Bugbear fig to see what I thought of it. Well I was hoping to paint it and finish it before the … Continue reading

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One day Bloodbowl Troll

After playing with my Orcland Raiders team a couple of times I found they needed a bit more bashing power. I need to roll and play a lot better as well, but that’s a different issue! So with an upcoming … Continue reading

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GW Mounted Chaos Marauders

These are part of an initiate in the local club, too complete some previous unfinished projects (which I happen to have a lot of it must be said). So while finishing off the 15mm Prussians I decided to work on … Continue reading

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Chaos warriors and deadflat varnish

After clearing up the basement earlier in the month and finding a whole set of unloved old GW figs, I decided to try out some a new techniques and product on a few old chaos warriors I got many years … Continue reading

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