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Flint and Feather – Huron/Wendat

Some of the guys in my gaming group decided that we would try the Flint and Feather. This is a game which is based on the tribes which lived in this local area way before the European settlers/colonists/interlopers got here. … Continue reading

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Even more Cowboys

Well like my last post on Cowboys, this one has models which have been done for a while and needed to get shown off. It’s time to show them off the the world now. That means I can then clear … Continue reading

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Green Gang Cowboys

I seem to have generated a few draft posts/photo’s of things I did a long time ago which I have not shown so far. So this is a quick post of some figs like that, as I have had these … Continue reading

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Another set of Wild set figs

Well back for some more cowboys. This is another set of models which have been used in a few games already. Again I’m not sure sure exactly who the manufacturer is for these as they have been collected over a … Continue reading

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More Wild West Figures

Well time to show off some more cowboys or really Wild West figures. These again are all based on pennies. In fact I believe they all have also been used in one of the recent games. That’s unusual for me … Continue reading

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Cowboys in 28mm

A few years ago I did a whole set of 15mm cowboys and we played a couple of games with them, but they never got too much use. Although economical for storage and cost 15mm individual skirmish games are tough … Continue reading

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Dracula’s America – First play and review

Well a couple of weeks ago now we tried out this game. It’s a fairly simple Weird Wild West game, but with loads of character for the weirdness of a fun background. That background is that Dracula moved from Europe … Continue reading

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