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Dracula’s America – First play and review

Well a couple of weeks ago now we tried out this game. It’s a fairly simple Weird Wild West game, but with loads of character for the weirdness of a fun background. That background is that Dracula moved from Europe … Continue reading

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Hillbilly gang in 15mm

Well back to an oldie for a little distraction this week. My 15mm gangster project got a kick in the arm with the release of the ‘mad dogs with guns’ rules a month or so ago from Osprey. Again I … Continue reading

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More cowboys ready for a fight

I have completed some more 15mm Cowboys and items for my wild west 15mm adventure games. First are some African-America’s but in 15mm. With my phone camera and kitchen lighting the photo’s did not come out that well. The contrast … Continue reading

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Wild West Indians in 15mm

What would a wild west game or setting be without some native people of the Americans  i.e. Indian tribesman. So I had to really do some of those for my growing collection of 15mm wild west stuff. These are again … Continue reading

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Dark trench coat cowboys and scatter terrain

I liked the long coat figures so much that I did previously  when I opened a second pack of the cowboys from Blue Moon I had to do another gang of them, painted in a different long coat colour. As … Continue reading

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Light blue wild west bandits

So another theme gang, this time done on light blue as a colour. Interestingly many of these have a bandana over their face so obviously are bandits! This makes them a little different than the other figures in the blue … Continue reading

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More cowboys

So here we go, back to some more 18mm Blue Moon cowboys. These again come with three more buildings that I have done- and shown in the post about our first game. These are just straight cowboys, good for any … Continue reading

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