Hills and a building for smaller scale games

Continuing my work on terrain, I have finished some hills for games of 15mm or smaller scale games. These are not tall enough for 28mm games but are perfect for small scale games. All of the are roughly 10 or 11 inches long by approx 5 inches wide. First we have 3 gentle hills. These are rolling and are about 1 cm high (half an inch) at their centre.  I put a 15mm DBR base with some of the pictures to provide a little scale to the hills. All are on plasticard bases with 2 levels of foam board to height and then Pollyfiller to smooth them off. The painted and flocked.

Next we have some rough hills. These are about the same height and size as the pervious hills but are obviously not gentle or rolling. These two will be useful for the steep or difficult hills which many games use. I really don’t think anyone will mistake them either.Lastly, here is anothe 4ground 15mm building. This is again useful for most games. I put a 15mm fig next to the picture to show the scale.So there we are, another couple of terrain types provided for games.

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Terrain focused weekend results

This last weekend I decided I would spend a little time working on some terrain projects. I have been very slowly building up my own terrain collection but end up using the clubs a lot.  I really do need to spend some more time getting my own stuff done and this may be a start. I’m far from a terrain building expert but I will show the results of my work.

First the easy stuff. I got an Ikea door matt a few weeks ago and cut that up into pieces with a craft knife to make ripe wheat fields. These are the easiest terrain to produce and all you need is a the simple mat. I found a reasonable price one at Ikea – which has rubber backing. Below you can see the pieces in their storage container. I cut them into roughly 5″ x 10″ or 5″ x 5″ (roughly 22cm by 44 cm) which fit into the storage container perfectly and will also work for various rules systems. I have a few bits left over, which I’ll see if I can do some other things with later. They may make reasonable bamboo clumps or something, we’ll see.Another thing I did was take one of my ground cloth sheets and mark it with 6″ square. This is useful for various games – Peter Pig and To the Strongest use such marking as an exmaple. You can see a shot of this below. This was done with a simple sharpe pen and a long ruler. The only advice I would give is make sure that you have something under the sheet, as at least in my case the pen ink went through the fabric. Good job I tested and did have something under it (a cutting board). Getting red dots on the dining room table would not be good!  Note, the red dots are not so obvious in real life so this should work ok. The sheet was 5 foot by 3, which is especially good the Peter Pig rules but not so great for some others. I may have to do another bigger one (4 by 8 or so) but this will get me started.Lastly, and most creatively, I made a few patches of rough ground. I took 4 old CD ROM’s and using some left over tile glue as well as various grades of sand and rock created some interesting rocky patches. Each one is a little different but the larger stone pieces do seem to finish them off nicely. These will be good throw terrain and also can be used in the above squares if needed. Lets be honest they look pretty rough so I don’t expect many formed units to be going through them.Overall, I like the way these have come out and you can see the scale of them with a couple of my 15mm English Civil War figs below. These are designed to be English rough area’s and will work with some of the games I’m putting together – espeically English Civil War and Dark Age stuff. Well there we are. Not that impressive but at the same time two types of terrain for various games. I also started some rough hills so we’ll see how those end in anther post. In the future may also try to do a few Asian rough pieces… I’m still thinking about what they would look like though.

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MERCS:Recon security level 3

Last weekend we had a session where 5 of us got together and played a couple of MERCS:Recon games. They were fun and we won one and lost one as a group. Not. As really. We used another member of the groups toys – his are somewhat nicer painted than mine but heck I can’t complain too much as I don’t think mine are badly painted. It’s purely  a matter of skill and taste in models and colours after all.So here are 9 extra models for the Security level 3 of the game. These are all in greens as they are the same models which are in the base game. I already have a number of them painted in a blue theme so green gives extra options. That also allows these to be seen/function as a different group if I want them to be in non Recon games.  You can see the details of the figures in the larger single shot. Overall, I’m happy with how these guys came out. They look the part of a paramilitary force. They are a security team which could be called out by a corporation – thus they fit their role perfectly.

I was a little undecided whether they should have shiny and new outfits or a little more worn ones. I decided that although security they likely would not get the resources that the full Mercs would. After all these are the escalation staff not the ones normally on display as good looking guards. So more drab and workman like is how I did them.

Also being a little more battered means they will have a more suitable look if used in games for Super heroes and Pulp games.

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More 1930’s Gangsters

Well I have made very little progress on actually playing a game with these figures but here are the remaining gangsters from the Blue Moon Gangster pack. There was little to do but finish the pack as I had started it and shown the first half previously. I apologies for the picture quality – taking shots in the winter sun can be challenging to get a decent shot it seems. Also a few of these models have a ‘too heavy’ coat of varnish. It’s too easy at times of put too much on trying to protect them with paint on varnish.

The gang members at this time had no colours or themes per say (so no Bloods and Crips style gang colours) and they would wear what they wanted. So these guys are painted up in what I believe is ordinary 1930’s clothing. Nothing too flash though apart from the boss as most would not be very rich. img_1533Talking of flash though here is a gang leader. Unfortunately the photos did not come out that well but hopefully you can see enough to show he is in a long white/grey coat with fur trim. I think it’s easy to guess who they were aiming this model after (big Al Capone) and I think it works quite well really. I did the lady in slightly brighter outfit than others – a gangsters moll as they were called to go along with the rest of the crew. But with a gun she is more business like than anything.

In trying to get some better shots of the models, I took some closer up shots. So below are small groups of the gangster models. The basing again is very simple for these models. Flock etc always looks great and helps make many models really stand out but the problem with that is for this period it really does not work. These guys made their money in the urban jungle not an area well known from loads of grass etc. Some urban sprawl/trash would be great but I decided I’m not that into this period and scale to try to custom create that. So they are pain for now.All mounted on pennies which allows them to stand up nicely and have some space between models. I put magnets on the base allowing them to be stored in old biscuit tins. Recycling the tins is useful for storage and a great excuse for buying those good quality biscuits which come in metal tins.As well as pistols the models do have a decent selection of tommy guns and shotguns so they are not going to be overmatched by the police. The figures are nice and as usual I give Blue Moon credit for the variety of poses in one pack. That’s impressive. As you can see I have done most in the darker shades as I assume those types of suits or jackets etc would be what the normal population wore. That’s what I see from many photo’s etc of the period and even TV shows.  I don’t think lots of bright colours like we have now were common for outer ware in the 20’s and 30’s for men especially. But I have done at least one in a better outfit, the ‘dapper’ guy below in a blue jackets and white slacks.Not sure when I’ll get these guys out on the table but I’m slowly building a reasonable collection of them anyway.

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300th Post… A Deathjack done

I happened to log in and look at the stats page of WordPress and realized that is this my 300th post! All I can say is wow I never expected to be doing this for 6 years and produce this number of posts or feedback comments. I’m also very appreciative and thankful for the approx 65 people who get my blog via email and all those who look or read it online. I hope to continue to post interesting things if nothing else.

So with that said, I thought I should do something a little special in this post. I could have done an after action report but this week I played (and lost) 2 games of DBA and won a game of Commands and Colors Napoleonic. All are great games but I did not take any photos. Both DBA games were great but I lost one with a magnificent string of bad die rolls as well. <sigh> So that would not really work, thus I decided I’ll show off my latest and so far biggest Warmachine figures. This is a huge model and it’s taken me some time i.e. a good 2 months off and on on the painting table to get it finished. It felt like I would never end. It is big with it standing approx 4″ tall and it’s arm spam is wider.

This is also a great fig for a nasty superhero or pulp baddy. It could be as a separate model or as part of a larger force. It just does not look like a thinker though, so in such context it’s a mad beast or under the power of a larger force.

This was actually a very difficult model to put together as well as paint and photograph. It’s big and awkward. So you have a few more shots than normal for a model from me in this post.

I got this model with the large swap for most of my Cryx force. It was put together but when looking online I realized it was missing quite a few bits. I had to send to Privateer press for replacements of the missing parts. I suspect I still might have missed a few bits, but it looks good to me as it is now. I will mention that the Privateer Press bits ordering system definitely gets a thumbs up from me as they allowed me to get the missing pieces at a reasonable price and provided the bits in good time.

I guess I’ll find out at some point how good it is in Warmahordes as I do plan to spend some time looking again at the V3 rules. I did get the new card deck and PDF rules so should trying it out. I still love the models though which keeps me painting them even though I don’t play the game that they come from – at present.

Below is an example of a pulp alley terror write up for this model. That’s again for my Warmachine version of those rules. This is just one example but it would certainly be a tough challenge for most leagues (player groups) as it’s obviously a close combat monster which would be hard to overcome.

Terror – HellJack
Brawl   4d12   Shoot    –   Dodge  4d8    Might   3d12    Finesse   3d6   Cunning    2d10  Health   d12
Abilities: Giant (in the stats – may be targeted by direct fire), Animal (in stats), Grappler (lower level enemies must pass a might test to fight, otherwise they can only dodge – even if attacking), Indomitable (may re-roll one Recovery check per turn), Hardboiled (targets receive -1d Dodge penalty), Reach (fight with Brawl within 3″), Muscles of Steel (Brawl and Might are not reduced due to injuries), Crafty (once per turn may re-roll one Dodge or Cunning roll).

So lastly a couple more shots from different angles just to finish off this post.

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MERCS:Recon security level 2

So continuing the painting of MERCS:Recon kickstarter stuff here are the extra security level 2 figures. These are painted in green theme as I already have done the ones in the box in a blue colour scheme. In total I got 9 extra figures – 7 of the female pose and 2 males.The figures do paint up fairly well so can’t complain too much about them really. There are more figs here than I will ever need in a normal Recon game but they will be useful for more  generic superhero, modern or sci-fi games. Really anything which needs some generic security or military/police type figs.Below are the two male figures. It would have been nicer to get a more balanced mix of poses but these still work.So there we are. More toys to lay games with.

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FIW Rangers

Well the first post in 2017 so a Happy New Year to all. To start the new year I thought I’d go back to an old and existing project – the French Indian wars. Rangers were a vital and important part of the early wars in North America for the Western European powers in the 18th century. So no set of troop and battles would be complete without them. The French had their own style but the British formed ranger units – famous ones being  Rogers’ Rangers and the Queens Rangers.There were many companies of such forces both from those units and many others. They rarely were really formed into large formal units, small scale flexible structure was their style – using modern terminology. The cause was more from the personality based command and individual controlled enlistment/retention. But eventually these types of unit were understood to be a key factor in winning wars in the Canadian and North American forest wilderness.

Below you can see the 4 commanders I painted for Ranger troops. Three of them match the different ‘units’ below. So they can be the commander of one of those units as well. One is however painted differently to allow for a true overall commanding Ranger officer if needed. They are all the same pose but that likely helps identification on the table.First we have the smallest ranger unit I painted with just 7 figures. I can see the commanding figure from above being included in these to make an 8 man unit. These are not based on a specific unit but are similar to pictures I have seen. They have green attire, with blue cuffs and a green hat. Fairly good camouflage in the heavy forested wilderness I would think.Next are the real Rogers Rangers. 10 figures painted as many of the history books show them, They again have green coats with yellow cuffs. I suspect the real rangers were much less uniform than these in appearance but these work for game purposes.The black hats, leggings and cuff color are the big difference between these and the previous ones. I expect I’ll get them mixed up when used but in theory you and I can tell the difference by looking closely.Lastly are 10 figures painted up as one of the Ranger companies from Quebec city. This was a back and blue outfit. I suspect this worked well in the heavy Canadian forest, where light is not the greatest. It would also be great after dark. It’s quite a different look for troops of the period to have black uniforms so That is why wanted to paint these guys. As you can see I put some bushes on each of the bases of these figures. That was for the simple reason that it makes it easy to differentiate them from other troops. I think that works very well and gives them some character as well.I’ll have to get back to playing some FIW games soon I think.

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