Oak & Iron – a 3rd rate and 2 sloops

OK so I continue to show more completed ships for the Oak and Iron game. As the title states here are 2 sloops with a larger 3rd rate. I have to say the sloops are the only fiddly miniature of the set. Gluing the sails on those models was a pain. They do need gluing as well. Still it’s done now, but it was not something which was that simple. In the end I looked at the artwork and pictures in the rules to get them done. To be fair they were the only challenging modeling bit in any of the ships in the set though.

You can see the difference in sizes of the models in these pictures. The ship basing, with all of them having the same size does make the smaller ships stand out. It looks a little odd in some but it does make it easy for the manufacturer and I suspect will not effect games. In some ways it makes things easier for gaming – like in X-Wing. I like that they are see through as well so will just show the sea, again like X-Wing.

I decided to do one of the sloops with ‘dirty sails’ vs. the cleaner white versions that I normally settled on for canvas. I have seen sailing boars with such sails. I also decided to paint the masts and trim white on that ship so it would standout. I’m still not 100% happy with the results but it’ ok and it will do.

I really like these models though, and I look forward to playing some games with them. I have even read the rules now, and they look very interesting. The sloops are much more likely to be part of a pirate fleet than the 3rd rater but in the points system for creating forces you can do what you like in the game. I must admit I do like that.

So there we are. I continue to work through the ships that I have for this game and I’m building up a n ice little collection.

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ACW- Confederate Regiments

Right, so time to show some more ACW figs that I have completed. I found these models in a box of unfinished toys from my ACW project. So thought I had to get them all done. Here are 18 bases of extra Confederate troops, including 3 command stands.

These are all painted similar to the troops I have already done. The command stands have various different versions of the confederate national flag. All three of these were used before the well known ‘battle flag’ was adopted. They may well have been used all through the war, my knowledge is not that great on the various flags used. I know they never truly settled on a single national flag. By the way the famous battle flag was never actually anything more than that – a commonly used flag by various regiments. I think it got adopted afterwards more than in the actual time frame of the conflict.

You can see that most of these have a light coloured hats and generally a lot of lighter grays/butternut/browns in outfits. That is just me trying something different for them. I am sure after their first use they will just be mixed into my general set of models and will just be part of the mass of troops I have for the period.

The basing matches all the rest of my ACW forces and so these again will fit in with those with ease. I still like these Penadraken models for this period, as they have a lot of character and movement especially considering they are only 10mm. I could have put a few models on each base, but the reality is in the ACW there was a lot more of the thin firing line of troops than massed formations of the Napoleonic wars. So I think this works well. Especially as they were rarely formed and well drilled troops.

So, there was are. Below is a final shot of the figures from the front. In the end I am quite happy how these have come out and they add to my already large collection of ACW figures I have. I need to get some more games in with them though I think when we get out of lockdown.

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Oak & Iron – ships of the line

Well back to the project I have been working on for a while – getting all my Oak and Iron ships done. Included here are three more. I have found that I find it easier to work on three of them at a time as a little ‘set/sprint’ of work. That gives me enough time to work on one while the others are drying. It also does not overawe me with having too many in progress on the painting table at one go.

I have glued in the sails – which makes them a little harder to paint but at the same time easier to handle and I find they are fairly sturdy in construction. Well so have so far been ok for my not delicate handling. The sterns of these ships are the hardest part to paint. Trying to make them look good without getting into too much detail and keeping the results symmetrical seems to be the trick to it.

As you can see these three are bigger ships-of-the-line and so fill the bases nicely. I still have to work out how to do the flags for these. I’ll be honest and say I do not think they look bad without them but I would like to have ‘add on flags/pennants’ which could go over the top of the masts and come off as needed. I’m thinking of using small tubing with flags on those. If I can ever get to model shop to see what they have which I can use as a base for that I will make progress on it…

I have to say I have been aided a lot by GW contrast colours in painting these. They make the decking much easier to do as you can see from the shot below. The variety of wood/browns in that line has allowed me to give ships various of base colours. That then just requires touch ups vs more traditional painting which I think would have been harder to get a nice effect with.

So there we are. More ships done and I am itching to try these out in a game sooner vs. later. With work, the dog and house painting (for the Mrs in the winter) I have not had any time to try out the game solo yet. We are still in lockdown which precludes face to fame gaming as well.

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My New Miniature…

Well as you all know I tend to stick to my painted miniatures and game reports here. But I thought I would show the new member of our family. She is a miniature, so it still counts for the blog – actually she is a Miniature Pincher. She is from a rescue center – we don’t know much about her past, but she has been accepted fully into our house now. She has a new name and a new life. The vet and rescue group says she is around 5 or 6 years old and from the North of Canada. Of course she is doing her best to take over our house, and succeeding. She is even winning over my wife, which I am quite surprised at.

She is my painting assistant – or maybe painting distraction gremlin would be a better description. I fully admit to walking a lot more and sitting and painting a lot less these days. That is maybe not the worse thing in the world though. She has her issues – especially interactions with other dogs being one of them. Once we get out of lockdown I think some serious training for the both of us will be in order. She has already taken ownership of the house though and is a too ‘barky’ with visitors and guests (and package delivery people). Thats another training area to work on…

I will be continuing painting and gaming (when we can again), but if my output levels drop on the number of figures I paint, this miniature will be the cause of that. Still she is a big part of the family now and my walking buddy – well at least when it is not too cold or snowy. She is not not fond of either of those weather conditions so walks are very short for those.

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Dark Ages/Early Medieval – Norman knights

Well this is a big post but one worth waiting/working for me at least. Here are 20 Norman knights that I have done for my Dark Age/Early Medieval project. There are enough models here to cover most needs for several armies in ADLG. I plan to be able to morph/use these also for early crusader armies as well as other western ‘Frankish’ cavalry in the 11th and early 12th century. These should be able to cover that use well.

Some of these models are from Old Glory 15’s and others are from Essex and Forged in Battle ranges. Again, like all this project, these have been collected over time with aims of making a decent force – which I have now.

After the bigs group shot of all the groups I will do some specific pictures of the specific groups in detail. Below are the front 8 bases of the big shot. A you can see these will work for general Frankish/Western European milites/knights of the late 10th through to maybe the 12th centuries.

Most of the troops in this group, as the later time period have a tunic over their armour, or maybe do not have armour at all. You can see that is the case with these guys. That allows the them to be used in the crusades with ease. After all it was there where that armour cover would really start/come from to my understanding. Obviously, metal armour in hot sun is not great and they learnt from their opponents about covering it. It also allows me to differentiate between medium and heavy knights if I want too.

The helmets are all the typical Norman style. These became less popular/common in later half of the 12th century but were the helmet style everyone used until then. So I will need to look at getting other figures for the later half of the crusades and that period. However, I am sure that some of these were still used – it is not like they were recalled etc so the figures can be used to an extent to the end of that century.

You can see this first unit has a St. George flag standard on one of the bases. This can be used as a general’s base if I need it. This was a standard used in the crusades and that is where I believe the Saint became popular with the Franks, as the ‘westerns’ were commonly called. I believe that is where the English took up this Saint. Still there is a possibility that the flag was used before that and so I’ll use it anyway.

This next group repeat of the theme. You can see the command flag in this case is the reverse of the st. George flag. This was a simple change for me on painting. Note, after painting it I have found that this flag is sometimes used as the St. Georges flag – for example in Russia. I was say that it seemed nice and distinct to have that as a command base as well and a different and easy colour combination. There was no real plan other than that.

Hopefully, you can see that I have carried the basic heraldry to the tunics of the troops where possible as well. At this time in heraldry things were not so advanced/complex in the designs of the later periods. That helps me in painting as complex heraldry is hard.

The last group of knights does not include a flag bearer. You can also see a few more of these knights do not have the tunic over their armour. Although they still have some of those.

As with my other troops for the period I have painted all the shields by hand. I have to say the smaller kite shields on these figures (smaller relatively) means there is less space for doing cool designs – at least at my level of skill. But like a lot of these models I have done the shields as different as possible for the figures.

The basing matches all my Dark Age troops. That means these models should be able to be used with any of those figured. That means these will work for most European battlefields. I know it is a little too green for the typical Middle East/Palestine area, but I can live with that. So there we are. A good set of troops for a Norman or even 11th and 12th cent Western European/Crusader army.

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ACW – Union Yellow Zouave Unit

I have completed a lot of ACW models in the past, you can see them all in the archives of this blog. However, in a tidy up I found some more in one of my <cough> many boxes to to do projects. I got some of these as extras and also as potential other projects – I found a collection of Plans Indians which I will get to for pony wars games at some point… Over Xmas I decided to spend some time and finish them. So, here are the first of them.

There are 12 bases of America Civil War Zouave troops, with yellow trim, and yellow soft/floppy hats. I think officially it is called a “chéchia” (yes I had to google that). I did not base these on any specific regiment. I don’t know if any used yellow hats and trim rather than red – which was the most popular. However, these are generic and I have some red Zouaves already and wanted a different colour.

You can see the flags which I added to the command bases, as they came out well. Those are done simply by downloading some civil war flags, scaling them correctly in size and then printing them off. I find if I paint around the edges with a colour they look and awful lot better as well. That is a trick I leant from a blog somewhere.

These bases here which could be a single big unit or 2 smaller ones. The Zourve units were never huge or lasted too long with their fancy uniforms but I like having an option for them. To be honest on the table they make great models to be elite etc with their distinctive look. i think these are fairly fantasy uniforms for most of the war, as I can’t see them lasting that long in the field.

well there we are. The models are nice and from Pendraken as are all my 10mm ACW. I think in the end the yellow soft caps does give them a little ‘gnomish’ look which I am not overly found of. It is not the historical either. But, heck more figs for the table now, so I’ll keep them.

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Oak & Iron – More trading ships

Yes really, I keep chugging away on this project so that I can get all my ships ready for the table. I have even now read the rules this last weekend, so I should be set on that side of things. Well maybe… But as this is a small scale game vs. massive fleets having the trading vessels in the various styles they came in is a key piece of the game. So here are three more of them.

Even though I call these trading vessels they do have guns and can fight, so will not be the classic ‘sci-fi’ trope ship that needs rescuing etc. The galleon, the biggest of the 3 here, for example was a true fighting platform for the Spanish. It was not without teeth (and guns/men). It tended to have real fighting men onboard rather than just to rely on the crew for that so was a significant ship on its own right. It’s just that these also have decent holds where they can store cargo and trading goods.

You can see I did a couple of these in brighter colours rather than just staying with wood colours. I was trying out some reds and lighters shades on the ships. This is as much to break things up for me as for any other reason. That said as I have mentioned before I specifically did not want to have all the ships in the same colours or even styles.

This was a time period when ships would be sold between nations (or captured, repaired and reused), so there was not a consistent colour scheme for the different nations anyway. I suspect many captains were in things for profit (and their religious leaning – so protestant vs Catholic etc. ) as much as for their ‘nation state’. That later item was still a culturally forming idea during this period and not as strong a force as in the following centuries.

I will admit though that these are brighter than the real ones likely were – but it is hard to say. The sun and sea fade paint and so in reality it may just be the middle one which is a little gaudy for true history. Even then there are some bright ships painted today so it is not impossible.

So there we are. I continue to paint ships and will need to try this game out at some point…

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Dark Age/Early Medieval – Spear wielding heavy foot 3

So another quick post to show off the continued growth of my Spearmen for my Dark Age projects…

Oh and yes, I definitely think I may have a few too many. That being said, I will have to provide both sides in games and so it is not quite as bad as it may seem. I also want to use these for more skirmish type games – such as the Rampant series so they likely will get used. I do admit that I do have a problem when buying toys over time for a project I want to do, and not really getting on with it… That is one cause of a large lead pile.

In this post are another 8 ADLG bases – so 16 DBx bases of foot. The figures are all varied in pose and again I believe most are from Old Glory 15’s. These will make up a good selection of normal troops in any game. I likely will glue some of the bases together rather than leaving them all separate though. That will make them 40 x 30 vs the 40 x 15 which they are at present.

I tend to glue models the the bases and then do the basic basing material – to get rid of the lip for the base of the figures. Then I paint and varnish. followed by the base flocking. Doing them in this manner works for me but is a huge issue for double based troops – thus the smaller base size. The alternate idea is to get some sabots for games which need larger base groups. But I’ll finish up with the figures first.

You can see they all still have unique shield patterns, ensuring a whole mass of troops effect for them. These all have the round shields so will work for many Saxon or even early Norman forces. I pretty much am covered for the large round shield Dark Age/Early Medieval troops.

The photo’s again are not great but are decent enough for here, I hope. The basing all remains the same which enables this to become one large army I hope. I continue to grow this force and will hopefully have enough for some interesting games – when we finally get back to face to face gaming.

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Terrain – Some more random items

So, I thought I would start the year off (well the second post of the year) by showing the rest of the terrain I finished last year. These are sort of for Warcry games but not really. I have had these lying around for a long time, they are not really Warcry specific things. However, they will be used for my 28mm gaming projects in general. First we have the Games Workshop temple set – you can see this below with the 3 arches.

These have all been done in the same contrast colours as my other terrain. That means they should fit in nicely with those. It also means I have am slowly building a nice set of terrain items for gaming in 28mm – especially for fantasy games. Well at least for the ruined/mystical locations if nothing else.

You can see the arches all separated below, along with the base of the temple which shows the items clearer than the above shots.

That kit also came with destroyed pillars which I actually like as well – and this may end up being better for gaming as it is less awkward to move models in it . You can see that set up below. I can then maybe use the arches around this as extra terrain items.

Also completed for this post are 3 items of terrain shown below. These are on old CD’s for the bases and then various stones etc put on to break up the base. The fountain and the stone table are from Reaper, the other is a resin stone I found somewhere. I thought about doing more with the fountain and then decided against it. Maybe I should have had 2 and had them back to back, but too late now…

I am still not 100% sure if I want to add some flock to these or not. Much of my Skirmish gaining is Frostgrave or Warcry, in which I have not had much need of green grass. So, I thought rather than putting that stuff on the bases which would ‘set the pieces’ in one location I have left them as they are. I’ll scatter some loose flock – snow or green etc. on to break them up as needed for games. That allows them to be more generic in my collection. It also saves having static grass potentially dropping off all over.

So there we are, another post showing some more terrain that I have done.

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Oak & Iron – More ships done

Well the title says it all. Another 3 ships ready for the table from my Oak and Iron collection. These are a selection of different ships – a galley and other smaller ships. Again the focus on the pirate/18th century period means that rather than huge military ships the games focuses on the smaller conflicts between the various European nations of the period.

You can see I tried something different and went for a pink and white ship. I don’t see why a captain would not have such colours on a ship – so why not. I’m not doing loads like that but a single small ship is not going to hurt.

You can see the stern’s of these ships below. Again nothing too flash for them, although the larger galley is has some glass windows and gold paint. I was tempted to try to pain a cross on the galley sails but decided not too in the end. I’m not sure how common that really was and it would be hard to get perfect anyway.

You can see the relative sizes of the ships below. They are quite different in size and capabilities so that makes it interesting in the game as well. I have to say all the ships went together well other than the one in the middle which was a bit of a pain to get the sails in the right position.

Well there we are 3 more ships for the game.

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