War of the Roses – More heavy foot Polearms

Following up on the previous post here are another set of heavy foot for this period. This time there are 11 ADLG bases – so 22 DBA bases. Below is a shot of all of them I focus on in this post. I’ll then show them in a little more detail lower down. These again follow the same pattern as the previous models and grow out my collection so I should be able to provide the toys for both sides for War of the Roses games.

These first two set of models are from second hand/bring and buy stall purchase. So, I am not 100% sure the maker. I suspect they may be ‘Rank and File’ as there were other models in that set from that manufacturer. They were also models from the 90’s… If they are those then I think the molds may be owned now by Old Glory 15mm.

The largest number of them are in an odd pose. The halberds being held as it is a little weird to my mind. It’s kind of ‘present arms’ pose from modern rifle drill. I’m not sure that is a practical fighting stance but heck I have them, so painted them.

There were a few models with a better poses (and may be a different manufacturer) – which you can see in the far right base. Either way, these have been painted with a large variety of outfits. So I can use these guys as levy or mediocre quality troops in ADLG or have them as retinue as well. The pose is so unique for differentiating them anyway.

I suspect other than for large games the weird pose bases batch will not get much use – but I had them so painted them. The next set of three bases are basically the same style as most of them in pervious set of 4. Given a choice at full price I would have not got these but on bring and buy stalls you get what there is and these will ‘bulk up’ my forces for the period cheaply. The one advantage is they are not all the same pose (which I hate unless troops really were in formed units). So that is a saving grace.

This last set of bases have models from Peter Pig and Essex. You can see the better poses in my opinion. That is also the reason that these have the flags, as they are much more likely to be used in games. These ones for sure will be retinue figures for battles as they have different colours etc. These also have the faces more visible so have ore character to them. The flags again are from the Generic Peter Pig flag pack.

So there we are. Another set of foot models for the period.

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Wars of the Roses – Heavy Foot Polearms

So this week I’ll go back to a project which I have been slowly working on – my War of the Roses/Late Medieval (mainly for ADLG) forces. I have already shown some figs in some battle reports, so this time I’ll focus on showing some figs up close. Here are 7 bases of halberd troops, although they are based for DBX so really are 14 bases.

I used a couple of the Peter Pig generic flags on these so have some standards. The figures are I believe mostly Essex/Peter Pig miniatures. They are all generic halberdier/pole-armed troops foot troops and heavy infantry.

I have done these to fit the standard look of the quilted jacketed troops in the period. So, they do not have a lot of markings on them. That I hope will allow them to fight in various forces/armies for the period. In some games this way make them the lowest skilled troops – as they are not in retinue colours etc.’ troops in the period.

I must admit i do like how these have come out in the end. They have an earthy realistic look to them which appeals to me. They do work well with the figs I have already painted with retinue colours, as that allows me to differentiate these on the table top for different skill levels etc if required.

The basing matches my DBA armies allowing these to mix and match with those as well. I plan on using that for all my figs in the period, giving me the most morphing options in these European style troops.

I do plan on putting magnets on the bottom of these to allow me to group them for ADLG without always having to move 2 bases. That likely will be a fall/winter project though. That is something I can do while half watching a football game etc…

The advantage of doing these on smaller bases is 2 fold. First it makes painting them easier, as I like to base and then paint figs. I find I end up going over so much after I base them otherwise. Secondly, it allows the bases to be used with rules like DBA and MeG as well as ADLG. It also allows me to use the figs with the Peter Pig war of the roses rule set – where you need half bases. So, each ADLG base will be a base and the half depth will be a half!

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BB League Game 1 Washingroom Ratskins vs Eleventh Local

Yesterday I got to play the season opening game of the new league season of the Hogtown Blood bowl league for my team. I actually think it may have been the official first game of the season 15 in the league. This is the first time I have been in this league – I played in a different local league in Toronto oh 10 years ago, but that is now long gone. P.S. Hogtown is an old nickname for Toronto – you can read this article for more info on that if interested.

We actually played in a local pub and although the lighting was a little dark it worked out ok. The location did allow good food and drink to be had while playing. Thats always a plus, and not as common as these things are in the UK. I doubt a few drinks affects the quality of my play either way to be honest. It meant I did not take any photo’s of the game, so this will just be a game write up.

The game was my Skaven vs an Elven Union team. These are both new team having just played a game or two each. The in game weather was good for the game, and I chose the receive the ball first. The Ratskins thrower (Payton Ratling – as I have named him) got the ball and loosely ‘caged up’ protectively behind other players in the first couple of turns. The rest of the team protected him and also tried to get open to make a scoring move. Unfortunately, the elves of the Eleventh managed to get to him and KO him – also knocking the ball loose. Fortunately, the star in the making for Ratskins (a gutter runner) Lesster Red saved the day. He scooped up the ball and after dodging a block or two ran in for the a Touchdown half way through the first half. So I was up 1 to 0.

Unfortunately, Payton Ratling failed to recover from the knock out and so I was down a player on the next drive. In fact all through the rest of game he would fail all the rolls (a 50% chance of success each time) to get him back in the game. I made 5 attempts at this through the game. <sigh> We later joked that he had found a hole into the opposing dugout where they had multiple beer kegs (as inducements) and decided it was safer just to sit and get drunk vs than play the rest of the game…

Anyway, back in the game the Eleventh got the ball as I had scored. After making a protective group on one side of the pitch, they moved the ball to the other side. They then succeeded in running down the sideline to score at the end of the half. So, the Eleventh tied the game going into the break, that was despite some active defending from the Ratskins. It was notable that the Eleventh were clearing the pitch of the Ratskins in this drive with 5 Ratskins players KO’ed at the end of it!

Luckily, all but one of those players came back in the second half for the Ratskins (yes that Payton did not come back) so the Ratskins started 1 player down compared to the Elves. The Elves got the ball first this half and again tried to move the ball. This time one of the Ratskins players got to the Eleventh player with the ball in their half though and knocked him down. This opened up the opportunity for the Ratskins blocker to get the ball. After some desperate defending from the Eleventh failed, the Ratskins blocker ran in to get a second Ratskins touchdown. That meant the Ratskins were in the lead again – now 2-1 up. But there was plenty of the second half left to play.

For the third time the Eleventh were kicked too and started to pay out of their half. This time they were more careful with the ball and used their blockers to great effect to protect the ball carrier. Still as their attack moved forward it exposed a player (a catcher) with the ball who was trying to get to the end zone. The Ratskins took that opportunity and jumped on him – pushing the Eleventh catcher out into the crowd. Unfortunately, the crowd had a high proportion of Elven fair weather fans and that showed up in how the ball came back into play as well. The ball was thrown back by the crowd into a favorable position for the elves. After a quick scrabble over the ball (the Ratskins were not giving up without trying to get the ball), an Eleventh player picked up the ball and quickly ran it in to even the game at 2 all.

So, with 2 turns left the Ratskins got the ball back. They had also evened up the player count on the field with the Rat Ogre causing a casualty. So it was 10 players each on this final drive. Unfortunately, some bad ball handling (i.e. me rolling a 1 followed by a 1 to pick up the ball), meant that the Ratskins chance to get the winning touchdown failed. So the game ended as a draw. In frustration (maybe) the Rat Ogre did manage to cause a second casualty with the second to last block of the game.

As a point of note, up until very close to the end the Ratskins had been always Stuns and nothing else to the Elves, when they broke armour. Meanwhile, the elves had a bit of the same issue, but they ended up sending a lot of the rats to knocked out box. So this ended up as not that bloody a game. In the rats ended up winning the casualty count battle, causing 2 vs having none in return.

So the game was a 2-2 tie. We both got some money and star points from this and there were no permanent injuries to either side. It was a very fun game and nice to play in a local pub to be honest. As you may expect with an Elf vs. Skaven game there was lost of movement throughout the game in this – even more than the previous game vs. Skaven.

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Ancient British Sacred Camps

One of the fun things with the ALDG list for the Ancient British is that they can have a scared camp. There is no definition really of what one of these looks like, of course. These act like normal undefended camp in the game but do provide extra backbone to the army (it counts as an extra unit), but if lost it also has a bigger impact as well. So they need defending – maybe even more so than normal camps. It is sacred after all.

So when doing an Ancient British force, I really had to do some interesting camp wise. So below is based on some of the models from Forged in Battle – including their standing stones. I added some Old Glory 15mm standard bearers and horn blowers. You can see the flags, again I have just taken ideas from Celtic images for the flags. My idea is that Druidic rights likely were significant and why not have banners and music to emphasize the event, especially when related to war.

Even though I believe we know that human sacrifice was a rare item for the Druidic religion, having the models for a prisoner and then a druid doing something nasty to a captive, it seemed too good an item to not have in the center of this little diorama. Lets be honest there are plenty of books which have such scenes in them – even the Cato books have some of that. War brings out the bad side of humans so maybe this was not so much religious as just being nasty as well.

This base is much bigger than the minimum needed for a an ADLG base but still within limits allowed. The ground cover is the same bushy mixed terrain I used for the army. I really doubt that there were good mowers around for many of these religious stone areas. It gives it more of a wilderness theme as well – with the ceremonial aspects of the horns and flags. Druids and wilderness go hand in hand these days, even though maybe not so much in reality of the period.

Added to this I decided I would do a DBA sized camp – which can also be used as an ADLG ambush point. This one uses Donnington models I believe (at least the ladies are for sure). This one is a lot more gruesome as well. The Druid is in front of a set of prisoners. I am not 100% sure what he is supposed to be holding in his right hand, but I painted it up to look like a long dead head to a simple level. It looks pretty nasty anyway.

This base can also be used for games such as Infamy! Infamy! or Lion Rampant as an objective. Let’s be honest it is a pretty obvious base. I used brown flock around the bases of the ladies to highlight them as well – not sure that was really needed but heck why not.

I thought about doing the Druid in dark red but in the end went with blues so he really stood out on the base. As well as for the British this base can also be used for all kinds of the Barbarian armies. After all a ‘mad’ German or Dancian with Roman ladies tied up is just as likely in those areas as in Britain. They had their own versions of Druids as well.

So there we are. A couple of camps/extra bases for my ADLG force.

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Rat vs Rat Blood Bowl Action

I had a game of Blood bowl yesterday and so thought I would write it up here. I started on the Facebook group out little community uses, but that crashed and lost my draft twice so I moved to here. I always forget to take loads of pics in Bloodbowl game but I include a couple here that I took.

The game was Garrett’s Rasknet’s (Black and Bluebonic) Plague vs my Washingroom Ratskins. This is an open season game before we start the next league – the first I will be a part of. I’m just getting used to playing and working to build a decent team to play in the league. It was also old GW Skaven team models (mine) vs the new plastic sculpts. So this was a ‘open season’ between 2 skaven teams who have just started out. Both teams are quite similar so this was an interesting game with lots of movement possible. There was a decent crowd of 9k fans in attendance and the weather was perfect for a blood bowl game.

The Ratskins decided to receive the ball at the start. However, even though this was billed as a ‘friendly’ both team started arguing with the ref’s even before the kickoff. There were no ejections pre-game but both teams started a player from each team stunned on the field. Still the Ratkins opened up the field and it was before midway in the half that their emerging star gutter runner Lesster Red had scored, after a nice pass and then run it in play.

So the Plague got the ball with loads of time for them to do something in the first half. They caged up in the center of the field and that became a bit of a ‘mosh pit’ of players. During this the Plague actually came of slightly worse, having more players in the KO’s box than the Ratskins. Casualties were few and far between though on both sides. Still just before the end of the half the Plague made a run for the endzone. The Ratskins defense held though (some risky dice rolls were needed) and they could not make it. So, the half ended with Ratskins on a narrow 1 to 0 lead.

The second half had the Plague receive the ball again and they tried the same tactics which nearly worked for them in the first half. They caged up by the center line of the pitch and started to slowly move the cage down the field. This time they were a more effective in moving the cage and getting the Ratskins off the field. It was midway through the second half when they got their TD after some heroic defense from the Ratskins. The Ratskins had actually got the ball into their hands at one point but just could not keep it. This allowed a Plague gutter running to scoop up the ball and run in.

So this set up the Ratskins with 3 turns and a chance to win the game. A real nail bitter of a finish was possible. Nuffle (the god of Blood Bowl) decided to lend a hand in proceedings though and to favour passing at this point. This gave an extra star player points (development points used to increase player skills) for each successful pass. So I had a choice – try to score and/or pass a lot to get more skill points. I tried to do both, with some players running up the field to get in a position to score while the Ratskins thrower and Blitzer passed the ball between them. Initially this worked well, but it nearly came unstuck in the end. The Blitizer threw the ball back to the Thrower but it was inaccurate. Luckily the throw scattered onto one of the Ratskin linerats who caught it and handed it off to the thrower. That, gave the extra star player points and still in theory allowed for a turn 8 chance to score. But the defense of the Plague team had not been sitting idle during this time. They had done their work on the potential Ratskin targets. So there was no chance for the Ratskin score, and so their thrower (Payton Ratlin) just ended the game with an easy throw to gain more Star points.

Overall, both teams Rat Ogre caused a casualty, but neither were long term injuries. The only other casualty was cause by a Ratskins line rat, who caused a niggling injury on a Plague line rat. That injured line rat likely would be released after the game. Such is the game for Skaven line rats.

It was a fun game, both teams got some skill points and a decent amount of cash for the game. So the team building continues.

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B-Sieged – Trolls with club

Hot on the heals of the Trolls throwing stuff for the game (post is here: B-Sieged – Troll with Mulfin), are Trolls with big clubs. These are the last of the enemies in the Orcs and Troll expansion for B-Sieged. Again they are all the same pose but at least this time there was only 4 of them to paint.

I used the same colours and techniques as the previous Trolls for the game so they fit in well with those. Again the above does not give you a detailed shot so I include one below. These Trolls have a little more armour and even some skulls to show off and I think they do a different attack than the previous Trolls. Shows how long sinceI actually had this game out I guess.

Still it is nice to get all the enemies now done for this game. I guess these could be used for other games as well if need be. But I doubt they will get much use outside B-Sieged in reality. As with all these games, as this is for a board game I leave the base nice and simple in just grey.

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Two games in a week – Game 2 ADLG

Well now to the second game from last week, which was a game of ADLG. This was another medieval game – my War of the Roses against a Pawel’s Free Company. This game was in my basement vs the store we typically play at on Wednesdays as I needed to be home this week. The terrain was a little nicer because of that. The armies were deployed as below. I was defending in a forest and I had successfully rolled for a village. The village was a location for one of my Ambushes, the other (a dummy) was in the rough terrain on the other flank. The dummy was just to hold up potential double moves of the Free Company.

My forces were at the bottom of the picture. On the left flank I had my 3 heavy knights and some longbow in ambush in the village. The center was made up of foot – a few longbowmen but mostly polearms and knights on foot. The right flank was made of medium swordsman with longbows along with some polearm armed heavy infantry and some Northern cavalry held a bit in reserve. Opposing them was a long line of infantry from the free company. They had a could of pike blocks and had crossbowmen backed up by heavy infantry. A small contingent of knights and light horse was on their right flank as I looked at the table.

In the first turns the Free Company advanced towards my lines and both sides skirmishers ran forward. I triggered my ambush of 2 longbowmen in the village and swung them around to shoot at the the advancing forces. I also had the command and control (pips) to a move my 3 knights around the woods to support my infantry command. This was a triple move. I really was trying to avoid the pike blocks of the Free Company which were close to the village. As a note this did not really work…

Thinking back, maybe a better strategy for my mounted would have been to run up the flank on the other side of the village and get around the back of the Free Company army… It was a long way but might have been worth it.

On the other flank I had medium swordsmen longbow as well as some polearmed heavy infantry vs the Free Company mounted. The longbow’s pushed forward and started an archer dual with the opposing light infantry. Long term this worked out well for me as I outshot them with ‘real massed bowmen’. Keeping to the rough terrain protected my bowmen from the opposing heavy knights.

Meanwhile, the Free Company crossbow armed light cavalry came down and started hassling the my polearm troops. My Northern horse (just medium cav) kept back as a reserve to see what would happen on this side. That was more by necessity than choice though as I did not have any command pip’s left the use on them.

The next turns saw the Free Company infantry in the center continued to advance, while I kept my force back. The skirmishing troops were busy shooting each other – but to little effect. A big move on the Free Company side was that 2 units of medium swordsmen started a long march behind their lines from the left side of their lines (by the woods) over to the village. So the village based longbowmen ambush had triggered response!

Speaking of the village, my longbows started having an impact on the nearest free company Pike block and supporting crossbows. This would continue all game – to little overall effect. The Pikes stood and rallied hits off them, while the English longbows continued to add them. There were jokes about the pikes being immortal from us both…The longbows were a great flank threat but those advancing free company swordsmen could make their day an unhappy one in the village in the end. If these had been medium swordsmen with longbows they likely would have been more temptation for me to assault the pikes directly. As it was they just stood and defended that side.

On the other flank my longbows charged some of light troops away and then in the next turns continued to win the archery battle with those remaining. This in course made the two Free Company medium swordsman units about face and start to head back to the woods on their flank. Suddenly there was a threat on this side of the table as well, and a bigger one at that!

The Free Company light cavalry continued to irritate the English polearm troops by the road. Their knights moved forward as well, obviously intent on a charge to take advantage of this. Due to the continued lack of command pips, the English Northern horse reserve was kept firmly in place. They were not too far back but felt it at this point as they were having not impact in the events at all. We jokes about them not having a good day and not wanting to get into things at all.

In the center things were getting close to a big clash. The Free Company archers started to do hits on the English knight General who had problems rallying those off. The Free company heavy foot then moved through their crossbows (this is the first time I had seen this done in a game). The center command left their bow still exposed as the English skirmishers were still doing their stuff. It was obvious my English wanted to keep shooting as long as possible as that is where their advantage lay. The Free Company had more foot knights, pike blocks and men at arms for the upcoming fight – although a few of them were mediocre in quality.

The fight was started with the Free Company charging one of the English knights. Note to self – it’s better to have the knights be charged by foot if they do not have impact. The center Free Company units also reordered to move their crossbows to the rear, as their heavy foot charged away the English skirmishers.

All the movement allowed the Free company crossbows on the left to head towards the longbows in the village. However, they ended up coming off worse overall. They got hits and have them rallied off as well though, so the stalemate continued in that area. Neither side really wanted (or having the spare command pips) to engage in hand to hand.

Back on the right side I was preparing for the knight attack as best I could with continued low pip rolls. At the same time if the knights did not charge then I could really start to make them have a bad day with the longbows, who were still hanging out just in the rough going enough to make them a poor target for the knights. I did finally have enough command pips to move the Northern Horse and moved that to behind the central infantry fight. I thought having a reserve there was going to be more critical than on his flank.

but oh Disaster initially for the English in the center of the table. Most combats were even or slightly up for the Free Company and I rolled a lot of low die in the fights. So, overall I did not win a fight in the initial combats and even had one of the English knights die completely. So it could have been worse but now the center looked in a poor state for me.

On the right hand side as predicted the light horse withdrew and the knights charged in. Luckily for me only one had the distance to get into combat, but it won the fight and things were looking dicey now on this side. It was now up to my longbows in the rough ground, to keep the medium foot of the Free Company busy and also swing this knight fight to my advantage.

As is often (but not always) the case the die rolls balanced out in the next turns of fighting in the center. So I started to do damage on the opposition – but overall I was still losing in this area. I was also losing a unit or so per turn and not causing matching losses on the Free Company. The Northern Horse got thrown in to help provide supports, but I needed luck or a turn around here.

On the left flank things were better. I had charged my medium foot with Longbows at the end if the line into the fight and they winning ! The longbow archery vs pikemen and crossbows still continued as well, with damage but no kills on both sides. Another unlucky turn of events though had my included general die in combat with a Pike block. The flower of English chivalry skewered on the pikes… Things did not look great for the English.

Back on right side with the Knight fight, one of my bowmen got a flank charge in. Although they did not kill the knight it certainly evened up that fight. Unfortunately, the polearm troops next to that did not do well though and were at risk of dying as well. To ad insult to injury, my medium swordsmen did not stand up well to the Free Company ones either. So, although I was inflicting damage the casualties on my side were mounting high.

In what turned out to be the last turn, on the right side my medium foot killed their opposition in the central scrum. I even charged one of those ahead and it took out one of the crossbow units which had been lurking in the back. So that was good news.

The scrum in the middle though was starting to clean out. The Free Company continued to win more of the fights though and that took my army beyond their break point. The knight fight on the right hand side was even with my flank attack killing one knight unit, (including the general) but the other won and destroyed my polearms. So, too in the end as mentioned my army broke and fled the field. The opposing army was close but not close enough to breaking – at 20 out of 24.

Overall, it was a fun game and I believe we both enjoyed it. ALDG combat factors mean nothing is ever a given and it is the small things (and luck at the right time) which make a big difference. I must admit I quite like that about the game.

As to the tactics, my Longbows were good but not good enough. I needed to do more to win on the flanks as my central infantry was slightly outmatched by the Free Companies. Just a straight scrum in the center played to their strengths. I also need to tweak this army list I think- a break point of 20 is just a little too low. The Northern Horse at least in this game were definitely not worth it. I have found I like medium swordsmen with longbows better than elite longbows so far. But either way, it is hard to get a big army out of the War of the Roses lists without using mediocre troops, which have their own issues. As a last point this battle had more terrain than most – defending with the woods as they landed and getting a village did help me, but not enough.

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Two games in a week – Game 1 Blood Bowl

Yes that is right. It is not often I managed to get 2 games in a single week, but I have achieved that this last week. So I thought I would do a post or two about them.

The first was a game of blood bowl. I am likely to enter the local fall league this year and so I am trying to get back into the Blood Bowl mentality. It is a great game and I have played occasionally since it was released. It was the first miniatures game I played in university back in the late 80’s. I played Norse and got absolutely destroyed… I am not sure I have got any better at the game since then to be honest…

I have to say I really like Blood Bowl though. It is likely the best balanced and least of need for house rules of GW’s many games in my opinion. It requires a good amount of skill and tactics as well as luck to play well. It’s a simple in concept but deep game, in many ways, with lots of decisions and planning is required to play well. It can also be a very frustrating game, with bad luck being a potential huge factor in the game. The theme of football also appeals to me, as I do like ball sports (watching more than playing these days)., That is all versions of ‘North American Football’ (i.e. NFL, College and CFL) as well as real Rugby (7’s especially) and also Aussie rules (AFL).

This was the first outing of my elves which I painted previously and showed on this blog. You can see them here Rivendell Roughriders team and here Rivendell Roughriders off field support crew. Yes, if you look at the dates it really is over 10 years since I painted the figures. Thats a while to get them on the table even for me.

Anyway, the game was fun and in the first half I defended well. I was keeping away from the the Norse who were on the offense. I made some risky but needed defensive moves and finally managed to get the ball free from them with a couple of turns left. I tried a risky throw the ball to the other end of the field. Then I chased it with my catcher trying to evade the Norse and score in the dying turns of the half. But the Norse were able to take down my catcher and so the first half ended scoreless. Unfortunately, I had 3 players KO’s in that half and only 1 came back. I had injured a Norse player but that meant I was down one player to the Norse to start the second half.

Spread out defense of the elves

The second half started badly for me. I tried to do a simple pass to generate some skill points in the back field and fumbled the throw. I did not want to waste a reroll so let that go. But it was an inauspicious start to the half. The Norse were too far away to get the ball so I gathered it again in my next turn and caged up to hold them off the ball. But the Norse defense was strong and they did not give me a chance to open up the field as elves want too. My lack of players did not help that either.

After a couple of turns and a good set of dodge rolls I got a player with the ball running down the sideline. The elf even survived last minute blocks from the Norse, but I had used up all my rerolls at this point… So all that was needed was a single die roll and not to roll a 1 for me to score. Of course I rolled a 1 and not only proceeded to lose the ball but that elf was injured and taken out of the game…

I said this was frustrating game didn’t I…

Lose ball at the start of the second half

The ball went out of the field of play and the fans (Norsican fans obviously) threw the ball back into the elf half. I had so few players left standing, plus continued to roll 1’s on skill rolls so it was a fairly easy thing for the Norse to score in the last turn of the game. That meant they won by a single touchdown.

So, overall I lost the game but it was a fun to play. I remember just how Blood Bowl is a hard and challenging game to play well though. The elves seem to make it even harder as they can not take a lot of hits. I historically have played more ‘ bashy’ teams and not elves. Still, I can’t take any game that seriously or it would be annoying the amount times luck can mess with you in games. It was a fun evening and so that is the main thing in the end.

I am still not sure I will use elves in the league but it was good to get them out on the table.

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Ancient British Medium Foot

So in the typical line of finding more miniatures to paint, when I was doing the Chariots for the Gauls/Ancient Britain’s I found a few more figs. Yes this is in addition to the heavy foot I showed a few weeks ago. So these were all based up as medium infantry and on 40 x 40 bases. That means they are perfect for ADLG. This post shows me to have completed another 10 bases of them…

You can also see that I have done a base with a flag as well as some of the ancient British horns. This can be an included general, but will likely just be an interesting base. I searched online to find images for the flag and in the end went for some Celtic images/patterns. It actually seems that there is very little evidence for what the British would have had on flag (or even if they had them), so I doubt anyone can say it is incorrect at least.

So as normal, below are some closer up pictures – front and back. You can see some of these bases even have naked guys. It still amazes me a little that people would go into combat naked in the British Isles and shows the past is truly a ‘distant land’. No way would I be going into combat naked if I could help it unless it was a very hot day…

Below you can see the flag a little better. All these figs are again from Old Glory 15mm – they are my typical vendor of choice for this period. I do like the variety of poses that their models have. These will just go into the general pile of Barbarian horde figs that I have. Still I hope they will be useful and used in various games going forward.

Well that is the lot for the Ancient British extra’s to my originally Gaelic forces. With these I have more than enough for civil wars etc (way more than is needed for ADLG). I feel some mega games of Hail Caesar may be on the cards soon.

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B-Sieged – Troll with Mulfin

Continuing the showing of my B-Sieged painted toys, I have a whole set of trolls completed, each with very little goblins (called Mulfin) from the game rules. The Trolls throw these little imps at the city walls and the imps/goblins then work to destroy the walls if still alive (I assume) – so very much like the original stand-off enemies in the game.

There are 7 of these big trolls. I may have got more in the Kickstarter than the normal box – who knows/cares now. I painted these somewhat inline with the artwork -the Mulfin’s are red and the Trolls grey for sure.

As the above picture did not give a great view of the details of the models I have close ups below. I did not want to spend a huge amount of time on these, but just wanted them to a decent table top level so they look the part. I think/hope I achieved that. The picture below does not show that the shoulder pads are actual metal vs the skin.

The sculpt is ok but not great. I am getting to the point of disliking painting loads of figs which are ‘the same pose, painted the same way’ and so these were a bit of a grind to do. But they are done now. You can see I just have done a couple of layers on these vs going to town. I used a little contrast paint here are there as well. But they work I believe for what their aim is. They have done my usual 2 layers of varnish for boardgame figs so should be good to go now.

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