8th Army – Royal Artillery

Ok so time to start to show my next big project. This is a matching army to my German DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps) desert force. I hate having a force without an opposing one as well. I find that I can usually find people to play games with but it’s harder to find people to play games with, who own the right matching forces. So to play historical games with people this really helps! This also allows me to host games and run games in the local group for people who don’t paint toys – as well as those who paint much better, but sower than I do. Added to that the local group has a project for us all to get the desert forces for games and this means I’ll have 2 forces for this period.

So back to the desert for me in WW2. A good place to start is the Royal Artillery. These were key in the desert where the 25 pounder guns were used for both Artillery and anti-tank direct fire roles at times. The later more because the Brits did not have a great deal of effective choices in that role early in the war and these worked! So needs must and the 25 pounder was an effective and very fast weapon. I remember a comment that the Germans often thought these guns had auto-loaders because of the speed of fire that the crews maintained.The advantage of showing these first for me is this gives me a nice intro to the project. It allows me to show the colors I’m using for the sand, vehicles and troops all in a single post. So you can see those in the pictures in this post. You can see the 4 bases of guns, crew and the ammo trailers in these pictures. All these figures are form Battlefront and in fact I like have had these again for many years – easily over 10 years. They are slowly being pulled out of the large lead and plastic pile and getting painted. So this is helping me reduce the lead pile – well if I would stop buying more toys…The next pictures pictures show the models closer up to give a better view of them. I have tried to change pretty much everything on these compared to the DAK forces I have already done so there is no issue of identification on the table. I was also not sure of exact colours of the real forces. Doing some research there seems to be a lot of variation and the climate really impacted the colours especially in the uniforms.Part of the model set included a command group. I have the standard command figures as part of the general figures and will show them separately, but below you can see the targeting/command table. I liked this little scene so included it here. The map is something which I created with some paper, and a couple of fine pens. I liked how this came out so thought I would highlight it as well. It was actually pretty easy to do.So there we are are the first of quite a few posts around this force, which I’ll be showing. So these should see some time on the table soon as well I hope.

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Necromunda Van Saar Gang

Now it’s time to show the full original Necromunda Van Saar gang. All the models are shown below in the one group picture. This includes the Juve’s shown in the previous blog. Oh and yes just as with those Juve’s I seem to have collected quite a few of these models. I really I have more than you need for any normal gang. But that does mean I can use these for super hero games or other near future games. I nearly did the basing sand as these would work well for ‘Dune’ style games but I doubt I’ll ever really do that type of gaming so the grey works well for them.In this post I’ll highlight the 12 extra gang members finished for the gang. So yes 22 figures is a lot but that’s the collection I have. I could likely run 2 gangs from this lot, but I don’t have multiple leader or heavy weapons figures.

Talking of the Leader and the heavy weapons guys, they are shown in the pictures below. The leader has a plasma pistol while the other has a heavy booster or something. Pretty standard GW sculpts for the time and they painted up well enough.Then we get to the standard gang members. I have a few repeats of the poses but at least I tried to ensure the weapons are painted differently even if they are the same sculpt. I must admit the pistol and one handed rifle look is not a great sculpt IMO but that seemed to be standard one for this gang.At least the next pose is more realistic but is really another uninspired one. You can see the basing is again GW texture paint over some stones and texture, followed up with a good wet brush then a dry brush with progressively lighter colours. It’s not super stunning but does the job of providing a decent base for them. The next pose is at least realistic, aiming a rifle of some sort. It works and shows up the environmental suits well. As a background comment, I’m not sure why they are green for GW’s background. I nearly did them in a brown but as the old GW artwork paint colour was green I kept with that in the end. It does work but as mentioned a black or brown might have got a little closer to the ‘Dune’ stillsuites look.For the figures below, the one on the left seems to be a sniper or at least have such a rifle which is cool and useful. The other is the third instance of the pose two above. This one is quite different than the others in style of gun – a purposeful attempt to make them look a little different.Lastly, we have another weird pose with the two guns, and then the best of the lot IMO – a ganger with a bolt gun. The bolt gun is the classic 40k weapon and its nice to have a fig with one in this gang. His face is actually quite characterful as well for these figs. So there we are, a full gang of old style Van Saar models. I look forward to getting these back on the table again soon.

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Necromunda Van Saar Juve’s

Well in the process of getting my Old Necromunda figures touched up and rebased I though I’d show the Juve’s of the Van Saar gang. These are from the first edition of the game and were roughly painted by me and not based. So I have given the gang a little love – you’ll see the rest soon.

Below you can see the full group. There are many repeat poses here, which is a pet peeve of mine, especially in 28mm skirmish game figs… sigh.All the figs have the same green environmental suit on as well – which was part of their background. I did them with mostly the same hair color – a few have little touches of different colors and shades just to keep man sanity.You can see that in the figures above.

You’ll also notice that all their eye’s are white – that is for two reasons. First, painting the eye ball’s in these models is a REAL pain in the whatever. Small and shaped makes that a tough job to do consistently. The second reason though is I kind of liked the look of deep eye sockets colours with full white eye balls. I got to that point and decided to stop. It kind of reminds me of Riddick in the movies. After all all these guys are freaky anyway for a gang, and used to weird chemical processing etc. so I think it works.The figures also have very light skin and maybe I could have done a more consistent job around the eye’s but I wanted to get these done. They were not really inspiring me but not good enough to be on the table without some more.You can see the next 4 figures are the same ones! I kind of hate that with 28mm skirmish figs but is was a problem with the first Necomunda game. As these all wear the same outfits I can’t even change the colours to make them look different. You can see the models are all numbered on the back so that it’s easy to tell them apart. After all without that it’s going to be hard to differentiate them, especially on the gaming table.So there we are. The basing is all new – just to try to make them fit in with the figures and the setting.

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German transport and support

So another post with some more German WW2 figures in 15mm. First a command squad, as after all you can never have too many commands.

img_3996All these come from another of my 2nd hand purchases at my local friendly store or from local shows, so they are a little all over the place. But heck they all came at a very good price so it’s not really a problem to me.

All are items which I don’t have. I always keep an eye on the local store’s second hand bins to see if they have anything interesting that I can use.

The second item is a large troop carrying vehicle – a Sd Kfz 7 (8 tonne) half track.  This was a heavy tow and utility vehicle for the German army. So I decided to paint this up in the early war style which I will use for all vehicles in that time frame. As mentioned previously this paint colour was somewhat carried through till the end of the war – as why repaint a vehicle like this if you don’t have too. Many vehicles would have been repainted but not all and I’ll get more use out of this painted in an early style – so that’s what I have done.This one now matches the rest of the basing I have done. Also included here are a couple of staff cars – Kubelwagens. They are useful generally and I have noticed that the battlefront rules and other games sometimes allow observers and officers to have one of these to aid mobility. Not sure I’d like to really get in a firefight in one though, but they are nice to have.I decided to do them with slightly different top coverings as I doubt that was always the same in the real world.Lastly, a late war Sd Kfz 250/9 armored car with a 2 cm gun. For some reason I have a soft spot for this vehicle. This just looks to me what an armoured car for the Germans should be. It’s also one of the vehicles which was custom designed for the Russian front. I know it was not the greatest weapon of war for the Germans but it is still likely to get on the table as an infantry support in my smaller games.As with all my German armor and actually most really, I don’t put unit symbols or even national marking on these. That’s something which I just started not doing and now seems to be a theme for me.  I don’t think it is necessary and it avoids some issues and allows me to use them for different forces/locations as well.So there we are a few more models for the Germans.

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MERCS:Recon Kickstarter extras

So in the process of closing out a few projects which were on my painting desk here is another one. These are the extra miniatures that I got for the base MERCS:Recon board game in the kickstarter. I really wanted to get these painted so that I have the forces done – more completeness desire than anything else. They are extra player figure options for the two forces in the base game.

As a note, I don’t use a formula book which allows me to easily repeat paint jobs. So to go back to a project like this and paint extra troops to be the same is tough. I know some people do that but my creative ‘just do it and enjoy it’ mode for hobby stuff does not fit well to such planning. I think I did a reasonable job though and you can see the six extra figs below.If you want to see the original ones I did a couple of years ago then you can see them in some of the older MERCS posts from around Dec 2016.For the first lot there was a challenge getting the red/orange right. The photo’s here are ok but overall these work with the previously painted models. The light today on these did not help me taking good pictures. I am finding orange to be as hard to paint as yellows. Maybe that’s a reason that it’s not used on mini’s that much.The guy in armor and and cloak is an odd look as well. That is one that I would not normally go for, that but it kind of works. I doubt in reality the cloak is going to have any great effect for helping him hide, but what the heck.The other force are the green and grey crew. These are much more realistic in their patterns and color scheme. That to my mind does not work to really make them impressive as an end result though. The ‘realistic look’ is interesting and potentially makes these more useful in more realistic neo-modern games. Walking around a combat zone in red and orange is not really that sensible!These figs are interesting but again like many modern or sci-fi ones I have done them for the game vs. them really inspiring me. Maybe that affects how I paint them but I don’t think so. The models just are ok but do not that have wow factor for me. Finishing them though does mean that I have more options in the board game and for other games as well.There we are another lot of toys ready for the table. I can see them even being used for baddies pulp sic-fi or Superhero games, but I have to build out forces for such games.

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Finishing up of a few projects

So for the first post in 2018 I’ll show some of the little projects which I finished up to close out the last year. All these would really not justify a post on their own (well they could but it would be pushing it) so I thought I would combine them. Most of these are left over items which have been hanging around on my painting desk. So I thought I would try to get them closed and shown here.

First we have some Russian SYW 6mm guns. These are left over from my SYW project and in theory could be any nations artillery. The Russians just have loads of them and thus they weren’t actually used for the game I have played with Maurice generated forces. Still nice to have these done now.img_4231The basing is the same as most of my 6mm forces so they will work as generic art. The Russian force was mostly created as a loaner for opponents so I played painted forces. img_4230Next we have some 6mm ancient camps. I have been planning to do these for a long time and in some ways they got delayed by me finding some 6mm buildings and doing those this year. img_4239These are the generic Baccus Dark age civilians painted up. I made the tents with cardboard. My thought is that for Picts, Saxons or other Dark age forces based in Britain these should be good. The tents are not ordered or even the same so  that fits well with that type of forces at the time. I did a couple of different types of tent as well so that they look different.img_4238These should cover all the camps I need in games with my 6mm forces. I put more terrain – bushes etc on these bases than the standard troop ones. That makes them a little different than the normal troop bases but gives them some extra interest.img_4237After that, there is a 15mm  artillery piece for my DBA War of the roses army. The ‘new’ v3 force has one of these as an option and the force I have did not have one. So to made one – using figures that I got cheap from the Hothead Bring and buy stand last year. img_4236The basing again matches the rest of the army. I quite like the little scene of the figures which these make. It’s a cool little conversation diorama vs. a typical crew in action look.img_4235I must admit the cannon does not look very mobile which is typical of guns for the period. It’s a big monster and not sure if anything like that would have moved at all. If so it would have been with a lot of effort.img_4234Lastly, a couple of deadball figs and a cactus from the wild west stuff I have done. These again are random figures which were lying around the painting desk which I finished to clear them.img_4233In theory I still have to base the Deadball figs on their typical bases but they are done and varnished which is good enough for being displayed here. I like the green guys face – one of the nicest models I have seen from Mantic to be honest. He may in the end become a superhero vs. a deadfall player…img_4232So there we are. A few things which were lying around all done and clearing things for the New Year – although I am getting not a lot of time for painting so far this year.

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Plans for 2018 and some gangster figs

Well it’s New Years, but rather than do a post on what I did this year I thought I’d show off some more models, and talk a little of my plans for the coming year. I will add that I have not done much over the holidays hobby wise. Definitely not done as much as I had hoped to do, but I have managed to move forward a few small projects.

For the coming year I plan to do more of the same from 2017 really. I know that’s not saying much or very inspirational but it is the truth. Changes in my job etc have not helped hobby projects this year. I still find gaming/painting a needed break and release though. So I’ll continue doing it for sure. My biggest surprise in 2017 hobby wise, was starting to play more GW games. Shadespire and Necromunda have got me back thinking about GW games and the models are still nice – especially as they have dropped that crap resin stuff they tried to sell. I have loads of fantasy figs (some painted some not) which I hope to dig out and get on the table again. I even have a small 40k collection of unpainted stuff picked up second hand over the years.

The painting plans for next year do involve the following projects though:

* Finishing the 15mm German army I have been working on this year. I have a load of early war vehicles -panzer 2’s and 4’s to do for that army.

* Painting up a 15mm British desert war army. To be honest I have been slowly working on these and will start showing them soon.

* I want to paint up the Shadespire figs I have and create Pulp Alley leagues for those figures.

* Finish the 28mm Norman Saga force I have been looking at on the painting table for a while.

* Work on a couple of the big box CMON games I got – Black Plague or Rum and Bones and get some of those models done.

So far gaming wise my aim for 2018 is to get Pulp Alley, Dracula’s America, Age of Sigmar rules systems on the table. I have designs on doing all those. I also want to play some more of the New Necromunda and Gaslands. I want to put on a couple of games at Hotlead this year as well if I can. I’ll have to decide which ones soon I know. I’d like to think that I’m going to try to buy less toys or at least sell some of the ones I don’t want/won’t use this year… Well that’s the plan. We’ll see if it works as I have designs on most of the toys I have in my collection.

As for the promised figs, these are from the Blue Moon range. Again 15mm Chicago gangland stuff and now ready for my gaming. Still not got these on the table though so not sure what I’ll use them for really though. I do like the figures though and that’s why I have them and now have them painted. They will work with my 15mm Wild West town. That is an option for the town scenery that will be needed to play a game. The first two pictures are of figures that definitely are gangsters and will be useful in most games. I went for fairly standard suit colours etc to hopefully give the, a realistic look. The ones below could be gang members or just armed civilians – especially in a more Texas or smaller rural town setting which my Wild West buildings will work well for.Next we have a group of ladies and other useful items. I’m tempted to use these figs for Pulp Alley due to the number of interesting ones in the set. After all, how many baby carriages or men using an old style camera do you see on the table! They are great for standard citizen bystanders in most games.The last group also fall nicely into that category. I could do Pulp Alley on a 2 foot square table using cm’s not inches. It won’t look very good but would work. I could just use the normal scale as well with the smaller figs. But that is less appealing due to the true skirmish nature of those rules. Likely some custom rules of simple gang wars will work though.So there we are. I hope you have a Great New Years and enjoy your own painting and gaming, as well as all other things.

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