Oak & Iron – last ships!

Well a milestone achieved – a completed painting project. Well for now at least. This post has the last of my Oak and Iron ships all painted. That means I have painted 2 base sets and and at least 2 of each of the additional boxes, plus a couple of 3rd raters. I’ll have to get a ‘full fleet post’ photo shoot done at some point. That should be more than enough for any 2 or even 4 player game I want to run on an evening.

This post has a galleon and a couple of smaller ships. This now means I have no excuse for not getting these on the table. I have read the game rules, but different things in real life (and the world in general) has meant that I have not even had chance for even a solo game to see how the rules play. I guess that will have to wait till we open up more here in Canada.

I must admit I did find painting the burgundy & white on the rear of the galleon a challenge, but got it done. I have seen much better painters do that in a really clean way but I found it tough. Still it’s done now. I was tempted to try some crosses on the sails and decided against it in the end. I have glued all the sales to the ships so doing that would be hard for these. If I had not done that I may have had a go…

The ‘chunky’ nature of the ships compared to say the warlord ones is in my opinion really nice. These are good looking playing pieces and work for gaming. The Warlord ones look really pretty but are far more delicate for real use. I heard a rumour that Firelock games may be planing on more releases – Galleys and Xebecs etc which would be great if they did. They would certainly get some cash from me.

So a final ‘virtual drone shot’ showing off the decking of these ships. Overall I have really enjoyed painting these models and I hope to get some gaming done with them soon. They are good enough that at my skill level they look good and yet the expert painters can make them super impressive as well.

So there we are. It’s nice to finish a project once in a while. Would be nicer to see them on the table but we are still in lockdown so that will not happen for a little while yet.

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ACW – Some Buildings

So some scenery to finish up April. These are 10mm buildings that I have had in store and so it was time to finish them off. Most ACW big battles were not around a lot of buildings so these will be used more for gaming smaller actions. I don’t game true cowboy games in this period but they would work for that.

All these building are from Pendraken. You can see as that as they are resin some of them have been clipped/damaged a little in storage/in their travels to me. That happens and although I hope not that may happen any more in my use, it is a possibility as I use them as well. That is always the risk and issue with resin as it is not that strong.

You can see the above building are more typical for the period for town houses. The ones below are much more suitable for smaller dwellings. Years ago I used to think such a size building would be way too small, but having seeing the old cabins here in Canada I have realized that these are not as out of scale for small houses as they may seem.

These days we have the luxury of heat and space which people in earlier periods did not have. So small places like this would be great for a one settler or even a couple. For the poorer families they may even have had an entire family in such places. I do not envy them the winters though, and we think lockdowns are bad now…

Lastly for this post are some large barns. These have the hay loft above them. They will be usable to make more realistic settings for my games in nothing else.

You can likely tell that all these have mostly been painted with contrast colours – or washes but that allowed me to get them done in a reasonable time. These will allow for some 10mm buildings for my ACW games in the future.

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ACW – Irish Union sharpshooters

I like to swap around on projects so I do not get bored of painting just one thing. As part of that I have been slowly ‘completing’ my ACW project – or rather painting the extra models I found on a tidy up, as I already really have a very good collection of toys for this period.

Part of those found figures was a pack of Union infantry from Pendraken. Some of these are very much more in a skirmish/hugging the ground poses than are typical for ACW figs. I believe this is a special pack in their range (Berdan’s Sharpshooters) but I have not painted them explicitly as the sharpshooter regiment. I decided they would be good for the elites of that type of warfare. It seems even though that regiment was initially set up with different uniforms (green) in time they got issued standard uniforms etc. So there is no difference for them here – and I guess they could be used for them at a push.

Now, that was fine till I got to the flags and then realized they only have 2 flags – and I put them on separate bases. Not the typical union 2 flags on a base – one the federal flag and one the regimental one. But as elite skirmishers/sharpshooters they would not have as much use for such flags anyway. I decided to put 2 flags from the various Irish brigades on them as I had not used those and the Irish Brigades were a key part of the Union forces. So that makes these skirmishing Irish troops…

I like they way these have come out and the 2 command stands allows me to have 2 units, of 6 stands each from these figures. That is ok, as it is in the smaller games such as Osprey’s Rebels and Patriots or Brother against Brother, that such differentiation as skirmishers will come into effect. Added to this, units able to skirmish effectively would not be freshly raised with a full compliment of troopers anyway.

So there we are. More figures to go into my big ACW storage boxes for now…

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Oak & Iron – More ships

Back to the naval side of things this week, with more ships being ready for the table. I do like how these come out even with my wargames table level of painting. I am sure (and in fact have seen) the results of expert painters out there with these models. However, in my opinion the true reflection of great models is that they can be painted up by non experts and made to look decent. Some GW and other models fail in that as a great painter can make any model look good but some models do not help the rest of us do a decent job.

I paint to that level because of my skills but also that takes into account that I do not have days of time to spend painting miniatures as well. Even the sterns below to me look nice without having to go into massive amount of detail on them.

I will say contrast paints have helped with these a lot – as you can see from the shot below where the contrast paint worked perfectly for the decking etc. They save a lot of time on these models.

The ships are all 3rd and 4th raters so likely the largest the privateers will use. They are common for the real navies though which are the mainstay of the Oak and Iron game.

You can see the ‘quarter gallery’s’ of these ships clearly below. Theses are the ‘stick out’ bits of the side of the stern. They are to me the only slightly ugly bits of the ships of this period – and by the Napoleonic period they had mostly been dropped/removed from ship design. Of they were not as obvious anyway. They they were not the easiest things to build/keep on the real ships and in some ways created a weakness in the designs. I don’t know if that caused them to be dropped though.

So there we are. Another set of ships ready for the table.

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Dark Ages – Levy/Poor troops

I always think that the levy or unwashed masses in ancient games sometimes get short change. Yes the formed, professional troops would get all the lory but at least in a lot of periods there would be a cheering section of locals – with their own interest at heart there as well. Things would often have things turn out poorly for them, but they would be there. Clubmen in the ECW are well known (to a limited level) but I can imagine angry villages being around in the roman/dark ages as well. But formal histories obviously don’t concentrate on these guys.

So in that light here are an 10 additional bases of such troops for the dark ages – although they likely will work for the late Roman period in the west as well. Note, long time readers may remember i already have 10 bases done for this project and shown here: https://mellis1644.wordpress.com/2019/12/20/dark-ages-javelin-men-civilian-hordes/

These guys will in smaller games be defenders of villages etc or just really poorly trained troops. Some lists allow such forces but I do admit I might have gone a little over the top with the number of these. That said in smaller games, and convention games I can see them being useful as a 3rd force…

Below are the second set of 5 bases. There are not many bright colours in this lot – after all they would not be the richest of society and thus I did not expect or want them too bright and clean.

They are also armed with primitive spears/farming equipment, although they do have a few swords as well. But there basing is consistent with others and thus these will fit nicely with the models i have already of this type.

Well there we are. Villagers ready to defend their homes from raiders.

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Dark Ages – Ambush/objective Marker Bases

OK something a little different this week. In my Dark Ages project I have been aiming for ADLG as one of the potential rules sets. A key deployment tactic in that is ambushes. So talking the idea from some of the sites on the web and Facebook posts I decided I would make a few specific ambush markers for games from some of the ‘left over’ figures I have from the project.

These models come from a verity of sources and so I can’t be specific on that, but they allowed for some scenic modeling as you can see. I tried to use a variety of different models/poses. For example, the collection of ladies around a cauldron made me smile. There are 4 of them, but they remind me of the Macbeth witches still. Let’s be honest that is right in this timeframe, so women meeting in the deep woods would not be seen in a good light…

These bases can be used for various games such as the Dux Brit or even Infamy infamy. They will have use as well in smaller scale games as objectives etc. I used this an an opportunity to model them so they have a variety of terrain as well. The base with the tree and the fallen logs etc. should work perfect for ambushes in woods.

As mentioned I do plan on doing Infamy Infamy in 15mm at some point soon, and these will also be a good starting point for some of the barbarian objectives/markers needed for that as well. Although I likely will do more/different ones for those. We will see, but these give me ideas of what is possible with not a huge amount of effort.

I must admit I do like how these have come out and they are much bettor than a basic marker. I will definitely need more of this style of ambush/support base – and likely some Roman focused ones as well. But this type of stuff is great visually and I guess I can even use a few of these for a camp in DBA if need be, Well they were also a fun break/something different to do and a great use for a few more unusual figure.

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Oak & Iron – 4 ships of the line

I have been steadily painting up ships and doing the smaller ships with the larger ones. However, as part of the kickstarter I did get some big ships. So here are the 4 biggest of them. These are two each of the 1st and 2nd raters. They are the biggest battleships of the period and will be used for bigger games – not for pirate raids, but fights between real navies.

These are the ships with massively detailed sterns. I tried different effects and styles on them. You can see that in the photo below.

These ships all still have the detailed deck work and guns as with all the ships. You can see the in the shot below.

Due to their size Id decided to show the ships 2 by 2 in the side view. You can also see the different styles of wood/paint effects I have used for these ships. The first two have I hope a faded in the sun appearance, although in these shots it looks a little pinkish. Also, it must be noted there were no standard colours for a side. That was not until Nelson in the next century who mandated that his ships were a certain style. So each ship if different by design.

These other two again are different with other colours and highlights. Each of the ships is different even though these are the same models – I believe these are the 1st raters.

Well there we are. Thats the big ships that I have all done, so I should be ok for some big games as well as the smaller ones.

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Dark Age – More Heavy foot

So, back to one of my ‘continuing projects’ – the Dark Ages in 15mm. Yes I have done even more heavy foot for this period. This post contains another 16 DBx bases – so 40 x 15mm deep ones. I bought a LOT of these and so its taken quite a while to get through them. Still this lot are enough of a mix that I can likely get away with some of them as either swordsmen or spear in ADLG or other games.

As I hope you can see these first 4 bases have similar shield partners. Well, they have 2 bases the same so I can have both bases as a single unit or for Hail Caesar for example, I could have the front bases as the same and the back ones as the random collection. That means these can stand in as elite bases when I need them. That will work in ADLG if I need a lot more elite bases as well.

The lighting on the below photo is much better than the above one but I include them both here so you can see the effect. These guys have good chainmail suits so fit with the elite solider model as well.

Here are another 4 bases done in the same manner. These are much more likely to be swordsmen though. Each pair has different shield patterns and flags which allows these to again stand out from the rest. It is possible that these may even be used as a spear unit with a commander in them. After all they do have flags etc. I don’t see these forces having massive combined units though with the same shield patterns so 2 bases is the max I wanted to do the same in the force.

Below was an attempt to show the back row figures – as these are all separate bases. I will glue some bases together to make games such as ADLG/HC and even the chipco games (who all want more square bases), easier to play with. I was defeated by the lighting though…

Lastly are another 8 DBx size bases of blade/spears. You can see these are a random looking group of bases really. They include another one which would work well for an elite as well. Thats exactly what I was going for.

Most of these will count as spears although the two on the left side would definitely be swordsman. I did the photo this way as it does nicely show the unstructured and disorganized nature of these troops and bases – which is the look I am going for. Now if only I could do a better job of painting the details… 🙂

When I get to the Romano-Britains and Carolinians (yes I do have plans for those and may have lead in the to do pile for them, I must be mad), I plan on doing much more formal/standard shield patten on those troops. That then will make these stand out even more. I just don’t believe a lot of the early middle ages (Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and early Normans etc.) being that regular and organized.

Well there we are. More troops ready for the table and I will need a decent sized table to use them as this continues.

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Blood Red Skies Ju-87 “Stuka” bomber

OK something different today. I finally have taken pictures of these models so it is time to show them off. I got some Ju-87’s for my Battle of Britain/France collection of Blood Red Skies planes a while ago. I then painted them up a (last year) but never got to taking photo’s/posting them here. That now is resolved and so here they are.

The Ju-87 Stuka is an archetype WW2 plane for me, even though by the end of the war it was completely outclassed. Being honest even at the start it was not in a good place. It was ‘flying artillery’ in a true dive bomber style and not great and never really designed to stand up against a fighter aircraft. It was a very good dive bomber though in it’s time.

In the Battle of Britain it saw some limited use. The ground attack/close support role it was used for really was not called for compared to the battles in France, Poland, Norway etc. They were even effective early days in Russia/North Africa. Thats is where these planes shined but they really wanted/needed air superiority from the fighters to do their work. They are not designed for air to air combat, so having them for an air combat game is a bit of a luxury/vanity project for me.

I will say this is not a nice kit from Warlord and were a nightmare to put together. These are lead models and so heavy, but the fixed wheels were not easy to glue on and keep together. You can see the undercarriage in the shot above and even with my best pinning and gluing those are pretty delicate items. This again to my mind makes these more of a display than true gaming piece.

Well the models are done now and will eventually go one display. I’m not sure how much I will actually use these models but I wanted to have and paint them up. They may get used as targets in a game but they are I suspect more a display modeling project than anything else. As I said in a game about air combat these planes should rarely show up. When they do they definitely have ‘targets’ on their back as they are not going to hold off top class fighters for long.

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Oak & Iron – a 3rd rate and 2 sloops

OK so I continue to show more completed ships for the Oak and Iron game. As the title states here are 2 sloops with a larger 3rd rate. I have to say the sloops are the only fiddly miniature of the set. Gluing the sails on those models was a pain. They do need gluing as well. Still it’s done now, but it was not something which was that simple. In the end I looked at the artwork and pictures in the rules to get them done. To be fair they were the only challenging modeling bit in any of the ships in the set though.

You can see the difference in sizes of the models in these pictures. The ship basing, with all of them having the same size does make the smaller ships stand out. It looks a little odd in some but it does make it easy for the manufacturer and I suspect will not effect games. In some ways it makes things easier for gaming – like in X-Wing. I like that they are see through as well so will just show the sea, again like X-Wing.

I decided to do one of the sloops with ‘dirty sails’ vs. the cleaner white versions that I normally settled on for canvas. I have seen sailing boars with such sails. I also decided to paint the masts and trim white on that ship so it would standout. I’m still not 100% happy with the results but it’ ok and it will do.

I really like these models though, and I look forward to playing some games with them. I have even read the rules now, and they look very interesting. The sloops are much more likely to be part of a pirate fleet than the 3rd rater but in the points system for creating forces you can do what you like in the game. I must admit I do like that.

So there we are. I continue to work through the ships that I have for this game and I’m building up a n ice little collection.

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