Guardians Chronicles – Evil Androids

I managed to finish a project over the Christmas break and so it’s time to show it off before it gets on the table.  That is painting the board game Guardians chronicles. The figures are not that great (and made of cheap plastic) but I have learnt that any game miniatures are always better painted than unpainted. The game itself is an old one but has some mixed reviews. This was also a change from the 15mm ancient Spanish I was also working on.

This game is one I was given by a friend who got it through the kickstarter project years ago and did nothing with it. I like Super heroes but have painted very few of them and played even few games around them. So this was a great excuse to get to play some painted and then try out an interesting game as well.So, the first two pictures are of the 10 androids which are ‘climbing specialists’ – The pose I guess is meant to be spider like. They are called Araknoids in the game and I think my favorite model of these ones. The pose is a little odd, but it works. The figures are not the greatest but they will be ok for genetic bad guys – ‘mooks’ who will die quite a lot in the game. The models are also little small for typical 28mm- they are approx. about 4 foot tall in scale, but they will be ok for super hero games. The next set of models are called Gynoids. I think there was supposed to be 10 of these as well but there were only 9 in the game. These are taller – maybe 5 foot in 28mm scale.These are gun/ranged heavy models in the game. They definitely have a female appearance – for robots created by an evil bad guy. Again, the quality of the material they are made in is a factor here in the end result but although not perfect they will work for the game. You can see that even with the best will in the world not all of them will stand up straight.The last set of models are just called Androids. These remind me of the ‘Terminator’ but are white and black in the game artwork. As you can see, rather than try to do anything with the small bases these are on I just painted them flat black. This seems to work quite well for them really. It will match the game board as well.They are (according to the background) the basic robot models and impressively strong. So, again although they resisted my attempts to get them all the stand up perfectly straight they will work for their intended role.So there we are. These allow the game to be played with painted toys and that does make a huge difference in my opinion.

Note, this is my 401st blog post and I thought I should mention that. That’s quite an achievement to me – one which I did not expect when I started this blog. Doing these posts has kept me painting for many busy (with other things) years and that painting helps keep me sane. So I hope to continue on with this for any more, oh and thanks for visiting this blog.

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Ancient Spanish – Iberian DBA II/39a army

Well as something different I have been working on a 15mm army for a while. So here is the first blog post on them, this is a DBA forces for the Ancient Spanish Iberian. This is army No. II/39a . You can see it all laid out below, with all the options as well.

The force has a cavalry General, a single light horse element, then either 6 elements of the Auxiliaries Ax3 or Ax4 and finally four skirmish elements or Psiloi (PS) as they are called in the game. Although far from a perfect force this is a playable one – it’s actually a very average one. In fact it’s a little too average for it’s own good. It’s not great against any force but not awful either. That means that they can be outplayed by most opponents if you let them. Thus it makes for an interesting and tough army to win with – it’s the ultimate fairly good at most things but not great at anything force.

It’s only advantage if you can call it that is an aggression level of 0, which means it should have the advantage of terrain some of the time but that does not always seem to happen. DBA aggression levels and who gets to be on the defensive (so deciding the terrain) always seem a little odd. This army should nearly always be fighting in favorable terrain as that’s what they did in real life. Fighting on in open is really not going to suite this army at all. They need terrain to hide from. Also, their in period opponents rarely have knights which are their worst matchup, which helps.

So, the first element is the general and the second is the light horse element. I painted the general on a white horse and although the description says large shields I just used very dramatic poses of cavalry, as this is the general after all. I think it works nicely for the force. The light horse have javelins but follow the same same colours and theme as the rest of the force. They do have small shields as mentioned in the DBA lists. These two elements are some of the main flexible combat elements in the army.

The next figures are the medium Auxilia – with 4 figures to a base. These in DBA are defined as solid – better at fighting and staying in combat but slower in terrain. They are a decent choice against warbands and any other foot armies, where the really where the bonus vs. fighting foot helps. Of course they are at quite a disadvantage fighting heavy foot (blades) outside terrain at any point. So overall these may not be used that much in DBA.

Next I have the other medium infantry (Aux) option – with 3 figures per base. These fight like in the above in DBA but with no advantage vs. other foot. But they do move faster and thus that gives them more flexibility and tactical options.

As you can see with these figures as well I have kept to the same paint pallet as with the rest of the force – which is mainly focused on whites and reds. I did this after I read in various places that the Spanish tended to use a lot of reds and whites. This gives the force something of a unified look even though they still have the unordered effect of being an undisciplined force. The Spanish got a great reputation with the Romans – both as opponents and then as allies so it makes sense to ensure they have a effective combat look to them.

Lastly, we have the skirmishers or Psiloi in DBA. I did 2 slinger elements and 2 javelin armed ones for the force. As these are Spanish (and having been there enough) I made sure that any visible hair was near black. It seems reasonable that their hair colour would not have changed that much after all to modern time. So the slingers all have dark hair. The javelin guys are better armed, with helmets etc. At the same time they would have had to get much closer in theory to opponents than the slingers. Of course in DBA they are all fight the same but it’s makes the force look cool.

I have more figures coming in this project, as I have done enough for a large Art de la Guerre/Hail Caesar in 15mm force. But that’s for a different blog post. I will say that it’s nice to change it up and do something a little different from the 28mm stuff I have been doing. I do like the way these have come out as well and I wish you all a Happy New Years, as this will be my last post in 2018.

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Another set of Wild set figs

Well back for some more cowboys. This is another set of models which have been used in a few games already. Again I’m not sure sure exactly who the manufacturer is for these as they have been collected over a few years at bring and buy locations etc. Some are I think Old glory an some foundry. Also I apologize if the pictures are a little blurry – these were taken in a hurry.

These all will have uses in various gangs and they do show an eclectic mix of figures which would have been around in the wild west – although I suspect my figures are a lot more colorful than they would have been in real life.

The next set of figures are useful for various reasons and not so much for being members of gangs, but as non player character/plot points. They can be used for various things in the game I want to play – maybe just bystanders as well.The Indian (well as I think go him) is a big guy in the red jacket. In smaller games where characters really make a difference that figure will be a good one. It’s an interesting and fun pose as well so seemed like I needed to make the figure stand out a little.
The next set of figures have some of the similar stand out characters as well. The conductor (or maybe telegraph operator) is a fun one but the others will have their use as well.The Mexican may end up in a little gang with the several other figures of that persuasion. The other two though do look like reporters or con men, which again can see various roles in games. Any or all of these figures can make a game come alive. I can likely use these for different scenarios – just have to write such scenarios first. I wanted to have more of this type of figure so that I can host and play games such as pulp alley vs. just wild west games.
So there we are. Another set of Wild West figure to use in games – either straight western/cowboy games or pulp games set in that period. I hopefully will have a bit more free time over the Christmas break to focus on a finishing a couple of my projects as well. So you should see some different stuff soon.

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Rum and Bones – undead pirates sword up

Ok after a couple of weeks of Wild West cowboys it’s time to show something different. It’s also a busy time at work so it’s an excuse to show something I did a little while ago but have not used or posted. This is one of my slow burning projects, trying to finish the Rum and Bones figures to a decent painted level. Here are another 8 undead pirates in a different pose done. This set of figures are headless – well their heads are in their hands and have their swords up in the air.As normal with these figs they are very characterful models so I had to paint them up so each one is unique. Maybe the pose is not realistic – but then again neither is undead pirates in the first place.img_4822The bases are done in the planking style I have done before for the others in the game. At least that makes sense to keep them all in the same.The models are so unique that unlike many projects I do I’m not trying to keep to a single pallet of colors for them. Just getting them done is all that I want to do. I doubt there will be much chance of confusing them with other forces in the game.I must admit that although interesting it was a bit of a slog to get these painted. I’m a lot less interested in painting 8 fairly detailed figs with a lot of variety than some other projects. But as mentioned I’ll be happy when these are done and ready for the table.So there we are. A quick set of figures finished which I need to get done as part of the bigger project. I look forward to the hero models which are unique for the game. These may also get used in frostgrave – Ghost Archipelago games as well if I ever get around to playing that.

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More Wild West Figures

Well time to show off some more cowboys or really Wild West figures. These again are all based on pennies. In fact I believe they all have also been used in one of the recent games. That’s unusual for me as I usually like to show models here before playing with them. So as always with these type posts I thought I would show the front and back of each figure once.

So first, the trench coat gang – these 6 figures seem to work well together and can easily be (and often are) a gang for a single player. Adding a leader who looks different works as well.It’s a shame the pictures don’t show the faces that well – but that’s one of the challenges I find with taking pictures of cowboys. The hats get in the way.This gang is a little heavy on the shotguns. I guess those are effective in robberies as their short range and powerful blast makes them even more effective in making people do what you want them to.I do like the fact that a couple of them also have bags of loot. A nice touch I thought.The next set of figures are more for the period and general towns folk vs. a true gang. They are good for figures to get in the way of the fight, or as objectives etc. Lots of use for these models really. These will be useful in all sorts of settings as well as the Wild west as well.The guy with the topcoat could be anything really but he does look a little over the top for a normal person – so could be an entertainer or a gent of high regard (or a swindler). Any/all may be a good roles for him.The next set are again good as citizens as well as gangers – and of course as I have the guys pouring coffee above, I had to have the man getting the cup below. My addition to coffee seems to be even spilling into figure painting now!You can also see with these that I tried different skin tones as normal, and tried different color schemes as well. For once the hats did not block that view. The end figure on the right could even do as Wyatt Erp from one of the latest movies – although I think that costume is more black and I did this one in blues. Still I do like the figure.

So there we are, another set of models ready for the table. This post is a little later than I had planned for it, but heck I’ll get there with these things. Let see if I can catch up through December.

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More Cryx stuff

Ok so after doing loads of different things (as you can see on the blog) it’s time to turn back to a few Warmachine models. I have a whole collection of these and I occasionally pull one out to paint it as something different. So these have been done over a period of time – and waiting for a good time to finish the post.

First one is one I don’t know if it even is used in the rules any more, but is a cool model. This is a wrecked Cryx war machine. If nothing else it will be a cool terrain piece and maybe an objective in other games as well. This is all metal so quite heavy as well.
Next we have a large evil looking war machine. This is a big model and one which I got in years ago, but it still is plastic, so it’s not that old compared to some in my collection. It was a hard one to put together and that is not my favorite part of doing models anyway. It was also a funny one to paint as it is an awkward model. It’s big but not heavy. As pretty much all my Cryx stuff (and all the ones in this blog) this came from a second hand collection somewhere along the line.

The gun is an interesting item on this model as not many of the Cryx warmachines have ranged weapons. At least not the ones I have anyway.

I did this in the same ‘color scheme’ as all my Cryx stuff – dirty metals and greens with an occasional different colour as a highlight. The basing is a bit different than my normal ones for these models as I used cork to give it some height. That actually work nicely for rocks for thee models. That was needed to make sure the pose actually worked on the base.  The four legs and two arms give this models more of a horror aspect than some of the range. So that’s kind of cool as well.
Next is I believe a warcaster (so mage/hero) model. I’ll be honest and say I need even bothered looking up the guys name – but the model has definite Japanese Manga influences with the large silly sword.

The model also having a bird on his wrist is an interesting touch as well. Overall, I was not really happy with the photo’s of the model – it does look better in person. It just feels a little too techie for a fantasy world but it would work for an evil super villain if using the Cryx for that.

This next model is another manga influenced one it seems. It’s a dramatic sort of kneeling/deferential pose for the figure as you can see. Again, the greens and metals match the other figures in the Cryx faction that I have done.

Still again it will be a good one generally for the general use even though again the sword looks silly IMO rather than looking good. But that’s all in what I or others see in the style. I likely would not have bought this model on it’s own because of it.

Lastly,  there was a lady – which I believe goes with the previous model in the Cryx faction. Again I am so out of touch with Warmachine that I really did  to even look up and work it out… I just painted the fun model.

Still as mentioned above I’m sure that she can be used for various things – whether in a super hero or fantasy setting. I decided to use a nice bright red as a contrast to the greens in the rest of the Cryx force. 

As a final note, we will see how my use of the wordpress editor for formatting works with the photo’s in this post. So if it looks a complete mess then I won’t try it again otherwise I’ll see how it goes for other posts in the future.

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Cowboys in 28mm

A few years ago I did a whole set of 15mm cowboys and we played a couple of games with them, but they never got too much use. Although economical for storage and cost 15mm individual skirmish games are tough to get my local crowd really interested in. Note, you should expect to see them again (with reinforcements) with the release of rebel’s and patriots, as well as the recent release of Western by Peter Pig. I plan on using those figs with others for those games.

However, cowboys are a big favourite of mine and as has been seen on here already we are playing Dracula’s America (actually without magic stuff so far) and enjoying that. That love of cowboys comes from those old films and westerns which I grew up watching. For the recent spate of cowboy games in our group I have been providing, the lions share of the western miniatures. So it was time to show some of them here, as I always make sure to put all the things I finish on this blog.

As normal for such posts, I’ll just show the front and backs of the various figures. This post has 20 figures so sorry for it containing a few more pictures than normal.Most of these are miniatures are old glory or foundry models. In fact I got a load of them from the bring and buy at one of the local game shows cheap which was a bonus.I decided not to paint them up in ‘factions’ but to just go with the flow and paint them however I liked and felt the figure should be. I don’t believe there was too much of the matching gang colour style clothing going on in the west anyway. I was really torn on the basing – standard 25mm, or the larger 30mm black surround bases with an indent which some systems use. The figures from the bring and buy came on pennies and I thought that actually worked. So I have continued that for these – we will see if I do it for all the models but it does make the figure not the base the key visual item which I like.You hopefully can see that I have tried to vary the skin tones as well as the clothing colours for the models. Overall, this has worked ok but a few have come out better than others in this.One of the comments I have got is that I could have used more highlights on these. That’s true, but I was looking for a more realistic look rather than the clean Hollywood look for many of the models. I will take that as good feedback though and see if I can add more highlights to them.That realistic look though means they have to be a little more gritty and grim. It also reduces the chance for a true bright colour scheme to ensure they look appropriate for the time. Cowboys are the same time as Victorian England after all.I did a future floor polish varnish on these figures followed by an artist Matte varnish. That works and makes for a fairly hard wearing varnish coat – but it would not shock me that I have to do touch ups at some point. It’s also tough to make sure the coverage is good but does not pool with a brush. It takes a little time to get right.Doing 20 figures may seem extreme to some people but I have loaned out most of them already. When we have 6 or more people around a table all wanting loaner figures for a cowboy game I do need a good collection of toys to lend to others to play the game. So these are just the first set of cowboys I will be painting.I may go though and put some extra tufts and green/brown flock on the bases in the end but it depend a lot on the basing of the terrain I get for this setting. So far I have used my rocks which I use for Frostgrave and club terrain… I do have some 4ground buildings to make up though.So there we are. The first 28mm cowboys I have and these won’t be the last.

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