Even more Cowboys

Well like my last post on Cowboys, this one has models which have been done for a while and needed to get shown off. It’s time to show them off the the world now. That means I can then clear this lot off the list of things which I have to post about, which is a good thing if nothing else. It also means I can then delete the pictures from my phone, where I take these shots and claim some of my storage space back…

These are the last set of Wild West figs I have to show for a while. The first 3 are models which came with one of the Old Glory Wild West sets, but have very limited use for general games. The two ‘being shot’ models are interesting but lets be honest not that useful. If I play some ‘Pulp’ games then these can be plot points or something like that but they are not much other than as display items otherwise.

The Sniper may have more use but still it is a very specific figure and pose so won’t have that much use in many games as a player model. However, I can see this as being quite useful as an NPC character in some cases. A good reason for figures to keep to cover is the risk of a sniper ‘in the hills’.

The next set are three long coated guys. Now these can be lawmen like in the movies or even upstanding citizens protecting their town. They all have fairly dark clothing as is typical for this time period. The coat is a ‘rich mans’ coat in all cases so these will not be a run of the mill holmium. Gamblers or lawmen for sure. They all also have a nice set of facial hair, which again is in character for the period.

These models will work for pretty much any group of characters in the west. They are nice to be included in the painted set of figures I have available for games. You can see the basing is as simple as ever for these figs. At some point I may move them all onto 25mm raised bases but for now they are on pennies with just a dusty/sandy/muddy look to it.

Lastly, for this post, I have another collection of other characters. These figures are all Old Glory miniatures and most of them are ok but not great. The Mexican is actually a nice figure and one which has a bit of character to it.

I do find that with the hats, some of the faces can have poor on these models. That’s not a major issue and you likely can expect that a little but the middle figure here is an example of that. That said when playing games you are not going to see the face so it’s not like it’s a real problem. That’s compared to the other two models in this set. Now I’m sure a better painter could have solved that, but in my aim to get these done I did not bother and so he is a bit faceless.

So there we are, another set of 9 models done for my Wild West games. Again not the best models I have done but they are OK for more games. I may try to use my wild west figs for a set of Pulp games at some point as well, you never know…

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B-Sieged – Gargohs

So one of the kickstarters I had bought into quite a few years ago, was a game called B-Sieged from CMON. It has sat downstairs unloved and unpainted for quite some time. We have recently tried the game and it’s ok. I would not say it was brilliant, but it played decent enough to get painted at least.

In this time of being locked in and not able to do much on a weekend, I thought I would drag it out and get some paint on it. This is the first of a series of posts you’ll see as I try to hammer though this kickstarter to get it ‘ready for the table’. In fact I realized I have a load such projects which I really need to either start or get rid off. So, this may be the first of several of these get it done projects.

Below are the collected Gargohs – yes a weird name for these models but what the heck. All the opponent models in the base game have weird names – these are basically ‘Lava Toads’ as far as I am concerned and I call them that.

Below is a close up of one of these things. The background of the game is these and their buddies are assaulting a city and the players have to get a messenger out and back in within a year (12 turns) before the city falls. These are nasty ‘second level’ baddies which bombard the city and heroes from range.

The models are ok, but not great IMO. There are 16 of the above standard guys. They are lead by the same type of creature but being ridden by small Krohns, which is another type of baddie who you will see more of later. You can see that leader model below in close up.

Each group of baddies which spawns has one of these leaders plus a number of the standard ones in it. So, having these is important for the game. I have to say though that they are not a greatest models to me. They are interesting but the ‘lava toad’ really does not do a lot for me. I could maybe see me using these as a standard monster in general games (especially a Super hero/pulp game with a volcano theme) but they would not be a high up on my list of choices.

Still they are done now and they are the first of a new set of figs for this new project ‘arc’. As stated I’m not super thrilled by these models but heck they are done. Now I can move onto the next models in this project…

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Green Gang Cowboys

I seem to have generated a few draft posts/photo’s of things I did a long time ago which I have not shown so far. So this is a quick post of some figs like that, as I have had these figures painted for a while and really should get them up here on my blog. With the people working a lot more from home/social isolation which we are experiencing now I thought I’d get this out, as a little more content on my blog.

These are more generic Cowboys done for Wild West and Pulp games. The figures are all based on pennies like the rest of my wild west miniatures. I have to say that the varnish on these seems to have been a little strong/thick, so you’ll have to forgive that in some of the models. They do not look as bad as this in reality but I don’t think these are some of my best work (either painting or photo’s) either, so its good to just slip this in here and get them shown. Still they will work ok for gaming.

All these models are mostly Old Glory figures. I painted these at the cottage, which is one reason why the faces are a little stark, but that is also from the lack of skill on my part. Still they are good for table top games and look ok when in the game.

As you can see they all have a definite green theme – and that’s for a reason. That allows them all the be in one specific gang for fights. The colour is one which is likely not that common in ‘the west’ for hats, but green is a fairly easy dye – one reason we see a lot of it in the middle ages so they are not that unlikely. Hollywood likes to use green tones for middle ages not the west.

So there we are. Another set of 9 toys ready for the table. These are good for all sorts of Wild West and even Pulp gaming. I have a whole pile of terrain or these guys to fight over, but it will be a while before I start putting that together I think.

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Dark Age – Elite Swordsman

This week I though I’d show some more of my 15mm troops I have finished. These are elite heavy swordsmen/Blades for more Dark Age games. There are 5 ADLG or 10 DBx bases. I have these as Elite as the shields on each base are all the same style. I can’t bring myself to have more than 2 bases with the same style of shield design, after all warbands of skilled warriors would not be massive and well organized in this time frame.

Added to that, one of each of two bases of the same style of shield has a small flag. That makes them different than the normal troops as well. I know the historical background and proof of the use of flags is very scarce for the period, but as the models came with them I’m using them. It is also human nature to want standards etc as rallying points so I think it’s likely some were used, just not to the same extent as in later forces.

These guys also all have mail armour and most of them have helmets as well. I still like the random poses and complete organized chaos that they look to have in their battle line. I believe most of these figures are from the Viking range of OldGlory15mm.

You can see here they are on 15mm wide bases and at some point I’m going to have to look at getting some Sabaot bases so that I can move these as units with ease. However, I have not got to that point – yet.

So there we are a quick one this week, but it shows I’m still looking to continue with these a little even though I have been doing some 28mm stuff for the last little while.

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Chaos Marines – Terminators and a Hero

Hmm… after a Cthulhu Pandemic post last week there was the official declaration of a real Pandemic this week <sigh>. So, let’s get back to toys and games. This week I’m going to show some more GW Chaos Marines that I just finished. This week it is 5 Terminators and a single hero model which can be used as the overall commander.

First lets have a look at the overall commander.

This model is an old metal one and actually is very heavy. It works for the commander though. As a note all these models have been gained through either second hand purchases or ‘bring and buy’ events. That means that I really did not decide on the poses or model counts.

Obviously, that the commander needed to have the same colour scheme as the base troops – but the cloak was the issue. I wanted a colour to stand out but it also had to work with the rest of the model. In the end I went for a dark purple cloak.

That follows the Roman use of imperial purple for command/power. The purple was too bright though and so I used some dark red and brown washes to make it fit in more with the rest of the model. I also took the advantage of the different type of trophy helmets to put some different colours on the model. The model is full of the old style GW chaos skulls and pointy bits as well. However, on this model it does work, to my eye anyway, as that was very much this style of thing for these models in the day.

I did a little digging around the colours which I have used here for these marines. As I mentioned before they were on a few half finished figs I got and so just went with them. I don’t believe fit with any of the standard Chaos Marine chapter backgrounds which GW has produced. That does not worry me to be honest- it just means that I get to make a background and name up for them if I really want to. For now they likely will just be called my Khorne marines. I have a few more models to do for them (including some possessed as I really like those models as well, and the background works) but I don’t plan a huge force. If anything I likely will do some figs from other Chaos chapters to create a separate force for them to oppose or fight alongside vs. bulking out the n umbers of these guys.

So next onto the terminators. These two shots show the commander and one of the Terminator models. You can see the commander is nearly as tall as the Terminators, especially with his backpack but he is not as bulky.

The Terminator’s are plastic and show some transport damage from their previous lives as unpainted and unloved models. I must admit I found them a little hard to paint – they have a loads of hard small flat surfaces and the yellow/red colour scheme I have for these is harsh. Using a solid heavy black lining between the colours seemed to solve that though.

What is nice is that each of the Terminators is unique and brings a whole different set of weapons/tools to the table. Even their armour is unique which made painting them fun but challenging as well.

The spikes and poses also means that these figures are big – storing and transporting them will be interesting. I have an old GW case I got second hand as well which I will use. Unfortunately one of my major sources of such purchases – the Hotlead event was just cancel though so I guess I won’t be getting more toys from there this year.

I did the bases like the other Chaos models I have and I think that it really works with these figures. The light texture and grey seems to work really well with the red and yellow.

Terminators are something which I really don’t know much about for the background etc. but they look mean and nasty so that’s why I bought them. I do have another set of similar models – metal this time but won’t use them for this force. They will be for another set of Chaos Marines.

So there we are. Some more Chaos models for gang or skirmish games. I like the models and have always liked the 40k background not really the GW rules. So I expect these will be tried out with various different rules in the near future.

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Cthulhu Pandemic

Ok I notice I see to have had quite a few GW focused posts recently so time to change it up. This post shows off a true board game and one I have painted up for play. I have to say that I find that when I play games with painted models for games I like the look of the game a whole lot more. There is something about nicely painted models even on a board game. So below is a shot of all the models.

First we have a close up of the small cultists. As this is a Pandemic game, these are used to track the cultist in the different physical locations and how powerful they get. These were done with a couple of coats of contrast paint, and then some touch ups and items with normal paints such as the ‘faces’ and bases.

Next we have the Shogoths – the bad nasty’s which get summoned and are hard to kill. I wanted to do these as scary monsters but still in the green theme. So they have a green base coat and then different darker ‘armour highlights’ on various raised items. It’s not a traditional colour scheme but it seems to work. You can see these are roughly 28mm in size and I’m quite happy with how these came out in the end.

For the rest of the post I’m going to show the character models, which are the focus of players after all. I have the model with their cards which I used as a reference for the painting. This was quite a challenge for me but I like the results.

Above is the magician, which I found a bit of a challenge with getting the black highlights right and as the artwork. The end results are not bad though. The challenge for the reporter, below I found was to get the book to ‘look right’ and stand out enough.

The driver was one of my favorite models of the group to paint. The flat cap came out better than I expected.

The Doctor is another characterful model and was easy to paint up.

The hunter and detective both have similar colour schemes and are armed with guns. That makes these quite similar to paint but they are easy to differentiate on the table. I did like the fact that they made the hunter a lady.

Lastly, the weirdest of the characters – the occultist. I did not capture the light like in the picture on this one but equally, the model does not have the magic sphere so that’s my excuse why not too.

Finally, a rear shot of all the heores – as the above shots only shows their fronts.

So there we are. Cthulhu Pandemic is a fun but hard game. We still have not won at it but I like it. The models are gaming prices so are ok but not the greatest material. Still I’m really happy how they have come out and having them painted really does add to the overall feel of the game.

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Shadespire – Bloodbound Garrek’s Reavers

These have been done a while so it’s time to show them off I guess. These are the second set of figures in the core Shadespire box – GW now have 2 new base sets which have replaced this set so these are ‘old’. However, I have used them a bit in Shadespire, but I also really got them for other games – such as Pulp alley, Supersystem etc. Fo4 people who don’t know GW games well the easiest way to give background for these figs is taken from the Shadespire description of them which is below:

The Bloodbound are mortal warriors who have sworn themselves to Khorne, god of carnage and slaughter. Blinded by battle madness, lost to the exultant sensations of combat, they care for nothing but the kill. Gathering together in vast Warhordes, they maraud across the realms, butchering and despoiling in the name of their dark master. Bloodreavers, such as the band led by the brutal killer known as Garrek Gorebeard, are frenzied cannibals, mortals whose dark excesses have drawn them ever further into the thrall of the Blood God. They eschew heavy armour, preferring to feel the blood spatter across their chests, and chase their prey as tirelessly as hunting wolves.

The whole set of the models are shown in the picture below. Note, I’m a little annoyed I got the background wrong in this shot but I left it here rather than touching it up/doing it again, as this is just a group shot after all. These guys are the classic Game Workshop Khorne fantasy figures really. I’ll show them each in detail below.

First we have Garrak Gorebeard – the leader of the group. I did him with classic red’s and wanted to show the ‘age’ of him so did his hair quite grey. He still has the ‘bronzed flesh’ of the typical Khorne mad man though.

Next we have Blooded Saek – who is lost in the death frenzy of Khorne. He has a helmet of a large skull from a demon or something. That makes him very obvious in the group, and that added to his huge axe gives him a very aggressive appreacance.

Targor is shown below and is in the classic warrior posing of a wrestler going into the ring – which I guess in the background means combat. It’s a fun pose and I really like this model.

Arnulf – who is states with the description ‘no act too bad’ is another posing before combat model. I like the pose again and the tatoo on his chest shows his allegiance for all to see. The leather helmet and dual weapons identify him nicely.

Lastly is Karsus the Chained – The Main game background states he is an ex slave now in the chaos band fighting along with them. It’s another great pose and model though and it seems a little odd that as a slave you’d chain an axe to his arm – but whatever, it’s a fun model.

So there we are a Shadespire team of 5 models all painted up and ready to go. The structured/ pre modelled basing on the models does add to these and helps tie the together as a force.

Like I did the other Shadespire group I have worked up a Pulp Alley force for these figures. I’d love to use these for small scale skirmish games as well as shadespire. As you would expect for a chaos band these guys are all into hand to hand fighting (Brawl) and dodging, as they will not have any ranged combat options. They have a selection of other skills but Finesse and Cunning are nor their strong point…

So there we are another lot of miniatures ready for the table, and I really need to get Pulp Alley on the table soon. That said I have enjoyed playing shadespire with them but the whole card/deck building aspect of that game is a bit above my attention span/focus. I was never into that kind of pre-planning for games. I have enough trouble creating force lists etc like the above, never mind planning and customizing card decks.

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