New Kingdom Egyptian Command bases

I have a whole set of old armies originally created for DBM which until recently did not get much use – other than a subset of them which are used for DBA. But with us now playing ADLG more it means that a larger proportion of the force gets used and thats great. The extra figs give me more options for list building as well. But, I was short command stands for this force.

One difference between DBA/DBM and ADLG is the separate general command stands. You can use square based ones in the game, but that gets confusing to me. Having some round ones makes it clear on the table what is a general and what is not. To resolve that issue I have now painted set command of bases just for that for my New Kingdom Egyptian (NKE) army. In fact I have 6 of them. That many means they should be good for Hail Caesar and other rules as well.

One of the challenges with showing these models comes about because I went for a fairly dark skin colour for my Egyptians. I think that is likely more realistic for them for the period vs. just using standard caucasian skin. But that makes taking photo’s which show the faces an issue without perfect lighting – and even then it can be hard. So you will have to make do with what phot’s I have here.

All the bases are 40mm round, so stand out on the table. Also, although many years have passed between painting the first figs for this army and these, I have tried hard to make them fit in well. I tried to match the basing as well but I do not have the original flock so they may stand out a little as different, but that’s ok.

These figures are from the same manufacturer s the army – Old Glory 15’s. I got the figs from a reseller for this project. This must have been an old pack as there were lots of models in the command pack. There were more than I needed really as you can see. There was even a chariot which I was tempted to use, but in the end decided to keep for another project, when I finally get around to that.

To allow you can see how these new models fit in with the existing army below are some old pictures of the NKE forces that I already have. These are a few photo’s from years ago – I painted this army before I was blogging. There are some more bases in this army but these will do to show what it looks like.

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Gauls – Light Horse

OK so back to my current painting project – Gauls. I have to say though that I am trying to do these with a view to being able to morph them to other forces, including the Ancient Britains. There are a group of barbarian armies these are from culturally similar backgrounds (basical proto-celts etc) who are close enough from my viewpoint at least to allow that morph. I am going to expand my scope to include Germans and maybe even Dacians – but those will require different weapons and shields, so will be different figs. However, I will likely do them with a similar basing technique. That will allow for extra large games and some reuse of some bases when I want as well.

So as part of that is to have a decent light horse set for such forces. So this week I am showing the 8 bases of Light Horse/skirmishers that I have finished.

As normal I’ll show the figs in a little more detail below. These are armed with spears/javelins. Those seem to be the main weapon on the Gaul/proto-Celtic light cavalry. ADLG I believe has most of them so armed and so these work for that.

You can see I have a mixture of guys with tunics or bear chested. This will allow for visible differentiation between the troops if needed on the table with ease. So bear-chested ones may have one ability that the others do not have etc. Three bases are all bear-chested, three have tunics and 2 bases have 1 of each figure on it.

They also have a variety of shields – both in colour and shape, although most of them have round ones. I suspect there is not that much information on the actual equipment used by such troops so figure manufactures just kind of go with it a bit.

Speaking of that, all these are from Old Glory 15mm in the US. I have had these in the lead pile for quite a while so it’s good to get them painted and ready for the table.

The basing for these is again designed to be more scrubland and rough. I think this works nicely with this army.

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Dark Age – Slingers, Dogs and Herds

After counting and showing the models I had done for the Dark Age project in the last year or so (see my earlier post), I wanted to add a few ‘missing’ items which I know I have models for in the lead pile. The title of this post really covers what these are. I had these packs in the large collection of to do items so dug them out to get them finished.

First, the Anglo-Danish ADLG lists included sling armed skirmishers. I believe it has 2 of them at maximum. Some other lists may have the option as well. I had none of these and actually had no figures for it. However, I have a load of extra Gaul/Celtic sling models for the current project I am working on, so I decided to borrow and repurpose a few. That means now I can show 4 bases of slingers for the Dark Age period.

These are not that bad for ‘out of period’ figs and so can stand in for the 10th cent peasants. So they will work well for this. The basing is the same as all the other in the project, so will help the match up. Doing 4 means that if I want to these can be a small unit in Clash of Spears (Dark Ages) as well. Slings are uncommon for the period but not unheard of.

I believe these models are actually from the Forged in Battle Ancient British range, Looking around it was actually quite hard to find generic sling armed figures for the period so I do not feel too bad using these. They will likely get more game time in this role and in extra Celtic/British slingers I suspect anyway.

Next, are some cattle and a herd of goats. These are generic models and will work for camps in larger games as well as possible objectives in smaller ones. After all who does not want to steal their neighbors cattle in olden times…

I did some searches on the net and found that there were breeds of large ancient cattle which were very dark in colours. So the painting was fairly easy. The cattle models I believe are from Museum Miniatures and I think the goat heard is from Donnington Miniatures.

Lastly, are some war dogs. I have had these a while and they bulk out my dog pack for smaller games. I already have 4 bases so this now takes me up to 12. That should be enough for any game I suspect.

These are a mixture of Xyston and Museum Miniatures models. There are a combination of wolfhound and larger hunting dogs. They should be useful for whatever army needs them and I did a range of different colours. They can even stand in for hordes if really needed.

So there we are more Dark Age models…Yes the project is never too big. but I am looking to go back to other projects now.

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Two Modern buildings – 15mm terrain

OK so something a little different this week. As a background task I have slowly been painting up the remaining buildings I have. Like many people I seem to collect projects and items and so I have a good collection of such things as these that I can dip-into and do as a pallet cleanser when I have had enough with one project – such as the Gauls/Germans I am also working on at present.

I plan on having a nice selection of 15mm (and other) terrain for my games and although I have not been playing many 15mm WW2 recently this is still something which I enjoy and want terrain for, So here are a couple of buildings I have finished.

The first stone building really could be used for any period from the 17th Cent through to modern time. This is a purposely drab building- without to much colour and style. I alsi avoided poster etc as those would lock the building to a period as well. Again my idea is that I want to make these more generic for games. I can see this building being in North America, Northern France or the eastern front in WW2 anytime in the last few centuries.

You can see on the above model there are some rough patches around the door and I nearly did those as ivy. I was not sure if this was a design or a miscast. I went with the later in the end as that makes it even more generic. Having a nice green ivy on a winter table just does not look great after all.

The next building follows the same style and look to an extent. Note that although it does not look that different in the pictures the roof is actually a different shade of grey than the wall. This building is pretty generic but it also strikes me as useful for an ACW/19th cent building – maybe even wild west games.

That look comes from the front door especially. It has the look of a small civic building or a small; southern house or some such. I also made sure that the windows were not a bright colour which would stand out.

So there we are. Something different this week but these should be useful for various games when things open up again here – as we are back in a COVID lockdown again.

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Dark Ages – my collection made in 2021…

Well in 2021 anyone following my blog will know all too well that I painted a lot of Dark Age 15mm figs. So I thought a good way to close out last year and start a new one would be to get all the toys out for an audit and photo shoot. So below is the full picture of the results. Yes just a few models…

One may say that I have gone overboard with the project but heck what is life about if you can’t go overboard on our hobbies and other things we enjoy. To be fair I hosted a 400 pts ADLG game with some these models and loads left over just before Xmas.

Note, I likely have not finished painting for this period. However, I likely have enough of the standard troops. So anything I add will likely be more things like objectives/camps oh and maybe some priests or other character models. I also need some sling armed troops, as I have found that those are something I do not have many off. šŸ™‚

I likely will also focus now on more formed forces such as the later Romans/Carolinians who can be opponents to these guys. I guess a few arab types might be good as well as the Franks/Saxons/Vikings definitely encroached and encountered those peoples as well. However, I have started on Gauls as a side project for now.

I have already used these for various games (big ancient games especially as mentioned) and want to use them for more. I really plan/want to use them for things such as Dix Brit and the Peter Pig Vikings game as well. I just have not got around to doing that yet and it required me reading more rules as well.

Ok so as a summary/audit of what is here I thought I would do a full count of all the bases/models that have. Note, all the bases are DBX style and sizes but I have used ADLG terms.

So first the skirmish troops:

2 x light foot crossbows (2 figs on a 40x20mm base)

24 x light foot bows (2 figs on a 40x20mm base)

12 x light foot javelins (2 figs on a 40x20mm base)

Next are the missile troops:

32 x bowmen (3 figures on a 40x20mm base)

10 x bowmen (4 figs on a 40x20mm base)

4 x crossbow (4 figs per 40x20mm base)

Then we have the levy/table troops:

4 x levy (dogs and controllers on a 40×30 base)

20 x levy (5 figs per 40x30mm base)

We the move to the spearmen:

15 x medium spear (3 figs per 40x20mm base)

14 x medium spear (4 figs per 40x20mm base)

68 x heavy spear (4 figs per 40x15mm base)

21 x heavy armoured spear (4 figs per 40x15mm base)

The swordsmen/blades are the biggest single group of the set though with

38 x medium swordsman (3 figs per 40x20mm base)

43 x medium swordsman (4 figs per 40x20mm base)

83 x heavy swordsman (4 figs per 40x15mm base)

28 x heavy swordsman- dane axes (4 figs per 40x15mm base)

Next the mounted troops:

5 x light horse (2 mounted figs per 40x30mm bases)

29 x knights (3 mounted figs per 40x30mm bases)

17 x non knightly cavalry (3 mounted figs per 40x30mm bases)

Finally, all the miscellaneous types of bases.

29 x command bases, including a single 28mm commander if I ever need it (each on a 40mm circular base)

31 x ambush/pillage/camp etc markers (all on 40mm square)

24 x dead figs (30mm round)

8 x crosses (20mm round)

26 x character models (various sized bases below 40mm round)

So here is a final shot of all the models – this is well over 2200 figures and just for one project. So onto bigger and better things for 2022. Oh and Happy New Year to you all.

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Dark Ages – a few more bases

A very quick post today and the end of the year, to show some more Dark Age/Early Medieval models that I completed. First we have 4 small based character models – useable for various games I hope.

You can see here these are more martial poses and so I can see them being used for Dux Brit champions etc. I love the guy with a head in his hands. Not subtle at all…

Next, I have some command bases. These are Vikings/or at least less civilized leaders – well all the figures are really, These are for forged in Battle Viking figures but are fun so why not,

You can see the large pantaloons and animal skins. I assume these are good for historical models, as these are a new line of models but they are funky at the same time.

Lastly, are 4 bases of berserkers. These will be useful in various games and are another set of fun models.

So there we are – a last post of the year and I hope to do a good first one for the New Year…

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Gauls – Javelin armed skirmishers

Well it is Boxing day (the day after Christmas), so this will be a quick one. Following up on the close order foot from the previous posts, here are 7 bases of Javelin armed troops for that army. The Gauls have a good options for skirmish troops in most games such as ADLG and Hail Caesar, and these are part of that.

Seven may seem a weird number but that is what I had… Although far more bases than needed for DBA or ADLG they will (and are) very useful in games of Clash of Spears. They happen to be a great number of skirmish troops for that game so I’m not going to complain. In fact they have been used more that that than anything else so far.

As you can see these follow the standard look of the previous Gaul troops. Some of them are bare chested while others have clothing. However, there are no x-rated naked guys in this set of troops.

The bushy terrain on the bases works well for these guys. They need to be the annoying troops, winning the skirmishing contests and threatening flanks of opponents. That is because, the let’s be honest in ADLG and most other games, the Gauls for not a finesse army. They go forward and hit hard typically so the skirmishers are the ones who do get to move and try to exploit holes.

Below the final shot of these – my typical one as they charge across the table. For the record I believe most of these models are from Old Glory but a few may be from other manufactures.

I hope to do a few posts this week so lets see how I go on that.

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Gauls – GesataeĀ orĀ Gaesati heavy foot

After showing the first Gauls last week here are some more. This time these are more from the Mediterranean climate – as I think it would be a little cold to do this in say Scotland. But heck what do I know and of course I will use them where I can.

Really these are bases forĀ GaesataeĀ orĀ GaesatiĀ who were part of the Gaelic forces. Now, depending on what you read/believe these either mercenaries used by the Gauls, or a separate tribe/faction of them, or just a bunch of specific (mad ?) guys who did not want to get their cloths dirty while fighting! But they exist for the Gauls army lists and sometime even have their own list in various rules, so I have done these troops for the table.

So the most obvious and unusual aspect of these is their lack of clothing – which is most obvious from the shot below. Luckily at 15mm scale there is really no risk of offending anyone with the models. It did make painting of them easier though. Maybe I should look for more forces who fought this way, as it would speed getting them to the table painted… hmmm…

These guys have the typical bright shields for this force. I have done the same for the Gauls and they do need the shields, with no armour in sight. They have come down to us in history as being hard and skilled fighters. But maybe it’s just the fact that they were naked and shocked the greek and roman writers which makes them stand out. However, that means they are usually good fighters in most rules – but can be limited in defense as you might expect.

Anyway, I now have 12 DBX style bases of them. I have done a couple ‘double based’ to make them easier to use in ADLG. In reality these are the 6 bases for those rules. I made sure I have enough separate bases to field the core of a DBA GaesataeĀ force if I really want too.Ā 

So there we are. More heavy foot/blades for my Gauls to use in various games. These will also be very usable in the games such as Clash of Spear as well. You may also note that I did 6 which is nice number if I want to use them in Hail Caesar games as well.

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Gauls – Heavy Foot

It is time to show the start of my latest big project – Gauls. I have previously done Marian Romans and Spanish so time to do the big monster army of the period so to speak. These guys are not the greatest but were a threat for the first 400 or so years for Rome and did influence a lot of other groups. So I had to do them. These are all going to be based for ADLG/DBA as normal. However, you have seen these from afar already, as I have been using them in games of Clash of Spear.

There are 20 DBx bases worth – 40 x 15mm in size. A couple are actually on 40 x 30mm – doubled up as they are used in ADLG. That makes moving them easier but I wanted to have them mostly separate so I can use them with DBA etc. Each of these has 4 figures on them – but some of the doubled up have 7 vs 8 fig’s to give a more random set up. All these models are from old glory 15ā€™s and have been in the lead mountain quite a while.

These are thus the core heavy foot for my Gaul army – blades in DBA and heavy swordsmen in ADLG. They were hard and skilled fighters but very individual – some core sources of our rebellious western culture maybe, To that effect I have tried hard to make sure all of them have different shield and clothing colours. That makes painting them a little more tedious but gives them a very random look.

I have done the basing a little different than my other forces, concentrating on using the small sponge style flock to give them the look of fighting in deep undergrowth. Partially that is to differentiate them from other armies, it also serves to remind me that they really should be using terrain to the maximum. Lets be honest other than in the deserts of the middle east and the pastures of grazing cattle/sheep I suspect there would be a lot of longer grass and bush for these guys to fight in.

I have not done any shield transfers, I just painted and shaded them myself. I thought about trying to do patterns but that is a lot of work for what are a lot of figures, I actually like how they have come out and I think I can get away without that level of detail on them.

So there we are more to come but a good start on showing these off.

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Old school moss bush scatter terrain

I continue my slow work to develop for myself a good selection of terrain. This time I have gone old school. I remember when I started gaming <cough> 30+ years ago sponge/mosses were used quite a bit on the table top. I don’t see it much any more though. So when I wanted to created some bush scatter terrain I thought about this and it still does work. I had a pack of moss/sponge in the deep recesses of my to do collection, so decided I would use them. After some glue etc that means you can see the results below. I now have 16 scatter terrain bushes – oh and a 40mm base for scale.

I have not painted them – they are green and will work for what I need. Yes I am sure I could paint them but that’s more work than I wan to put into something I will not use that often. They are a size which means I can use them for 28 or 15mm gaming. Although in theory ok for 10 or 6mm gaming they are starting to get a little big for those smaller scales. Still this is a cheap way to get some scatter terrain.

You can also see that I have based and glued these to simple wooden tabs for stability. Those actually came from a craft pack and most are tear drop shaped – which are perfect for this use. I can use these for everything from lush Northern climbs to deep Mediterranean or Middle Eastern/African battles.

So there we are. Nothing clever really and definitely old school terrain. However, these are still useful for table top games.

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