Daemons Of Khorne Bloodletters

So, as Monty Python popularized ‘and now for something completely different’… this time Chaos nasties. I have a small collection of second hand Chaos stuff and fancied something different to paint, so grabbed these from the to-do pile and well the rest is history, as you can see. That means this week I have 10 Khorne Bloodletters which can be used as typical demons in various games as needed as well.

The first 3 are the ‘command’ of the unit if you like. These include the standard and musician figures. I tried to paint these fairly consistent and also to do them in a fairly sensible way for painting for speed. They are not screaming red or very bright but I think work for a more ‘realistic’ Alien approach to the models.

Next are another 3 of the figures. I do like the plastics GW makes in that they are precise but also that each of the models is a little different. I also went with a very basic basing for the figs – party as that will highlight the reds of them, but also that should allow these to be pretty generic and fit into both Sci-Fi and Fantasy games.

You can hopefully see that I used green for their eyes and tried to give them texture and some contrast with the yellows and blacks, as well as the horns. I made the swords look rusty so that they look old but still effective in combat. I also was of the opinion that a basic metal colour would be too jarring with the rest of the model.

Lastly, are remaining 4 figures to make up the total of 10. These do remind me a little of the Alien/Aliens creatures from the movies, and they have the very nasty style of monsters look to them. I hope to use these in Warcry as well as other games – as mentioned they can even be nasty space aliens in Stargrave I assume.

So, there we are. Nothing too unusual really but a change from the historical stuff I have been doing for a while. Still it’s good to get different stuff done once in a while.

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Dark Ages – Archers and crossbows

This week it is back to the dark ages/early medieval and some more archers that I have completed. These again can fit in with a variety of different armies of the period.

First are 8 DBA/Triumph bases – so 4 ADLG or 2 Hail Caesar units. These are 3 figs per base and the typical archers for the early and maybe even middle medieval period. Nothing to flash but at the same time useful all the same. They do not have shields or armour etc so will fit for peasant/lower class troops in an army.

They have the typical basing and painting style of my other figs so should fit in with ease. They will work for troops in early crusades or the Barrons Wars etc as well as my normal focus.

The second group in this post are a set of 4 DBA bases – so 2 ADLG ones, of crossbowmen. As I have mentioned in the past, although the crossbow was known before this period the weapon starts to become more popular in the 11th cent, so that makes these good for that period onwards.

The crossbow becomes more of a military weapon than the normal bow in the late 12th Cent of western Europe, so having some of these troops – and especially basing them 4 to a base not the more spread out 3 makes sense. Again these can be use for a variety of armies and so gives me some flexibility with them.

These like the previous figures do not have armour or shields though so would likely not be the best military force. Quickly trained up levy or peasants who have had some basic training and are defending their homes suit the figs perfectly. Of course early crusaders fit that bill as well – but the base flock and colours do not fit precisely for that but what the heck…

So there we are more figs ready for the table for this force- whenever I get back to the gaming table that is…

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ACW – Yellow Confederate Brigade

Back to some ACW 10mm figs this week. This time some yellow head geared confederate troops. Here are 11 bases of them in fact so these can be 2 regiments if I like. This is especially true as I have 2 different flags for them.

I decided not to base these off any specific unit – again just being generic and the yellow is much less common than red as a trim colour. But it stands out nicely as mentioned before so I used it for these troops. Really I likely should have done red but I wanted something different. Yes I may have started these with the yellow Union troops I showed weeks ago.

The flags are generic Confederate flags – printed off by me from searching the internet. They work quite well for 10mm and do not really cause any issues. They are clear enough that they work well with the models. They do nicely finish off this set of units.

These seem to have floppy hat – I guess a fez/turban which has not kept it’s shape. Still they look the part and are easy to spot on the table, which is why I went with yellow in the first place.

So there we are. More Confederates for my 10mm forces.

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Dark Ages – smaller bases

Well I thought I would show some of the individual models I have done for my Dark Ages project. I want to use these figs for such games as the Too Fat Lardies Dux Brit or Peter Pig’s Vikings. For some of these rules, having some smaller/individual based figures is useful or even required. Of course I could just use counters but what is the fun in that. These will be used for marking things such as champions and other characters. They should work for most of the early period of games really – so for things like Lion Rampant objectives as well.

You can see most of these will be good for individuals or specific markers. These are all on 20mm round bases. Most of these will be separate commanders or bodyguards etc. Many of the figures are from splintered light, but there may be an old glory or forged in battle model in mix as well.

The next set are on bigger bases and can be sub-commanders or other special characters. These bases are 30mm round. I must admit these have a little more uniqueness to each of them. For example, the middle one could be a Druid or Merlin, while the one go the right could be an expert fighter.

The others are perfect for junior/minor commanders. I have kept the basing of these pretty simple and a match for all the other bases in the armies. So they should fit in well and as needed.

Lastly, are another set of 4 smaller individual figures and the a couple of 40 x20 bases which can be troops or just solo models. E.g. a mad shaman and another a giant/champion.

So there we are. I really want to do a few Christian priests and Druid’s in this style as well. That said, these give a good selection for games which need them at this point.

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ACW – Buildings 2nd post

Ok so back to some terrain this week. These are more 10mm buildings for my ACW collection. These can be used for any pony wars/wild west style games. I have Peter Pigs western rules as well as Rebels and Patriots from Osprey. I plan on trying both of those out with my civil war figures as well – for larger skirmishers/raids etc. So these will work for those types of games. Even I won’t try true wild west gunfights in 10mm so they are safe from that.

You can see these are the very traditional ‘Western’ buildings. This collection should work for a small collection of buildings – a small hamlet etc as needed. Yes, I was not very inventive when I came to the signs and names in this set… At some point I may print off some very small real ones and glue them on but we’ll see if that bothers me in the end or not. At least the next set have ‘better’ names.

All these are from Pendraken and are painted with GW contrast colour paints for the most part. You can see one below which suffered in the post getting to me. That’s just a factor for resin models in the post IMO and one reason I did not like (or ever buy) the GW finecast years ago – as they suffered these problems.

These 6 buildings should allow me to build a nice small town if nothing else for my games. They add some variety and will be needed for raid games. The bigger ACW battles were rarely fought around buildings from what I understand, so I have not needed anything like this before, and we used the club collection if we ever did need anything.

Lastly in this post are a couple of barns. These would be needed in any decent community of this period in the America’s, as it was really a farming based economy. So having these makes sense and they are nice sized models as well.

These are again from the Pendraken range and painted with contrast colours. All these buildings have all been given a single coat of Matte varnish to hopefully keep the paint in place when used.

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Dark Ages – Norman knights and Med Cav

I have been showing a couple of smaller sets of models recently, so time to show a big group. Here are the rest of my Norman knights and the supporting cavalry. These are the final addition of Norman knights in addition to the 20 bases which I previously showed in this post Dark Ages/Early Medieval – Norman knights.

With this post I am adding another 8 knights and 5 (medium) cavalry support troops to my painted forces. Yes that makes 28 bases of Norman Knights. More than enough for any game I expect to play in reality and to be honest these are more than enough for two ADLG armies. But I do host larger games such as multi-player Hail Caesar and thus having extra figures never hurts.

The Knights are from the Forged in Battle range and you can see from the shot below they have the more traditional ‘Battle of Hastings’ Norman look. That is with long mail hauberk and kite shields. So they will be used for those typical forces – although they would work for the first crusaders at a push. They will also be able to be used for slightly earlier heavy cavalry in theory although the mentioned aspects limits then to how far back in the 10th century I would be willing to go. I believe the shields would have been round rather than the kite shape much more that.

You can see that from these pictures that I have, as always, tried to go with hand painted shields and all different ones. I will admit that these shields are pretty small on 15mm figs and so although I would have loved to try some complex patterns my skill and and space meant that I have kept it nice and simple.

I always struggle a little with what colour to paint the leather saddle and bridle work on figures such as these. That has to be different enough from the horse and man to stand out. But I don’t see these guys having painted leather. I tried black but decided that did not really work and so went for a natural brown. I think that works.

I also tried to add some white highlights to some (but not all) of the horses so that they have an occasional white spot on a horses face and/or legs – called socks I believe.

I naturally use washes etc on horses and so they tend to be darker on the lower sections than the top which also works. They are not as good as some but work well on the table.

The other models in this post are ‘more traditional’ cavalry. I believe these are actually from a Breton army pack from Essex. I dislike the single post in theses, but they are what they are. I used some of the figures for some light horse, shown previously but have kept 5 bases of cavalry. In ADLG terms these will be medium cavalry, likely armed with Javelins etc. Some of the armies of the period, such as Breton’s did have these types of troops as well as the more direct heavier mounted troops.

For army building 5 bases may be a few too many but I have loads of other not mono-pose bases I can use as well if needed. The Bretons do need more than 5 but as I mentioned the single pose annoys me. Also I found these did not mix that well on a base with other models as the pose is a little odd.

Still you can see with the photo to the right that I again have tried to make the shields look different. These will be useful for Frankish forces in general and so really should work for a variety of 7th to 10th Century armies in the period. They also do not look too far out of scale when all based use with others as you can see in the first picture in this post.

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ACW – Union command and dead

Following up from the post last week, here is another short one. Lots of real world impacts this week for me which has caused some delays in getting things done. But these match up well to the previous posts models as well. These are for ‘larger base’ Union commanders this time, to match the Confederate ones last week. These models have a very simple set and are not very unique but are needed for rules that have separate commander stands.

The smaller bases, are all the same model but they will work ok for the use. These just fit into the general models that I need for AWS rules. So these are simple bases and figures – more utilitarian stuff than anything else.

Lastly for this post, here are some dead union models. Although these could work for the Confederate dead as well (but the colours are specific for the union troops). These are simple markers for use in games, but I had the models so why not paint them up.

So there we are. A small set of models this week but this allows me to use my 10mm ACW collection with other rules which is the main thing for doing these.

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ACW – Confederate command and dead

A quick post today. One of the good things I found in my ACW goodie box of toys were some figures which I can use for command stands. So below you can see I have done one 40mm and three 30mm stands with simple commanders on them.

These are nothing super special but do give me some more flexibility in games where command stands are required. I have done these on round bases so they stand out compared to the normal square bases I have.

I could and likely should do some more with some more, especially with interesting dioramas, but these will do for a first stage of getting some commander bases. The overall commander – the big stand at least is a little more interesting. That has a mounted commander and a flag as well. One of the challenges for 10mm is there are not as many really interesting figures/poses to do that type of things with.

Lastly on this post are a group of dead casualty figures. Some games require these and I tend to use counters vs painted models for those but as I had bought some I thought I might as well paint them up.

So there we are. A simple set of figs this week for the blog.

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Dark Ages – Armoured Archers and light foot

So, back to an old project this week. Here are some additional bases of for the Dark Ages period as a change from other things I have been doing. First, we have 4 DBx bases (2 ADLG) of armoured archers.

I’m not sure how many ADLG v4 armies of the period even have armoured archers, but I have some now ready for the table… Maybe some of the crusader armies may have them. However, I had the figures and so they got painted.

These guys do look very much suited for the 11th and 12th century – with their conical helmets and long chainmail hauberks. So, I will have to see what force these will work for, but they are a different set of archers than the traditional ones I have already for the period.

At worse they will work for normal archers ‘lower class’ archers. They do not have shields, so they look very different than the Angle/Saxon/British etc type archers as well, which means they can be obvious for Norman/skilled feudal forces if I use them for that.

Next, as you see are a set of 6 DBx bases of skirmishing bowmen.

These are good for all armies really from the 4th to approx to the 13th cent. They really are pretty generic for all western forces. These also do not have shields or anything like that so are pretty basic troops.

As they are not specific to a force I expect I can use these for everything from Irish or Spanish troops all the way through to skirmishers in the Crusader type armies. I likely have too many of these but with the ADLG v4 forces Light foot have become a little more useful for adding skirmishing etc so we will see.

I purposely kept the clothing colours generic as well to help with that. The basing like all these match my existing ones.

Next, are three bases of skirmishing javelin men. These again could be for a long period of time in the early medieval period. They will be good troops and generic figures for all armies that I have for the period. They do have shields which limits them a bit but I do not think that is unrealistic for such troops to have those.

Lastly for this post, are a couple of skirmishing crossbow bases. Again these are very generic in outfits so can be used for most armies that I want to deploy. Crossbows were a deadly weapon at times but one which improved over time in the early medieval period.

So, I expect these would be more for the later periods in this range – from say the 9th or 10th cent generally but it does not hurt to have a couple of bases of these available. You can see the back of these figures below.

So there we are. Another set of models for the Dark Ages all ready.

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Chaos cultist – Hive Hounds Gang extra figs

OK so last week I showed the first 13 figures of this ‘gang’, and here are the remaining 8. I am kind of hoping that in theory these models may well work for Ospreys Zona Alpha game as well as Stargrave and Necromunda… I have yet to read that rules set but it looks to be another potential small gang style game. These models fit into the wasteland recovery crew style very well after all.

As with these bigger ’28mm figures’ I have a picture of the front and back of the different models to show off their all round effect. These guys are mostly in grays with just a small item of colour which differentiates them from my other gangs and I still like how that looks.

The large coats and masks also mean that these can be aliens or just from/in a polluted area of the world. So that is a bonus to me. The guns are typically big and bulky GW stuff but not so extreme that they can not be in near future games. You can see I gave most of them a red/green breather type unit as well if they need it.

The basing of this gang also fits well with the derelict style as well. I tried to go with an effect which looks like dirty concrete. I think that worked and gives the figures a base which does not clash but really extends the figure down to base as well without having to really do much. Nothing like some people do on the basing but these are for gaming not display.

The last set include a flamer – the same base fig as the machine gunner from the last week but with a different weapon and head. This is again a neat model to me – the face mask makes it look a little like some of those 90’s horror movies as well. I’m not sure how much use he really will be, but as these figs take my gang up to 21 models I can justify having some different ones to choose from.

So there we are. Another gang/group of figs ready for the gaming table. No excuse for not playing some skirmish games when we get back around tables.

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