Blitzkrieg Commander 4 – Game report & quick review

Well I have not been playing face to face games or doing much of anything socially for the last month or so due to some real world ‘interruptions/issues’ which I won’t go into here. I have kept posting though as you have seen, mainly because of a backlog of projects to show off. I also have continued to paint to a level, but not at the pace I usually do.

Now that said, this weekend Jahan and I found time to try out the Blitzkrieg Commander 4 rules for WW2. This is a game we both have been thinking of trying these rules, so this weekend it was perfect to give it a go. That means this is a battle report and a bit of a review all rolled into one.

I set up the table and created two 1500 pts forces – Germans and Soviets in the summer of 1943 using my models and terrain at home. This was a simple meeting engagement – the aim of which was just to destroy the opponent. We used a couple of optional rules – one for commanders (of the Tanks) allowing a combination of a command unit and a vehicle. We also used the optional rule of not removing hits at the end of a turn. So this scale was more at the multiple platoon level game vs. the standard multiple company level for this rule set. Still it would give the rules a test.

Below is the table setup it’s 5 x 4 table with 3 urban area’s in the central area of the table. I took command of the Germans for the game. This was out first time either of us had played BKC4 – but this is based very much on the Warmaster/Black powder model with alternating turns, command rolls and basic to hit/to save mechanics.

The scenario had a command roll for platoons to move onto the table. The forces were from the book and thus the Soviets were more numerous but had a poorer command level than the Germans. So in the first Soviet turn only 1 of their platoons – with 7 infantry squads and a AT gun came on the table. This was along the road – a bold move by the Soviets.

The Germans had had decent command rolls though and 2 of their platoons moved on the board. The Panzer Grenadiers and a platoon of 3 STUG’s. The Germans also had a recon unit and I tried to use that in this scenario but I never really got good use out of it. I’ll comment more about that at the end. The better command of the Germans allowed these two platoons to move towards the table center with several moves.

Soon enough though the Russians forces arrived. The difference between an average command roll of 8 for the Germans and 7 for the Russians would be significant through the game – with the Germans often getting multiple activations while the Russians rarely did. Maybe I just rolled better but this was an aspect which did impact the game throughout. Maybe I need to play games where rolling low helps me.

This was initially telling as these multiple activations and the halftracks allowed one German Platoon of three squads and a MMG to get into the large village area and set up a defensive screen before the Russians got close. The second German squad on foot was now on the table and moving up to support their colleagues to the left of the village area.

The Soviet tanks took the hill between the villages. They also split to target both the German tanks and the troops in the village. But, then they had a blunder on a command roll and had to move towards the nearest visible enemy. This split them up a bit more. That likely was not a great move on their part but the terrain would have been an issue for keeping them all together anyway.

Meanwhile, the Germans started to hit hard at the Soviet infantry on the road. Multiple shots made the closets soviet infantry suppressed and taking hits. This was helped also by the Soviets failing to activate and being out of range for their Initiative move. Meanwhile the flexible doctrine of the Germans really helped them as the extra range of that allowed them to keeping shooting each turn now the Soviets were close.

The other Platoon of the Soviet infantry were on foot though though and did keep moving towards the German lines. They were out of visual range through the wheat field but were getting closer each turn.

The spilt off of 2 Soviet T-34 Tanks enabled a tank duel to develop over the fields of a village. Both sides were protected by the walls of the fields, but the Soviet outnumbered and outgunned. Hits mounted on the Soviets and some suppressions started to be added. It was clear that this was just going to end in a German success unless something changed.

Back around the other village, the Germans kept holding their own. However, they did not really have enough firepower to kill many of the Soviets on the road. Although the Soviet troops were massing they could not get enough commands together to make a decisive impact at this point.

The German second quad had multiple moves to get to the edge of the small woods by the side of the village, so the expectation was they would soon be able to reinforce that side of the German lines

In the next few turns the STUG’s did destroy the two Russian tanks around the second village and even then took out a third in the flank on the side of the hill. So the German armour had done it’s work protecting that flank from attack.

Unfortunately, now bad luck hit the Germans and it was big. A German command blunder had 2 squads charge the Soviets crossing the wheat field vs. having them stop and shoot at the tree line of the woods. One of those squads gots shot up and suppressed, so did not make it close combat. But it was left exposed in the open. The other squad made it into hand to hand combat but was quickly annihilated by the Soviets. We see what attacking unsuppressed troops with lots of support does – it’s not good…

But this also swung the game more into a balanced level, as before this it was looking decidedly one sided. There is a lot more jeopardy for the Germans losing 2 squads as they did not have lots of troops to lose compared to the Soviets. Meanwhile, the German’s in the village had continued to hit and hurt the advancing Soviet infantry.

The remaining Soviet tanks moved off the hill and target the German halftracks – who in return moved to retire. Luckily for the Germans the T-34’s were not great shots but it’s another scare for the Germans. To counter this the STUG’s decide to use the wheat field as a screen and drive to the flank of the Russians vs going through the fields in front of them which are now blocked by the Soviet tank wrecks.

A command failure though meant the first of those STUG’s was exposed as they move around the village. This allows the T-34 to focus on the lead STUG and that first German Tank got destroyed. The STUG’s hit hard but are not as good defensively as the T-34’s. In the next turn the T-34’s also mange to destroy the Scout half track which was lurking on the road. I never really worked out what to do with that other than to auto give an additional +1 on a command roll., so had exposed it more than I should have.

Things looked a little dicy for the Germans here and another critical command blunder on the German Squad injured the platoon commander. So he went from an 8 commander to a 5… Not great. This was instead of continuing the reign of fire which had been thrown against the Soviets infantry. This also meant that the Germans failed to fire their Panzerfaust vs. the T-34. I wanted to see how that worked out.

The rest of Germans had now reached the trees and this allowing them to continue the a hail of German lead being thrown at the Soviet infantry though. The Soviet squads were starting to disappear quite fast at this point. They could not move up fast enough/often enough to really impact the Germans in the building before the hits piled up on them. The Germans in the buildings were in a good position and able to do enough damage on the ttackers.

So it was clear at this point that the Soviet advance had stalled, as they had taken nearly 40% casualties at this point and so the Germans had won the engagement.

So, overall it was a fun game of throwing some die around and we had a fun few hours gaming. Below are a summary of my thoughts on the game. I’ll play again for sure but this still is far from the perfect game IMO. Here are a few thoughts summarized for those interested:

  • Overall it is fun/simple game – there are not many tables to cross reference etc which can be a bane of many games of this period I find. So I like that. It’s fairly quick as well. The only down side is it’s easy to loose track of the number of activations a unit has made previously when you end up with multiple action rolls between them. So that needs a little tracking.
  • I do like the number and scope of the army lists in the game and it is a very professionally finished game. Although we did not use them in this game, the rules include air and art etc.
  • The game allowed for a good amount of tactics and decisions which are impactful in play. That is very important to me in a game like this.
  • It’s nice to see real recce rules in a WW2 game, although this battle was not the one to use them in/show them off. They do seem a little complex/redundant without the use of hidden troops etc. but it is nice to see they have a use vs. just being normal troops with a different name.
  • Command rolls provide ‘friction’, with troops not always doing what you want. The blunders add great story items as well. But the impact of even just a 1 difference in command levels along with the tactical doctrine of the Germans to Soviets made a big difference in this game. So thats something to be aware of.
  • The opportunity fire rule allows units to fire even with poor command, So you don’t feel total out of it even if units fail to activate.
  • The suppression mechanism works well for emulating troops not doing crazy things when taking a lot of fire but not destroyed. Both those help round out the system nicely.
  • I like the fact that units (especially infantry) either die/are surpassed or are still effective. The figure counter style games at this scale seem odd to me. As a commander at this scale troops would be effective, or not, or dead. I do not need to know the exact number of guys in the unit for that.
  • I am happy we used the optional rule of keeping on hits over turns. This game would likely never had ended otherwise (other than running out of time/turns) as it was rare we did more than 3 or 4 hits a turn on units in a turn. See the next comment for that as well.
  • The multiple hits for squads means that a sensible tactic is to focus all fire on a single enemy unit till it is dead. A single squad/tank has issues killing another in a single turn in this game from looking at the math. They need luck and multiple activation to kill a single target. This feels a little odd/wrong to me. As you can see in the report above multiple the German squads were focusing on a single Soviet one to do this. When they succeeded they moved to the next etc. They did not spend time firing at the nearest unit in their command turns other than when they had too (the initiative activation). The results of this are ok at a high level, but it feels odd at a lower action level. A squad of tanks focus on one target at a time till it is dead then move on. This is definitely not the battlefield of if you can see it you can kill it (well instantly at least) as described in many of the history books.

That last bullet is my major issue with the rules. I would have much preferred an ‘it’s dead or not’ type roll/check vs the slow build up of hits from multiple shots/opponents.Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed this read. I will play this game again but the search for the best WW2 rules will continue for me.

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War of the Roses – Lancastrian DBA part 2

In the last post I showed some of the elements of my latest DBA army and here I will show the rest of them. At the bottom of this I’ll have a picture of the whole army. These are the rest of the Essex army pack that I bought for the opponents to the Yorkist force I already have.

First the list in V3 requires an Art element (which is different than in V2.2 I believe). So I have to have one of those. It also has an optional item of a PS element – which is is a handgunner in this case. The black powder items in armies were starting to rise in this period and thus I have them both as options.

I believe both of these elements would be mercenaries or at least skilled professionals vs. in the retinue of the lords of the time. So I painted these guys in more standard outfits – or unique ones for the army.

Next are another 2 optional elements. The first are Irish (Ax3) and the second is a levy horde (7Hd). Given the options in the list I doubt I will often take either of these options but they are fun to paint and it is a complete army with them. They may also be of use as I expand the force to be an ADLG and larger in size.

Now we have another couple of optional elements – the light horse and 3 Pike. The Pike especially is an odd element in DBA to just have a single element of as they work much better in 2’s. But I guess this reflects the small number that there were in the period armies.

The light horse spears are classic Essex soft metal and I may in the end replace them with needles. But I thought I would give these a go and see how they stand up the gaming and movement. The models themselves definitely have some character though as boarder horse.

The last elements of this DBA army are the true mounted arm. Below you can see the two elements of Knights and one of Cavalry allowed in various combinations of the DBA Lancastrian list. Obviously the center element is the general with the guy with a crown and the flag of the green and white livery colours.

I differentiated the knights from the cavalry with the fact that the cavalry do not have any armoured horses and have yellow bands on their lances vs. the red ones on the knights. If you look closely he cavalry guys also have slightly poorer armour but that is a detail not easy to pick out on the table when playing.

I was not super impressed on the banner but tried ti paint it up as best as I could under the circumstances. I know why it was cast around the pole but it does not make it easy to stand out on the table.

I decided to try to do a very green, but mixed basing style for these – they should fit in with the other army I have and work for the period as well as most of Western Europe to be honest.

So below is a picture of the full army. Although not the biggest army in DBA it is up there with the options. This comes in at 19 elements in the army for a 12 element game.

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War of the Roses – Lancastrian DBA army Part 1

A long time ago I did a DBA army for the Yorkists – you can see that here: Completion of the DBA War of the Roses Yorkist army. Well as we have been playing a good amount of ADLG this year and a few people have medieval armies. So, I have working on getting a decent army done for this period. The first stage of that is to do some DBA armies which I have in the lead mountain. I have a Lancastrian army to face the Yorkist so here are the first part of that. Doing DBA armies allows me to use them for that game and are a great start for growing into ADLG forces.

A core of any War of the Roses army are the bowmen, so here are the 4 bases needed for the Lancastrians.

These are all in the livery of Henry VII. That said the white and green are generally Lancastrian colours it seems and may have been used by other ‘minor’ nobles as well. These models are from Essex and are part of one of their pre-made army packs. That said they do have a nice combination of poses as you can see.

I like how these bowmen also have their spare arrows in the ground. This was a period where the quiver was not that much used by foot troops from my understanding, so they work well for the 15th cent. The DBA army list wants all 4 of these in the force so they will be a core piece of the DBA army.

Next are the billmen to support those archers. There are again mandatory for the army and I did them with the same livery as the archers. This will also allow them to be easily differentiated on the table even if someone uses my other army as the the Yorkists have a variety of coat colours/liveries on their figs. You can see that in the previous posts.

You can see these follow a very similar colour scheme to the archers. There is less variety in these models – for obvious reason that they are in a fighting pose, but thats ok. The pose is also little challenging for ‘doubling these up to make them ADLG bases, as the polearm blades do overlap the bases. I hopefully have posed them so they actually will go together without too many issues though.

The view from the back shows the livery well. Note, smart readers may notice that I made a mistake on these really. I painted the while on the right and the green on their left of the whole figure. This works for their fronts but in theory this should I think be reversed on the back to they are still white then green. The livery should be in the same order as the viewer looks on them. So… the colours should have been reversed on their backs. Ah well – I am sure if anyone comments we can have the discussion about me being stupid…as I not going back to repaint them now.

Lastly for this post, are the 2 bases of Men-at-arms. There are 2 optional bases in the list, the first being as an option for the general, the second a man-at-arms as an option vs. other units. I have enough for both, although neither may get used in a game. These also make a nice foot knights base for ADLG.

One of the bases has a banner – taken from the generic Peter Pig banner pack. Note, after some web research I found that many such banners were stiffened vs, being a traditional flag. This was often done with internal poles to make sure the banner was visible. So this is much more straight and visible than a plane flag would be. It looks a little odd, but makes sense as this way it would always be visible to friend and foe. It’s needed when nearly everyone in armour looks similar. It will work well to highlight the general’s base as well.

So there we are. There are quite a few optional items in this army so I will show the rest of this next week. You can also get a hint that I have more models to come as the Peter Pig flag is just the start of models which will be adding to this force.

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B-Sieged – Orcs

With Covid this game has not seen the light of day (at all) but I am now trying to get this one completely painted. So you will see more of these from time to time now as I slowly get them done. I have previously shown the special models for the orc attackers so time to show the rest of them. The Orcs are an alternate opponent force in the game and are an add on to the base game. They add a different style of attacker.

You can see a close up of the standard orcs below. There are 12 of them but I did not want to clog up this with pictures of 12 identical models. So instead you just get 3 of them at different positions so you can make them out. I have to say I quite like this pose and although there are 12 of them it is a ‘green mini-hulk’ type. The faces and details are not bad at all and using contrast paints and some washes they can have out ok. The models are not at the quality level of say GW but they work well for a board game.

So now that I have shown all the orcs I can do a combined photo of the full force, as below. To be honest these although not the greatest models would be fine for many D&D style games. With 24 orcs ready to do the nasty work to players it always a good force to have ready.

So a quick post this week – but showing 12 models so not that quick to get done.

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B-Sieged – Orc Commanders

A quick post this week following on from the special orcs shown last week. So the next set I have to show you are the Orc Leaders/Commanders. In B-sieged each group of orcs has a leader fig with it and these are a little different. They are a little stronger/harder to kill and as importantly have different models/sculpts. Below are the two extra – and unique commander models which came with the kickstarter. Like the others from this game the models are ok but not great in my opinion.

Next are the 4 standard leader models. These are the ones which come with the base game. The difference is these have a large axe vs the smaller hand cleaver in the above models. Overall, though these are not that bad models and do work for what they are. They could also work in other games as well. I tried to keep the painting fairly simple which I think works for these.

I do like the big shields these guys have on their back and did those with a mix of woods and metals. I also tried to make them not look perfect – Orcs would not have perfect items.

So there we are another 6 models ready for this game.

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B-Sieged – Kickstarter Special Orcs

Well I have been concentrating on 15mm projects for quite a while so thought I would take a break and go back to finish an old project I had started on. This is the B-sieged game. I have painted all the base game and the kickstarter extra baddies (check back in the history if you have not seen those and care to look at them) but have not done the orcs or extra hero figures. So here is a quick post for the special kickstarter orcs. These are a bonus to the kickstarter but I decided to do these first as there are not too many of them compared to the masses of the main baddies.

First are two orcs with 2 swords.The models are quite nice for this but their faces are not that clear in the photo’s. To be fair the faces are drowned out by the bulk of the model – I guess they went for the small head to emphasis the bulk of the orcs.

Next are 2 orcs with great axes. Again the faces are ok but especially do not come out well on this shot. You can see I have tried to go with a very basic colour scheme for all these figures. They are nasties but minions which will come out and get defeated by the players – so keeping to the theme for the looks was important IMO.

Lastly for this post are 2 axe wielding orcs, but this time with an axe in either hand. I have varnished these up well as they will get ‘abuse’ in the game. I was tempted to do something more with the basing but in the end went for simple and plain. These are mainly going to be used on the board game so flocking etc would not be right in my view.

So there we are back to this project for a while to try to finish off the B-Sieged toys. Maybe I’ll get another game or two of this in at some point.

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Gauls – Command

So my last post for the base Gaul/Celtic force for a little while I think as I have shown most of the figs done so far. But, any army needs commanders and I have done 4 bases of them for this force. I believe these are all from an Old Glory command pack. These will be enough command bases for a 300 point ADLG army or a decent Hail Caesar game. Sorry the pic’s are not that great this time but hopefully you can see these well enough.

The interesting thing is other than the carnyx (the large trumpets) which I added to the command bases, is that this pack had various flag pole/standards as well. I haven not seen anything about the celts having flags but at the same time I would assume they would have. A pole with an animal on it is quite Roman but I wanted these to stand out a b it as well. After all the Romano-British are shown with flags so why not their predecessors. So, I added some flags to the standards poles. I did not do huge ones as those metal pole sion the models would likely not be that strong but these seem to work to me.

You can also see I did not shy alway from bright colours for these guys. If anyone was going to be able to have expensive fabrics and nice things it would be the commanders, So why not add them to these bases. After all as a warrior close to the commander you likely would have put your best cloths on for the battle field – why not.

So this is is for my ancient Gauls – BUT don’t worry, I have more uses/plans for these. The Ancient British are coming soon to a blog near you, but I need a change from 15mm armies for a while I feel as well. But the Ancient British will use some of these troops but add the missing force element to these as well – Chariots !

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Gauls – Mostly sling armed skirmishers

OK so following on from the Bow armed skirmishers, here we have another common weapon of the poorer Gauls/Celts – the sling. Although I see in the photo’s a couple of bowmen got put into this group instead of the pervious shots. Ah well… and yes and here are another load of them…

This time there are 16 bases. There are actually 13 bases of sling armed skirmishers and 3 of bowmen… Seems like I was not great at sorting out the figs when taking pictures as I thought and a few bowmen got into this group… No harm really though.

These are useful for games like Clash of Spears but really massive overkill for most ancients rules that I may play. Although Hail Caesar may use this amount of skirmishers when I run a big game. It has been a while since I put on a large game – the biggest I have played recently have been 300 point ADLG games. So a really big ancient game may be in order t some point. The problem is even games like ‘Too the Strongest’ do not use that many skirmishers generally – although I may be able to come up with lists which use all these figs.

These follow the standard basing and colour schemes for this force. That means they all will fit into the Gaul/Celtic army I have done and give me loads of options in on the table. For the record these are the other half of the large Skirmisher pack I had from Old Glory 15mm.

So there we are a horde of skirmishes for my Celtic force.

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OPR Grimdark Gangfight – Cultists vs Aliens

Ok as a break from posts on my painted mini’s, here is a quick post writeup of a game of OPR Grimdark Gangfight I played this last weekend. This was a chaos cultists gang (me) vs aliens (Jahan) as an intro game for Jahan into the OPR world. We use Jahan’s terrain and rolled up a ‘basic’ game where my forces started in a position to be ambushed. I deployed 6″ from a line between two corners and the aliens were on the other 2 corners. The alines are actually from the daemon list but it works for this game. Their ambush rules meant they also could come in anywhere at the start of a new turn more than 9″ from any of my figures.

Cultists around one of the objective markers – an alien hatching egg. I have a bad feeling about this…

The scenario was to control the objectives in the center of the 4 quarters of the table. Due to the deployment zones I controlled 2 of those to start with, and the aliens were very close to controlling the other 2. We again used the token pull option for ordering activations – I think that adds a lot vs. the simple alternate turn system. If it added tension we would roll for extra turns as well.

The rest of my cultists with their rock hard leader down at the bottom of the page

The aliens started with 4 of their 9 models on the table at the start of the game. The rest would could be put anywhere on the table in at the start of any turn after turn 1, at least 9″ from any of my figures. The on table aliens moved forward in the first turn to control the objectives (the alien eggs) close to them and get into range to threaten my cultists in the second turn.

Starting aliens moving to claim the objectives in their area

The only real activity was late in the first turn, when my veteran flamer armed cultist managed to hit an alien and do 3 wounds to it! That did not kill it, but it did take it to shaken. That reduced the threat from that zone for the next turn.

At near maximum range the flamer armed cultist injures a threatening alien

At the start of the next turn the rest of the aliens were added to the board. I was concerned that they were all around my force. So you can envision shouts of ‘they are in the walls’ and ‘they are all around us’ coming from the cultists. After all cultists don’t even have motion detects and are just using their normal senses…

Aliens appear all around the cultists

At the same time I was happy they were not all concentrated in one area with their leader. The leader alien is a little more powerful but a concentration of aliens may have made an overwhelming force for my cultists in one sector.

Speaking of the alien leader, one of them near the leader alien charged the flamer carrying cultist from behind. I was lucky that he was just shaken at the end of that hand to hand combat. But that alien was now close to 3 of my cultists and the psychic leader of my gang who had yet to activate. The cultist are pretty weak on shooting and saves but do come in numbers for a skirmish game. I had 3 groups of 3 cultists (who activate like a single). But my cult leader was a psychic with spells and a dark power which gave him great stats as well.

The alien wounds the flamer guy (yes it looks like a machine gun but it’s a flamer honest)
but is then surrounded and taken down

As mentioned though the aliens were all around my cultists and raced up the them from all directions. The veteran on top of the building had a lucky escape and managed to fight off the Alien which h ad climbed the building to attack him. Of course, he failed to damage it in return as well… In this game my die were helping not hindering and my usual poor luck was actually on the aliens die – so far at least.

Aliens attack from another corner

Unfortunately the three cultists in the corridor close to that building were charged from behind by another alien. That alien leapt at them and quickly killed one of the three cultists. I was amazed though as the remaining two cultists in the group turned and in return quickly dispatched that alien!

Lowly cultist dispatch an alien warrior who took out one of their friends

Unfortunately for those same cultists though, two more aliens came at them from the other direction in the same turn. So those two cultists went down in a blood splattered mess after that. That also allowed those aliens to also claim the objective. so it was now 3 to 1 on the objectives a the end of turn 2. My only solace was that it took 3 alien activations to kill a group of 3 cultists and they took one out in return. Still in a n umbers game like that the cultists are going to lose over time.

2 more aliens jump those cultists taking them down in the end

At the other side of the table the somewhat scattered alien attack gave my cultists time to focus on one of the threats at a time and gang up on them. The psychic cultist leader also showed his powers. He moved forward to dispatch one alien and with a lucky shot with his powers – blowing the head clean off one alien which was lining up a charge, while doing a coup de grace on the alien which had wounded the cultist flamer and was now wounded after a barrage of shots from the rest of the cultist had wounded it!

In next turn that triggered the alien leader to charge the cultists leader – which turned out to be a vain attempt to take out the cult leader. Although the alien succeeded in doing 2 wounds to the cultist he was ok – it needed another wound to really possibly incapacitate him. In return the cult leader did do enough damage to dispatch the alien – with an unlucky damage roll from the alien!

Leaders go hand to hand and the cultist leader with the dark powers at his call come out on top

To help get back in control of the objectives in turn 3 I moved some cultists around to claim the ones now free of aliens. The flamer armed cultist had recovered and targeted the alien he had already wounded previously. This was enough to kill one which opened up the space for my cultists on this side to run and claim this objective. So now it was 2 vs 2 at the end of turn 3.

Cultists claim an objective and flamer aliens… although there are still some lurking around the corner

All through these moves a veteran cultist with a plasma rifle had been dueling an alien on top of one of the buildings. It was not until turn 4 that the alien finally managed to do damage (which I did not save) to take him down. He had done an amazing job of keeping an alien busy for 3 rounds of combat! Still my great saves and the poor alien attack rolls was never going to last forever, but he did enough to keep that alien occupied all game. He managed to make his saves but never hit the alien in return though.

Cultist finally falls to the alien on the building after dueling each other most of the game.

The cultists activated first in the 4th turn and moved around the corner to where a stalking alien was. They did not kill the alien moving up on them but they did enough to stop it getting to the objective to contest that. This had been the main aim of their movement.

Cultists block the alien from getting to a objective.

On the other side of the board my cultist leader charged the last remaining alien coming from a different quarter. With his psychic skills as well as hand to hand, he stunned that alien with 3 wounds. This opened the space for my other group of 3 cultists to run past and claim the 3rd objective.

So with the score 3 to 1 objectives for the cultist and most of the aliens taken off the board we called the game at the end of turn 4. I will be honest and say that I was lucky on some of the die rolls in this one. Thats not something I say that much but it was true this time. That plus, the aliens coming at my guys from all sides did not allow them to concentrate their force on one set of cultists. But at the same that time it kept most of my guys split up as well. The cultists are a hard force for the aliens in some ways, as their lack of skills etc mean there are a lot of them to take out in a skirmish game and they do throw out a lot of dice shooting. The cultist leader is the real power house as well.

This was the first time I used the psychic rules and I will say those for the cultists those are powerful and ended up being the decider in many ways. The cultist leader did the most damage on the aliens with his mind and close combat skills. But thats a very risky style and it can easily go wrong with that style of force – I was lucky in this game. Still we both had fun and laughs.

The Cultist leader takes out another alien while ‘his flock’ run to claim the objective and the win

With time left, so decided to play another game – this time Havoc (Chaos) marines vs my uber-orcs (really well armoured orcs). Unfortunately, my Orcs were not up to the task in this one though and I lost the game. I will say the highlight for the Orcs was their leader killing the Chaos Marine boss in hand to hand combat. The uber-orcs were powerful but in the end were out maneuvered by Chaos Marine.

The Chaos Marine flamer was a beast in this game doing loads of damage, even though the orcs saved a lot of them.We were short on time so I did not take a lot of pictures of this game, so below is a single shot of the game in progress. You can see we used the exact same terrain but different figs.

Second game with Orcs vs Chaos Marines

So overall another couple of fun games of gang fight. I keep enjoying this game and it’s simple but effective rules allows for an easy game without too much hassle. The token pulling for activation really helps add to that as well.

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Gauls – Bow armed skirmishers

Keeping on the Gaul/Celtic army theme for a while, here are some skirmishers for the army. These are all bow armed. There are more bases here than ever needed for ADLG or DBA etc. But when I use the figures for games like Clash of Spears the extra bases will be required and used at those times.

You can see there are 10 bases in total here. All the miniatures are from Old Glory 15mm. They have been done with very Celtic hair colours etc so fit in with the rest of the army well.

I made sure that these bases continue to use the bushy style of terrain. That works really well for these as they will not do have a great survival level if they are encountered in the open by mounted troops.

I did not really plan to have as many skirmishers as this…

I think these were from one of the 10+ year ago Old Glory 15mm large skirmisher packs. Those had 50+ skirmishing figures which is the reason for me having a large number of them. But I was not going to waste them so they are now ready for use in this army.

That said, I have found these to be quite an important part of the army or forces. The Gauls/Celtic tribal forces in various games need good skirmishing troops. The basic tribal warriors are a pretty blunt instrument in most games and so without a skirmish screen enemies like the Romans can overwhelm them with ease. They also allow for quick flank supports etc. because again most of the basic warriors are not that mobile.

The Celts of the time did not have formed bowmen though. So all these have to be skirmishers. The Romans (their classical enemy) did not have such troops in their formal legions either but they did pull in many auxiliary troops for such forces from the east as they conquered those area.

Well there we are another set of figs ready for the table.

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