Dark Age – Bows and mounted

I have been busy with real life and so not go to do much painting or playing of games for a long time it seems now. Still I have a backlog of projects to show here so that allows me to continue to show you guys my output. This week it’s time to show some more finished 15mm bases for my Dark Age project. This includes 4 bases of bowmen, 6 skirmish bases and a cavalry/mounted base. These are some odd ones I have had from my last round of painting. Below are 4 bases of bowmen, which will make 2 units for ADLG.

Although not the most common or most powerful unit in the period, bows were used extensively. As I have mentioned in the past they were mainly for hunting rather than seen as a manly weapon of war. My guess is the combination of large shields and armour plus not that powerful pull bows meant that they were not a killer weapon compared to just hitting people. Still they are useful. So these guys have shields and a hand weapons with them as well. Many forces such as the Vikings do allow for a few bases of bows so I did this group. Note, that having the figures especially factored into that as well.

Next, are 6 bases of skirmishers. These are the same figures as above. All are from Old Glory 15’s I believe, but this time based for skirmishing. All these figures have the similar basing style as the others in the army/set of figures so they should mix and match with ease for whatever army I decide to field.

Just as with the previous figures these have shields, but I tried to make them not too flashy. After all the real strong warriors won’t be carrying bows into combat!

These still keep the same dark shades and colours of the main forces. I was tempted to add some bushes and other items to the bases but in the end did not. They have enough going on already with the three for four grasses.

Lastly, for this post, is a single base of mounted. This can be a commander in DBA V3 I believe, at least in some of the forces. In really these were left over figures from the Old Glory command pack. In ADLG some of the Dark Age armies do contain some options for mounted and so they will get used. Also, if I use these figs play smaller games such as Dux Bellorum and/or the Rampant series (which is very likely), then they likely will find their way to the table in those cases as well.

Well that is it. Another post of toys ready for the table.

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Terrain – fences and walls

This post has various fences and walls that I have finished in the last while. First, I have some wicker walls. These are not from GW but I believe are from another producer. I actually think they are from Renedra… They are plastic and came without bases. I plan on using these for games such as SAGA as well as Warcry and other skirmish games. Their more historical focus though means that they did end up with a green grass base not the dull grey I have used for the Warcry/Frostgrave terrain I have created.

I added the bases for stability and I’m actually very happy with how they have come out. The walls now themselves are pretty stable and will work for most settings. I liked the final graying out of the fences as well. Too often you see strong wooden colours for wood and we all know that in reality most of the time wood turns gray when not painted. I likely should have done them even more grey but then that would not look right for the games tables.

These next items are all from an old GW terrain kit that that I have had laying around for a while. They really needed doing and as I was on a bit of a ‘terrain attack’ it seems perfect to get paint on them. So that’s happened and they are now varnished and in the terrain box so they can be used. I used the same colours as I have used in the Warcry terrain and just so I am never consistent, I used a different finishing style on the fences than the above wattle ones. Yes eve though these have wattle fences as well. These ones have faded very yellow not grey. But heck it looks more fantasy I guess. Both work so what he heck.

Most of the painting of these was done with GW contrast paints so it was pretty quick. Again at gaming range that means they look great. Up close I’m sure that an expert painter would have done better work but they work fine for what I want. All of these have had a good coat of varnish on them as well.

So there we are, another post showing more terrain that I have done.

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Dark Age – Viking or Saxon Command

I though I would show the extra command bases that I have finished for my Viking/Saxon armies. These are all on 40mm round bases and there are 8 of them. In theory you only need 4 at maximum for even large ADLG games, but these will also be used for Hail Caesar and other games. These will also be used for heroes and characters in games such as Dux Brit by the Two Fat Lardies.

As you can see I have tried to make these each a little scene- although most of them are just the commanders shouting at their troops. That’s the command system for the armies of the time after all. One of the bases below does include a ‘nutter’ who is going into battle with no armour.

The next couple of bases have some different models. In reality they are the same type of diorama. The two model base can be used as a poor commander as opposed to the normal ones.

Below are the last command elements. I included one mounted commander in one of these bases. That’s different as few generals of these armies went into battle mounted. Still it looked a different so I used it. I was tempted to add some bushes or other terrain items to these bases but in the end held off.

Finally, for the commanders at least, I have a different idea. So taking the idea from others, such as the madaxeman I have a single a large 28mm commander for a Viking or Saxon army… This can easily be a main army commander – a big man, and was a spare model I had around on the painting table.

Lastly for this post I include the dark age dead models. Some rules systems use or need these and so it’s nice to have them done as well. They were fun to paint up so why not. I think these are from Peter Pig. I’m not sure where the other models on this post are from.

So there we are an interesting set of models for my games.

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Rum and Bones – undead pirate characters

Well as a change, I pulled out some models from an old but not yet finished project – my Rum and Bones Kickstarter. Time to finish the ‘hero’ characters from the undead faction. So here they are below.

I must admit it’s taken a while to finish these and longer to get them up on this blog. I just have not had the mojo to focus on them. But they have been on them painting table half done for a long time, so time to get them completed. These have been painted up to match the artwork in the game, at least to a decent level.

First is the weird undead gunner. This is an odd character, with a bunch of bits on the model. The reverse of the model shows even more oddness in this mode. Still whatever works…

Next we have the green undead sailor with a large sword. This guys looks quite the part of the dread pirate…

Now another one – this one in purples and blues. I must admit I thought I would really like doing these models but have found that the opposite is actually the case.

Here is another of the undead heroes. This one is a gunner and it’s pretty obvious…

And finally we have this guy. In fact this one has a spirit in the center controlling the larger creature. This is a fun little model but again although I thought his would inspire me in fact it kind of has done the oppose.

So there we are all the ‘heroes’ of the undead original Rum and Bones faction.

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Dark Age – Buildings and Tents

I have done a lot of DarkAge troops in the last year – so time to show some of the ‘scenery’ for this project. First, a tent which can be used as a camp. This is a Baueda Viking tent so works well for a simple DBA camp etc for them.

I was not sure about the gold tent pole tops but they looked fun so why not! I do like that this is not just a simple tent but has some stuff in it – Barrels and a shield. I also did it a basic sail colour vs anything too flash.

Next a different tent – this one is I think from JM Models. It’s a simple round tent but will work for different forces. Again for both of these, I tried to ensure that I can use them for various forces. Putting a specific model on them would limit the armies I can use them with after all. So that’s why they are on their own and fairly simply done.

Next we have a Viking village. These are from the Forged in Battle range and are a nice resin set. I painted them using contrast paint for the wood which has seemed to come out well. These will be useful for various games. They will work for buildings for the a large range of periods, from the Roman period to early medieval in Northern Europe. They are a little small for real scale games but will work.

Talking real one to one scale, lastly I have some Saxon houses from 4Ground. These are again good for a long time period, I’m not sure when they explicitly start getting built like this but the late Roman period is possible. These are still valid for even modern games so they are pretty adaptable.

What is nice for these is the roofs come off as well. So they can be used for skirmish games as well as bigger ones. I could do more to customize them as they are a little ‘mdf square’ but for what I want in gaming I think these will be fine. I’m not spending extra time making the insides realistic – after all in most cases they will have models in them in a game if the roof is off. I have to say they go together well and the hardest bit was gluing the roofs and then painting them so they are not too plain.

These will give me a good selection of model buildings for my Dark Age and later games and a couple of models for camps as well.

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Dark Age – Medium Foot Berserkers

Ok a simple one this time – back to my Dark Age project. This week just a couple of units of Viking Berserkers but this time based as medium foot/warbands. Some games such as ADLG allows this as an option and even if they are not used as true Berserkers these models will work as the more insane nutters which can be seen in such armies as the Vikings and Irish.

You can see the two ‘group’ below, which i reality gives me 8 DBA bases or 4 ADLG units of troops. These can be warband in DBA but the ADLG medium impact foot in some ways match the Berserker model of hard fighting but uncontrolled madmen better than the heavy foot concept. I have shown the heavy foot options previously.

The first unit is filled with the ‘wolfskins’ – i.e. guys who are wearing a wolf pelts into battle. These are the version of the Berserkers which are have some records in hitsory i believe and are the most realistic/possible for what we know about them – to my understanding. They are not the one dimensional wild madmen of some concepts, but instead a select group of ‘professional’ warriors who have killed a wolf in hand to hand combat and wear that pelt to show their prowess. Then in combat they do get worked up (likely drink was involved here…) and make wolf calls and other weird sounds to freak out their opponents. They also fought hard and without many fears. Of course the downside to this fearless behaviour is they are also nearly uncontrollable by their commander.

I did the wolf skin pelts all as base grey, with lighter highlights. Nothing too complex, but the aim is to have them fairly obvious on the table. I think and hope that this works. The rest of the bases and the overall colour scheme of the figures which match the rest of the troops I have already.

The other ‘group’ of 4 bases are the more traditional view of Berserkers. None of them have armour and many are just in trousers etc. These are more likely the foaming at the mouth type guys who hit hard but are also hard to control. Now, I can also use these as just normal or even poor quality troops. So you see I have a plan to use all the bases even though I have more Berserkers than needed for most games.

I did not go to town with their shields. I suspect cheap and cheerful view to shields would better reflect the fact that those would likely be destroyed in battle anyway. So if you are very aggressive, even if they are professional fighters, that is a piece of equipment that I suspect they would spend little effort on. Well that seemed a reasonable reason for the basic shields to me. This also again allows these to be reused as poor fighters if needed as well – as they would not have well painted shields either.

So there we are. A few simple bases of very aggressive fighters for various the various games I will play with my 15mm collection.

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B-Sieged walls and extra’s

OK a quick one this week. In the B-sieged game the attackers try to destroy the fortress city that the heroes are defending. In the normal game you mark the damage to different bits of the castle by use of card tokens. Well in the kickstarter they have us different models to reflect that damage. Because they are part of the kickstarter release I got, I have painted these up for our next game.

First we have the damaged tower/area tokens below.

Next we have the destroyed ones. There are fewer of these as this is not good and a sign if you have to these on the table. I painted all the stonework with contrast paint – which is nice and easy but I think does give a good result for stonework.

Lastly, there are the protected markers – for when the heroes have built up the defenses in an area. Again fewer of these as it won’t be done that often. Still they came out ok and I used a simple blue/red shield pattern on them. I’m sure better painters would have a great time with heraldic designs but these are not going to be used that much, so something simple and effective works.

Lastly for this post are a second messenger figure and then the time marker. Again these are Kickstarter extra’s but fun little models to have – rather than just using a card token. Although it is rare in the game you need a second messenger. I’m not really that happy with how the glass on the ‘sand timer’ came out but it does show what it is and that’s the main thing. I may return to that one day… we will see…

So there we are some more models for this game. All the above can be used for other games I guess but I’m not sure I really would do that. They are realistically kickstarter bloat in the B-Sieged game but still nice to have.

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Chaos Cultists – The Changed

I have a a soft spot of chaos cultists. Not sure why – they are definitely not the best at anything in the 40k game or background, but they hit that ‘dark spot’ for me somehow. Maybe it’s something about them being drawn into a mess they don’t really understand. They are taken in by trying to do something to improve their lot (maybe not a good way) – yet they likely still fail and fall foul of the system they don’t comprehend…

For whatever reason, I have ended up with quite a few of these figures. They are usually cheap in second hand boxes etc which then makes it easy for me to pick them up and that is a reason for it as well. So, I decided that I should slap some paint on some of these up. I actually do like how they painted up in the end as well.

I decided that I would paint this set of 16 models in a blue and yellow theme. As all have their faces covered or masked, I thought it would be a fun thing to call them something which maps vaguely to Tzeentch. They likely don’t know they are on that path, but the mutations which they may hide and the colours gave me that idea. Thus, ‘The Changed’ as a gang were created.

As I mentioned there are 16 of them in this gang and I’ll show the different models in sets of 4 (front and backs), to allow for reasonable view without going into too much detail or a massive photo montage on them. I really need to get better at taking pictures but these came out ok.

I also went with a ‘dirty’ look to them. For me the life in the Chaos cults and especially in the large industrial wastes of the future is unlikely to be pristine and perfectly clean. So a black wash gives them the right grimy look that I think of for this setting. It does not hurt that this gives an easy finish to the models and hides any mistakes as well!

The colour scheme means that these guys are really easy to spot as a gang which is the main idea of the colour scheme. That said each model is pretty much unique, ensuring that they all be easy to identify in a game. I guess if I ever play a big game of 40k – which is unlikely then they will be a good unit as well.

As with all the GW Chaos miniatures there are a few similar ones, but there are only so many combinations of the bits that you can so. I do like that you can make them custom though so unlike some manufactures each model is still different and there are few true repeats. That said I do like the guy with the Axe above/below. He likely will be the leader of this gang.

This set of models can really be used with all sorts of games. I think they would work really well with the new Osprey Zona Alfa rules. I got those and although I doubt I’ll paint up any modern type models for that, with a squint these will work great for that. To be honest they should work well in most future gang/skirmish type games. Their weapons may be a little off from modern stuff but heck…

The bases are done very simply to convey the rough industrial look. That again is because I see these types of gangs working in those area’s. No nice, flash, clean environments for these guys who live on the edge and try to avoid too much notice from the authorities.

The overall theme colour system is one I really like. I’ll likely try to do some other ‘gangs’ of cultists in a similar type theme to differentiate them. You never know I may end up with a gang for each of the Chaos gods. I believe I have enough of the models somewhere in the great lead/plastic pile…

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FW-190 for Blood Red Skies

I always said that I would focus on the Battle of Britain (and maybe Malta) for this game but the FW-190’s just called to me a while back when I was at one of the local stores that had them in stock. So I bought a box and have painted them. These were too late for the Battle of Britain in 1940 but were around for the RAF grand sweeps over France in 1941, as they are the early models of the FW-190.

These are plastic and nice models to handle really. Unlike some of the other models in the Blood Red Skies range – which I will comment on later, as I have been trying to do other things as well.

They do not have the typical yellow identification colour scheme German fighters had for the initial campaigns but have a more muted markings effect. After looking at some pictures and examples on the web I went for a red band before the tail as a marker – other than one which will be the ace if I need one. They do have a yellow under engine and tail fin markings still though.

My thought is to use these for any fighter sweep games as I mentioned, but the reality is they likely won’t get that much use on the tabletop. But, I liked them and wanted to paint them, so did! The FW-190 was a great match for the spitfire in the early 1940’s and this was before the real skill drain in the Luftwaffe which happened with the big bombing campaigns of 1944 and the drain of the constant war in Russia.

So here is a final picture of them. They are such fun models to paint and the decals really make them pop as well.

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Deadzone – Rest of the Merc’s

So time to finish showing the rest of the Deadzone miniatures which I had actually painted quite a while back. These are from the mercenary faction and are an eclectic mix of models. The paint jobs are not competition level but they are good enough for wargames and look ok at the tabletop range. There are an interesting set of models and they will work as well for Necromunda or even Judge Dredd vs just the this game.

So, first as you see there are two space dwarfs. The first has a full body armour and the second is a ‘more typical’ pilot type character. I like that figure much more than the first one although both of these are fun models.

Next we have 3 human sized models. The left and right ones are the same model but I did them with the same white hair but a different red and green colour ‘cloak’. I’m still not sure if they are aliens with weird faces or whether that is actually a mask. Either way it gives them a very specific look.

The middle figure is looks more like a human with an environmental suit. Thats why I had to do it an orange colour and I think it works with the cream gloves. What looks a short barreled pump action shotgun just seems to add to the effect. I think that’s one of the favourite models in the set to be honest.

Next, I have 2 weird coloured aliens. The first is a blade and gun armed pink, well build alien. That model with the trench coat just looks like a space age bouncer and set for any of the typical cheesy sci-fi shows – which I tend to watch when there is nothing else on the TV.

The other alien looks like a much more formal warrior with a weird weapon. I tried to make the armour and styling unique and different, which I think I succeeded in. The pose looks like a victory salute, where he has won the battle or done a great shot. It’s an interesting pose for a combat game but a fun one and drove me to paint it with a thought of medieval knight concept. I hope that comes through.

The next two models are another set of weird ones. The first one on the left looks like a mutant. That model is another off one in this set but I tried to make that one more human – as it is compare to the others here so far.

The model on the right is definitely an alien. I had no green aliens to this point and this one called out to be that colour, so that had to be done. The yellow cowl just seemed to finish this off.

So the lastly group of figures are the human. Again here there are 2 models which are the same. I painted them red and green like the above two again. This differentiates them and makes them look cool as well.

The middle figure reminds me of an action movie bad guy so I kind of had to paint it in that style. Although not a wonderful paint job, I do like how it came out in the end.

Lastly for this post are some of the simple terrain items which came with the Deadzone set. You’ll note that I included the red figure from above to give some sizing context for these. The first are cubes.

Next, we have some different containers. Again great scatter terrain for games.

Lastly, some different container items. So there we are that’s the Deadzone KS all painted – well apart from the buildings, which lets be honest was why I got the thing in the first place… <sigh> sometimes I’m just crazy…

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