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l’Art de la Guerre – 6mm game and review

I have been playing a few Art de la Guerre (ADLG) ancient games in the last little while to learn the rules. So, one of the guys suggested that we try the rules set with the 6mm figures I have … Continue reading

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Age of Hannibal rules – mini-review and game

Age of Hannibal is a set of rules from the Little Wars Tv crew. I have been trying out various multi-player rules sets for ancients games every so often (with the same Dark Age figures) as an experiment. This was … Continue reading

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Age of Arthur game of Sword and Spear

Two weeks ago week I hosted a game of Sword and Spear for the guys. It’s been busy at work and I have not had chance to finish this write up before this so you get it now. We had … Continue reading

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Finishing up of a few projects

So for the first post in 2018 I’ll show some of the little projects which I finished up to close out the last year. All these would really not justify a post on their own (well they could but it … Continue reading

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Horizon Wars – the rest of the mechwarrior figs

It’s been a busy week of work but I still have a little time to show the end of another project. As I said last time I got some mechwarrior models for free and decided to get them ready for … Continue reading

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Horizon Wars – Mechwarrior mechs/tanks

One of my fiends game me a ‘gift box’ of toys as he was clearing out of all sorts of models and stuff. I did appreciate this and yes I’m known to hate to throw things out, so I like … Continue reading

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6mm Celtic/Dark Age camps

I had hoped to write up some thoughts on my games of Pikeman’s Lament and post those but work and personal life have not made that possible yet. That post will happen but it’s not done yet. So here is a … Continue reading

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Hills and a building for smaller scale games

Continuing my work on terrain, I have finished some hills for games of 15mm or smaller scale games. These are not tall enough for 28mm games but are perfect for small scale games. All of the are roughly 10 or … Continue reading

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Franks and Lightnings – a CY6 game

So, this week is the usual one of year that I run a CY6! game for our little group. This year continued the tradition so i thought I’d o a quick write up of the game. This time we had a poor … Continue reading

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Honours of War first game 

This week we tried a new set of Seven Years Wars rules – well fairly new, they are another of the Osprey rules collection. They are called Honors of War and written by Keith Flint. I had bough the kindle version … Continue reading

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